Xenon (Space Quest XII)

After the intro you’ll be sent into the future (Space Quest XII). This place is desolate but there are wandering cyborgs who will try to kill you.

Walk east and get the rope. Stand between the two pillars so that you’re hidden. Click the rope on the ground in front of you and wait for the bunny to walk over the rope. When it does click on the rope again to catch the bunny. Look at the bunny in your inventory and take the battery.

Walk west twice and search the skimmer. Open the glovebox and take the Pocket Pal computer. In your inventory put the battery into the Pocket Pal computer. Walk north. Search the hole in the tank and take the unstable ordinance. You don’t need it so you’d better put it back in the tank but you will get some points for finding it.

Walk to the east twice and click on the grate to climb down into the sewer room below. Take a look at the table and pick up the jar. Click on the desk blotter to lift it up and then press the red button to see a message.

Open the sewer hatch and enter the sewers. Go west. Wait for a few moments and then go down. Slime should come out of the grate and follow you down. On the next screen use the empty jar and scoop up some of the slime. Go west and then climb up the ladder.

Watch the ship land and once the police have gone walk towards the ship. Go east and click on the opening of the landing gear.

At the facility follow the police to the west and quickly click on the right landing pad when it appears. Write down the symbols. This is the code to take you to Xenon.

Enter in a random selection of 6 symbols. Once again enter in a random collection of symbols and you’ll make your way to Estros.

Estros (Space Quest X)

Click on the red button to open the hatch and get out. Walk to the west. Keep walking until a shadow passes overhead. Walk east and down the steps. You’ll be picked up by a giant bird and taken to its nest.

Wait for the policeman to drop from the sky and then search the body to find to find the gum. Click on the gum in your inventory to open the wrapper and see 3 symbols which will be needed later to get to Ulence Flats.

Crawl out through the hole in the bottom right side of the nest and you’ll fall down to the water below. When the girls from Estros arrive get in the submarine.

After the cut-scene wait for the slug to knock off your arm restraints then quickly hit the red button to shoot it’s tentacles. Quickly grab the oxygen tank and then place it in the slugs mouth to save the day. The girls will take you to the mall.

Galaxy Galleria Mall

After the girls run off pick up the ATM card from the ground. Take the lower right escalator to the right. Get off at the ATM machine next to the Software Store. Try to use the ATM card on the machine.  It won’t work for you because you don’t look like a woman.

Continue on the walkway to the left and stop off at the Big and Tall shop. Speak with the salesman and purchase some new clothes.

Return to the walkway and head back to Monolith Burgers. Now that you have the proper clothes you’ll be able to apply for a job. Take a job making burgers. Try to reach $26. If you get fired before then come back and keep earning money till you have at least $26. When you get fired the first time the boss will throw his cigar at you. Follow the cigar on the escalator until it stops and then pick it up.

Now that you have some cash go to the women’s clothing store. Talk to the clerk and purchase the women’s clothes. Go back to the ATM. Use your ATM card and clean out the account for 2,000 credits.

Go back to the women’s store and walk into the clothes changing area to get back into your normal outfit. Get back on the escalator and take it to the right side of the rink to the Software Store.

Have a look in bargain bin and move the items out of the way until you find the SQ4 Hintbook. Purchase the hintbook and then look through it. There are two answers you need here. The first is the symbols for the timepod. These are the first three symbols for Ulence Flats. The other three are on the gum wrapper. Secondly you’ll need the code to the supercomputer which is: 69-65-84-76-69.

Get on the elevator and head to the left and enter the arcade. Hide in the back right corner. You’ll see two police arrive in a timepod. One will leave the arcade. Follow the policeman out before the second one checks around the back of the arcade. Head to the left to the entrance to the rink.

Save your game here. Enter the rink and float out to the center of the rink and then up to the roof. The policemen will follow you out. Float down and get out of the rink on the left side. Head into the arcade and enter the timepod.

Take note of the symbols when you enter. You’ll need these to get back to the mall a little bit later. Use the 3 symbols from the hintbook and the 3 from the gum wrapper to visit the Ulence Flats.

Ulence Flats (Space Quest I)

Get out of the timepod and walk to the south. Enter the bar and try to pick up the matches on the bar. The three guys at the bar will kick you out. Click your hand on the bikes to knock them over. When the coast is clear walk back into the bar and grab the matches.

Leave the bar. A biker will try to run you over. Click away just as he is about to hit and you’ll jump out of the way. Walk to the north. Once again dodge a biker and then enter the timepod. Punch in the co-ordinates for Xenon.

Xenon (Space Quest XII)

Walk to the right twice. Use the jar of slime on the lock in the center of the hatch. Click on the hatch again to open it. Enter the tunnel.

User your matches on the cigar in your inventory. You’ll start smoking and reveal the laser beams. Look at the control on the right side of the tunnel. You need to enter the right codes to make the beams line up so you can walk through. The codes are 156 Enter, 024 Enter, and 108 Enter. If you type in the wrong codes these ones won’t work.

Walk to the north and take a look at the panel on the left side of the path. You’ll see the plug connector. Take note of the shape, draw it if you have to and then head back to the south. Exit the tunnel to the south and go west twice, back to the timepod. Type in the co-ordinates for the Galaxy Galleria Mall.

Galaxy Galleria (Space Quest X)

The only thing to do here is to buy a connector for the Pocket Pal so that it can connect up with the control boxes on Xenon. Go to Hx. So Good and select the Catalog. Select Electronic Gadgets and keep hitting the Next button until you find the Pocket Pal Connectors. Click on Purchase and then select the right connector.

Use the connector (and battery if you haven’t already) on the Pocket Pal. Go back to the timepod in the arcade and head to Xenon.

Xenon (Space Quest XII)

Get out of the timepod and walk west twice to the entrance to the tunnel. Walk north twice.

Walk north and west. Use the Pocket Pal on the panel. This will show you the locations of droids on your level. Turn the power off.

Walk down the stairs on the west side. Wait for a droid to appear at the top of your screen and when it moves over to the right walk back up the stairs. Now walk east, south and west 3 times until you reach the cave. Enter the cave and take a look at the control panel on the door.

The code is the one you found in the SQ4 hintbook: 6965847669. Enter this in and then go inside the computer room. Take a look at the computer screen. Grab the droid and flush it down the toilet and then grab the brain and flush it down the toilet also.

Go east x 3, north, west, south and west to the elevator. Take the elevator up a level. Go north, east and north into the tunnel.

You’ll get into a fight with Roger Jr. When he approaches you click the mouse on him. Eventually he’ll fall into the beam and get trapped. Climb down the ladder to the left. When you come up you’ll have the disk.

Put the disk in the computer. Click on Beam Upload and Disk Upload. Use the arrows on the right to select Roger Jr. and then select Beam Download. Enjoy the final cut-scene!

Congratulations on completing Space Quest 4. If you enjoyed this game make sure to check out the other Space Quest walkthroughs.