System Shock is the remake of the original game by Nightdive Studios released for PC, PS5 and Xbox One released in May of 2023. It’s a first person action, adventure game set in Citadel Station in the depths of space.

System Shock is quite a complex game with gameplay taking place over 9 of the station’s levels. Some of the levels are quite complex and you’ll often need to return to previous areas after completing certain objectives.

The remake of System Shock remains faithful to the original and still retains most of the design elements. It is at heart an exploration game so feel free to look around the levels and find out as much as you can about the game.

Getting Started

System Shock is a difficult game and you can expect to get lost or stuck from time to time. This walkthrough will guide you through all of the main objectives needed to complete the game. You may want to spend a bit more time exploring the levels as this is a big part of the game.

Many of the items you find scattered about Citadel Station will be labelled as “Junk”. You can pick them up and either take them to a Recycling Station as they are or Vaporize them and then take them to a Recycling Station. If you vaporize them they’ll stack in your inventory but you’ll get fewer Credits for them. Credits can be used to purchase Ammo, Weapon Modifications or other useful items.

Some of the codes in the game are random. I’ll show you how to find them but the exact codes will be unique to your game.

Junction Boxes come in two varieties, Connection puzzles and Power puzzles. For the first you’ll need to connect one node to the end. For the second you’ll need to draw a certain amount of power. I’ll go into more detail in Level 1 when you come across each of these puzzles.

System Shock Walkthrough

Part 1 – Disable the Laser

Level 1 (Medical)

Level 2 (Research Labs)

Level R (Reactor)

Part 2 – Jettison Beta Grove

Level 4 (Storage)

Level 5 (Flight Deck)

Level 6 (Executive)

Alpha Grove

Beta Grove

Delta Grove

Level 3 (Maintenance)

Part 3 – Sabotage the Antennas

Level 7 (Systems Engineering)

Part 4 – Escape

Return to Level R

Part 5 – Defeat SHODAN

Level 8 (Security)

Level 9 (Bridge)