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Level 5 (Flight Deck)

The main objective on the Flight Deck is to find the CPU Node room and get the number for the self destruct sequence later.

Along the way you can also find Target Identifier v2, Turbo Motion Boots v2, Head-Mounted Vision Unit v1 and the Mark III Assault Rifle.

As soon as the lift (1) opens you’ll be attacked by a Cyborg. Take it out, as well as the Security Cameras on the roof.

You can either use the Junction Box to activate the lift so you can get across, or drop down and take the long path around past the radioactive material. You’ll find a Recycle Station to the south of the bridge at (2).

Inside the office on the flight deck at (3) you’ll find Audio Log (Chancey Mcdaniel). Open the round door in the corner and take the lift up. Follow the corridor around to a control room (4). You’ll find Audio Log (Don Travers).

Pull the switches to extend the bridge sections so you can jump across later. Make sure every second bridge section is extended. If you have the boots v2 this is probably not necessary.

At (5) you’ll find a shaft with grav lifts. Passageways lead out to the north and south. To the south is a ModKit Station where you can buy a Damage Modkit for the Sparqbeam. There’s also an Energy Projectile Shield v1.

To the north you’ll find some loot, including a First Aid Kit. Security-1 Bots protect both passageways.

At (6) you’ll find a secret door between the crates. Just click on the panel between them to open it.

Inside you’ll find a button on the right that opens the door on the left for a few seconds. You’ll need to turn on your turbo boots to quickly make it through the door. On the other side you’ll find a Charging Station, Security Camera, Audio Log (Don Travers) and the Mark III Assault Rifle.

Down the hallway in a hole at (7) you’ll find Turbo Motion Boots v1. You should already have v2 by now so these are useless.

Continue clockwise around the corridor to find Audio Log (Chauncey Macdaniel) at (8).

The doors to Flight Bays 2 and 3 can be powered by solving the puzzle in the Junction Box (9). Then pull the switch to open the bay doors. Watch out for the enemies on the other side.

Flight Bay 2 is to the north and Flight Bay 3 to the south but they connect up with each other. In the center you’ll find the doorway leading to the lifepods. There’s nothing to do here for now but you’ll come back later after activating the station self destruct. Opposite the door to the lifepods (10) you’ll find Audio Log (Don Travers).

In the southern section of Flight Bay 3 you’ll find a Junction Box to unlock a door leading to the Med Bay (11). Here you’ll find a Transderm Dispenser, Cargo Lift and Restoration Bay.

Head around to the west and you’ll spot the tag “Gray” on the wall (12). When you do you’ll get a communication from Anna Parovski.

Make your way around the shafts with the grav lifts and then solve the 3 Junction Boxes (13). On the other side is a mini-boss fight with a Cortex Reaver (14).

It moves fast so you’ll want to slow it down with EMP grenades or Reflex Patches. Then get up close and fire away with your favourite weapon. Have the First Aid Kits on the hotbar so you an take cover and heal up quickly if you need it.

Examine the Cortex Reaver for Audio Log (Anna Parovski). Head through to the west (15) for some candy bars and chips. You can also drop down to the Mod-Kit Station.

There’s nothing else here that I could see so make your way back to (12) and then head west to the irradiated zone. Move quickly and grab Audio Log (Don Travers) from (15). There’s also one CPU Node here so make sure you destroy it and get the number from the computer screen.

Climb up a ladder and follow the narrow passageway around to the flight deck on the western side (16). This is where you lifted up the platforms in the control room.

Jump across the platforms to the other side and you’ll find Turbo Motion Boots v2 (17) if you don’t have them already.

Activate the boots and use them to hover across the flight deck to the Mod-Kit Station on the other side.

Head into the northern section of this level (18) with the executive looking hallways. There is an elevator going to the Executive Level at (19). Under a desk in the room at (20) you’ll find Audio Log (Bianca Schuler).

To the north is Flight Bay 1 with a small ship (21) you can explore. Inside is Audio Log (Robin Kell).

Head up the stairs across from the elevator and into the small room (22) for Audio Log (Edward Diego) and a Crystal Skull that you can exchange for quite a few credits.

Step into the room to the east (23) and you’ll be attacked by Security-1 Bots from inside the room and up the stairs.

To the south of the room overlooking the flight bay you’ll find Audio Log (SHODAN). The door to the Armory is locked so head through to the Cyberspace Terminal (24) and grab Audio Log (SHODAN).

Jack into Cyberspace and immediately you’ll be able to remove the lock on the Flight Bay 2 Door. Continue through, taking out the enemies as you go. Eventually you’ll get sight of another lock to open the Flight Bay Armory, a mini-boss and the exit.

Inside the Armory you’ll find quite a bit of ammo, grenades and a Shotgun. Grab them and then take the elevator to the Executive Level.

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