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Delta Grove

Delta Grove is not contaminated like Beta Grove so you’ll have more time to explore the level. In the center you’ll get to play a game of chess. There’s an Energy Projectile Shield v2 in the east, a Micro Pocket Dimension if you can win a game of chess, and the Jettison Enable switch is on the western side.

You’ll enter the grove on the tram at (1) and nearby you’ll find a Snacktron before riding the lift to explore the rest of the level.

In the center you’ll find a chess board with the pieces already laid out. If you can win the game you’ll get access to a secret area.

The pieces are laid out in such a way that you can win in a few moves. If you lose you’ll have to restart the game from the beginning. I recommend saving before making any moves.

After winning the game the door to (3) will open and you’ll get access to the Micro Pocket Dimension v1 which gives you extra space in your inventory.

Take the door to the north for a Recharge Station and a Button (4) to activate the lift in the northwest corner of the chess room. Ride the lift up, activate the bridge and go through the door to pull the Jettison Enable Switch (5).

Explore the rest of the area if you want and then head back to the tram. Ride it back to the Executive level.

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