Return to System Shock

Level 9 (Bridge)

You’ll enter the level from the elevator (1) and there’s no going back because the rest of the station has been destroyed. You will find a nearby Charging Station at (2).

Pull the switch at (3) to purge radiation from the central chamber so you can explore without taking damage.

In the room to the south get ready for a Cortex Reaver (4) boss fight. Once the boss is defeated search the remains for the Isolinear Chipset.

If you want a Railgun for this boss you’ll find one on the ground in the room at (5). Pull the switches to activate the bridges to the center cells. In one of them you’ll find a couple of First Aid Kits.

To get to the computer room you’ll need to solve the Junction Box puzzles at (6), (7) and (8). At (6) you’ll be attacked by bomb droids, at (7) you’ll need to pull the switches to open the force fields one by one and at (8) you’ll need to drop down to the lower floor and take out the half a dozen Security Bots.

Once you’ve defeated the Cortex Reaver and have deactivated the force fields you’ll be able to insert the Isolinear Chipset in the computer room (10).

There’s an Energy Efficiency Mod for the Plasma Rifle in the Mod-Kit Station (11) at the northwestern corner of the level and a Mag Pulse Rifle in the radiated room to the west (12).

Entrance to the throne room (13) can only be gained by hacking the 3 juntion boxes and installing the Isolinear Chip in the computer room.

Once inside the throne room clear out the enemies and pull the 3 switches (14), (15) and (16). You can expect a few waves of enemies as you make progress.

Take the grav lift up to the teleporter on the western side of the room. This takes you to the room directly above and into a boss fight with another Cortex Reaver. Take it out and examine the remains for the Command Access Card.

Unlock the door on the east and go through to a small room with the final cyber terminal. You’ll need to defeat SHODAN inside cyberspace.

You won’t be able to fly this time around. Instead make your way forwards as SHODAN talks to you.

Dodging the enemies projectiles will be much more difficult Try to shoot and strafe to the sides.

To defeat SHODAN you’ll need to take the moving platforms around to the sides and shoot the center spire until a yellow spherical object flies out of it.

Do this three times, once on each of the side platforms, to defeat SHODAN. Congratulations on completing System Shock!