Return to System Shock

Level R (Reactor)

The main reason for coming to the Reactor Level is to place the X-22 Isotope in the Shield Generator. Once that’s done you’ll need to go back to the Research Labs Central Control. There are a few other things to find here though, a Target Identifier v1, Magnum 2100 Pistol and the KE-41 Damage Mod Kit.

You’ll arrive on the southern side of the level in the elevator (1) that has access to Research and Maintenance. Down the corridor to your left a couple of Hoppers will be waiting for you.

Radiation Shield Controls (2) can be found in the room to the southwest. Watch out for the Bomb Droid inside the room. Walk up the steps and place Isotope X-22 in the slot.

You’ll get a notification that shield generators are ready although the radiation shield will still be deactivated. Pull the Switch to activate the Radiation Shields.

In a room to the west (3) you’ll find Audio Log (Abe Ghiran). Inside the room you’ll also find a bit of junk that you can vaporize.

Go through the little hatch to (4) and you’ll find Audio Log (Lonni Stevens). You’ll find the Recycle Station in the southeastern corner at (5). Around the corner at (6) is the med suite with Radiation Treatment, Surgery Bed, First Aid Kits, Transderm Dispenser, the Respawn Point and Audio Log (Ann Raines).

The room to the Surgery Bed, Cargo lift and Respawn point can be opened by completing the Junction Box puzzle. For me this was the connection type of puzzle. you’ll also find a Bio-Scan V2 on the shelf here.

Continuing around to the east you’ll find a Mod Kit Station at (7) and a couple of Ammo Dispensers. A little further north is a Cyber Terminal at (8). Jack into the terminal and carefully make your way through cyberspace. I find holding back and taking out the enemies from a distance is easiest but this one is tough.

At some point in cyberspace you’ll be able to break a connection to unlock the northern blast door. Continue through to unlock the Reactor Armory and then get out of there.

In the same room as the Cyberspace Terminal you’ll also find Audio Log (Shodan). In a hallway a little to the west you’ll find a Charging Station.

Inside the Reactor Core you’ll get Raditation Poisoning so leave the center room until you have Environmental Protection.

At (9) you’ll find Audio Log (Charlotte Sigmund) and a Junction Box. Up to the north at (10) you’ll find a confusing multi-level area with narrow passages. Make your way through to (11) where you’ll find Audio Log (Dr. Joseph Lewis).

Hidden under the stairs in the room at (12) you’ll find Audio Log (Denns S. Garden).

On the western side you’ll find Audio Log (Shodan) in the room (13). At (14) when you destroy the four Security Cameras Shodan will release two large Hoppers.

One of the corpses will have a Sparqbeam but you should definitely have one by now.

The door to the south (15) leads to the lift that will take you down to the Safety Override. It’s protected by a Security-1 Robot. One path leads to the Central Core. Ignore that for now. The other leads to the Safety Override. Take the hover lift up and enter the code that you found in the Library on the Research Level. For me it was 588. Enter the code and pull the Switch.

If you make your way around to (16) you’ll be ambushed by 2 Assassin Cyborgs. Inside you’ll find the SK-27 Shotgun on the ground by one of the corpses.

Level 2 (Research Labs)

Return to the Research Labs and head to the center. You’ll be attacked by a group of Mutants.

If you go up to the Control Room and try to activate the laser now you’ll see that it’s Offline and SHODAN will get angry. That’s all we can do here for now so when you’re ready take the lift up to Maintenance.

Level 3 (Maintenance)

Before we can fully explore this level there are things we need to do elsewhere so enter the center room with the Recycle Station and take the Maintenance Lift up to Storage.

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