Thea: The Awakening is a fantasy survival game by MuHa Games. You start with a small band of survivors forming a small village. You must gather resources, lean new crafting techniques and recruit more people to your village if you are going to survive.

Game difficulty depends a lot on the starting options. Have a larger map means it takes more time to find and gather resources. A smaller map means most of the valuable resources won’t be too far away.

The number of starting villagers also has a big impact on early game difficulty. If you’re playing for the first time start out with 10 villagers. You can then keep a few in the village to gather resources and craft while the rest go out to explore.

Thea Challenges

There are 9 kinds of challenges in Thea with some of them being more common than others. Fight challenges are the most simple but if you take damage some of your villagers may come away with injuries. Developing your Hunting or Social skills can help deal with hostile creatures without risking injury.

For the Hunting challenge Gathering is used for Offense so bring some Gatherers or Baskets with you. Perception is used for First Action. For Social challenges Speech is used for Offense and Will for Defense. Attractiveness is used for First Action.

Tactical skills such as First Action or Confuse can have a big impact on the challenge. What attribute contributes to what tactical skill changes depending on the challenge so it’s a good idea to write them down. You can also see the list of skills needed for each challenge in game.

Thea Cosmic Quest Walkthrough

The Cosmic Quest is the main quest for Thea: The Awakening. Once it’s complete the game will be finished but you can go back into the world to continue exploring and to finish up any other quests or the Return of the Giants DLC.

The Quest Begins

Theodor will introduce the quest to you and place the Cosmic Tree map marker in your world. When you get there you can either:

1) Read the Scroll – Two Cosmic Tree locations will be placed on your map, one is the Made Leshy and the other is the Human Sage.

2) Throw it Away – This doesn’t lead anywhere. You actually do need to read the scroll.

Human Sage

1) Go In – Have a chat with the old man. This appears to be optional and you’ll get the chance to side with the humans later on.

2) Actually, come back later.

Mad Leshy

1) Tell the Leshy that you’re here searching for an Elf. He tells you to go and defeat his brother and come back.

You can choose to agree to defeat his brother, fight the Mad Leshy now or just leave.

2) You can fight the Mad Leshy immediately. If you defeat him the Cosmic Tree Shards map marker will appear on your map.

Friendly Leshy

When you arrive at this location you can either engage in conversation or attack. If you ask about the mother tree story you’ll come back to the first two options.

1) Hello – Follow this conversation to trick the Mad Leshy and pretend that you’ve killed the Friendly Leshy.

2) Attack! – Fight the good Leshy. You’ll be given the 3 Cosmic Shards that you can take back to the Mad Leshy to prove it’s dead.

Return to Mad Leshy

Whether you killed the Friendly Leshy or not you’ll need to return to the Mad Leshy with proof.

1) Right, we’re back with the bodies… Lie – You’ll lose the 3 Cosmic Tree Shards and have to engage in a Social challenge with the Mad Leshy. This is a 4 Skull challenge so it can be quite difficult.

2) If you actually killed the Friendly Leshy you’ll come back with the bodies and the Mad Leshy will automatically let you progress to the next stage.

Cosmic Tree Shards

The Cosmic Tree Shards are protected by a Dragon. This is going to be a tough challenge no matter what you do.

1) Sneak past the dragon – This is a 4 skull sneak challenge. Remember that Offense for a sneak challenge is the sum of Dexterity and Stealth. Health is Defence and Perception is Shield.

2) Attack the beast – This is a 5 skull fight challenge so bring all your best troops and hope for the best.

3) Stay in the tunnel and try to talk to the Dragon – You can flatter the Dragon to reduce this challenge from a 5 skull to a 4 skull social challenge. Bring your good talkers if you want to have a chance at succeeding with this challenge. For social challenges Offense is Speech, Defense is Will and Shield is Folklore.

Whatever path you choose if you succeed you’ll be given the 5 Cosmic Tree Shards and can continue with the quest.

Orc Leader

The Orcs will show up and give you their side of the story. They’re just trying to get along in the world and don’t want you to mess things up and bring about radical changes.

1) Talk – You won’t decide on anything for now but it will give you more options when you Return to Alysir.

2) Fight – You can just fight them and start a 4 skull fight challenge.

Return to Alysir

Make your way to the map marker and and choose who you are going to side with. If you’ve completed the Divine Quest and didn’t take up the offer from the Sage the you can choose to side with the Elves.

Siding with the Elves gives you a Blessing of Speech and Attractiveness for 15 turns for the entire party, and you get a permanent bonus of +2 Speech for 2 villagers.

If you decide to side with the Sage then you’ll be give a Blessing of Speech and Attractiveness but only for 4 villagers.

If you didn’t fight with the Orc Leader earlier than you can align yourself with the Orcs. If you fight them now you’ll get a Curse of Darkness on the whole party. If you side with them you’ll get a Blessing of Speech and Attractiveness for 4 villagers.

Final Challenge

It’s time to face Zmey. After all the dialogue options are done you basically have 2 choices, a Social or a Fight challenge. Both are 5 skull challenges. If you lose then 2 or 3 party members will be killed and the map marker will remain for you to try again.

If you succeed then you’ll complete the quest based on what decisions you made along the way. If you sided with the Elves you’ll place the seed on the tree and bring back the light. If you sided with the Humans you’ll burn the seed and let the Age of Reason begin. If you sided with the Orcs you’ll take the seed to the Orc leader so a new Thea can be created.

Once the main quest has been completed you can end the game here or go back into the world to continue any other side quests.

Thea Divine Quest Walkthrough

The Divine Quest begins by going to the Grand University, no matter what God you have chosen although the kinds of challenges and the difficulty will change. Some Gods will prefer you to complete a step in the quest in a particular way. For example Mokosh will give you a Blessing for using your Intellect rather than fighting.

Once you’ve gone to the Grand University you’ll be shown the way to the Oracle. Go to the Oracle for another challenge and then head towards the third and final location. After completing the final challenge you’ll be rewarded with a new party member. This could be a Ghost, Forest Elf Druid, Orc Witch or any number of other creatures depending on the God. It’s usually always worth completing the Divine Quest before the Cosmic Quest.