Secrets: 3

Listen to Zip and do what he says. Place your weapons on the shelf before walking through the scanner. If you keep your weapons the Gun Turrets on either end of the hallway will activate. Walk through the scanner and you’ll see an X-ray view of Lara. You can also see what’s inside the suitcases. Avoid the ones with bombs and open the one with a Small Medipack.

Continue through the small lounge to the t-intersection. Pick up the HK Clips on the floor to the right. Avoid the elevators at the end of the hall because they’re protected by lasers. You can use your Headset and press Action to switch to infrared and you’ll be able to see them. Turn around and run to the other end of the hallway.

Follow the hallway around to the right to another intersection. Continue forwards into the room, the door opens automatically, and open the drawers to the right for Chloroform.

Leave the room and go to the right. You’ll see a short cut-scene of a Guard. Enter the next room to the right and search the drawers for a Cloth. Combine the Cloth with the Chloroform to make a Chloroform Soaked Cloth. Walk up to the Guard and use the Chloroform Soaked Cloth to take him out.

Before going on turn around and run into the office just behind you. Open the drawer for a Small Medipack.

Leave the office and run down the corridor where you knocked out the Guard. Enter the second office on the left. Search the cabinet for Chloroform. Leave and enter the last office on the left. Search the drawers for a Restroom Access Card. If you look at the card in your inventory you’ll see the code 8526.

Return the way you came down the corridor and turn right. Run all the way to the end and use the control panel on the left of the locked door. Enter the code 8526 and then * to open the door to the Restroom.

Walk inside and go through the door to the left to the Ladies. Kick open the door to the second stall for a Large Medipack. Leave the Ladies and enter the Gents.

Kick open the door to the first stall. You’ll notice a crack in the roof. Jump up to pull open the roof and climb into the ducts on the right (when facing the stall)

Crawl around to the left and drop backwards over the edge. Grab onto the opening about half-way down and then drop the rest of the way to the ground.

Crawk out to a large shaft that houses the elevators. Climb down to the bottom but keep hanging on. Go to the right or forwards until you see Lara’s shadow on a ledge far below.

Now you can drop and she’ll land on the opening. Walk forwards for Golden Rose #1. Turn around and take a standing jump from the edge to the metal ledge. Climb up the Chain until you’re behind an elevator and then backflip onto another ledge.

Turn to the right, take a running jump to grab onto a pole. Swing around and let go to land in the opening of a duct. Turn around and take a jump diagonally to the right to grab onto the edge of an elevator. Pull up and run across to the elevator to the right for HK Clips. Open the top of the first elevator by opening the hatch as shown in the picture below.

Drop down into the elevator and push the Buttons. Approach the elevator door and go through when it opens. Press the Button to the left to open the next elevator and go inside. Press the Buttons.

When the door opens you’ll be attacked by 2 Guards and a Soldier. Quickly press the Buttons again to take the elevator back down. When you do something goes wrong and the elevator starts to fall. Quickly press the Buttons again to activate the emergency brakes.

Once the elevator crashes climb up the grating on the left and climb out of the hole. Walk to the other side of the roof of the elevator and take a standing jump to the pipe. Swing over to grab the metal ledge and pull up.

Climb up the wall on the left until you’re in line with the vent on the left and then backflip. Walk to the end of the ledge, turn left and take a running jump to grab onto another pipe. Swing across to a ledge on the other side of the shaft. Pull up into the small duct just to the left.

Crawl through and then slide down the ramp. Before you reach the bottom jump and grab onto a pole. Swing and let go to grab onto a higher pole. This time wait until the flame over the ledge disperses and swing over to the ledge.

Quickly hop back before the flame starts again. Turn to the left and take a running jump to grab the edge of the hole in the wall. Pull up and tightrope walk across the pipe to the other side for a vial of Chloroform. Slide down the duct all the way to the bottom.

Duck down and watch the Guard walk past to the right. Crawl out and run past him towards the aquarium. He’ll miss you and shatter the glass. Pick up Golden Rose #2 and then run around to the left. The Guard won’t follow you.

Run up the ramp and a Sniper will take shots at you from higher up. Run around to the left and climb up the slats to the left of the doorway leading outside. Get off to the right and run around to the right until you’re standing in front of a fire extinguisher. Make sure your health is full. The Sniper will miss you and blow up the fire extinguisher, making a hole in the wall. Run inside the hole for Golden Rose #3.

Head back out and push the Button on the left to open the door underneath. Drop down and run through the door. Take a running jump over the lower part of the floor to land near the aquarium. The floor is electrified.

When a Guard runs down the hallway and shoots at you duck down so he hits the aquarium. This will short-circuit the electrified floor and you can walk on it now. Push the Button to the left to open the door and go through.

Run around to the left. The doors will close behind you and the Guards will try to break through. If you run the Gun Turrets will activate. Walk forwards and push the Button on the left and the Button on the right to open the exit.

Run down the hall and through the door that opens automatically on the right. This is the Teleporter Room. You’ll see a cut-scene of a Soldier chasing you.

Go through the opening to the left and jump up to open part of the roof with the cracked tile.

Climb into the duct on the left and drop down into the next room. Push the Button to activate the X-ray. You can now see what’s inside each of the suitcases. They all have bombs except one that has the Teleporter Disc.

Go back through the duct and open the suitcase to grab the disc. Leave the room and go back to the Teleporter Room. Go through the opening on the right to the computer by the window. Use the Teleporter Disc to activate the teleporter.

Run back to the center and use the Iris Artifact on the metal armature. You’ll be teleported to a new location. Drop down the hole in the floor in the right corner. Run through the duct and pull up.

When you walk down the passage Zip will tell you to watch the Guard so that you can find out the security password. Use your Headset and zoom in when the Guard is at the control panel. You should see him type in 1672.

Combine the Cloth with the Chloroform and continue forwards. Drop down and when the Guard goes through the door get out and use the panel. Type in 1672 to open the door. Quickly follow the Guard through and try to use the Chloroform Soaked Cloth on him. It didn’t work for me so you might have to make a run for it.

Push the Button to the right of the entrance and then crawl through the red glowing passage to the left. Climb up the wall to the right. As you walk forwards a trapdoor will open. Drop down back to the entrance where you can pick up your gun.

Run through the X-Ray machine. This time it’s not activated. At the t-junction take a left. Use your HK in sniper mode to blow the fire extinguisher and break open the door.

Run outside to complete the level.

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