Secrets: 1

Lara is now equipped with an Extreme Depth Suit. Lara has all of the normal controls for swimming but she can’t roll while wearing the suit. The Sprint key can also be used to deploy on of Lara’s 10 Chaff Flares. They can be used as decoys to draw enemy torpedoes away from her.

Follow the path forwards and then at the t-junction veer off to the right. When you come to the area with the Mini-Sub turn to the left and swim around the mound in the center. In the corner is a small passage that leads to the only secret in this level with Golden Rose #1.

Swim back to the sub and continue forwards along the other path. Swim over the low wall, with another Mini-Sub on the other side. Look for a passage through the rocks on the far left side and swim through.

When the path opens up swim down through the hole in the wreckage. Continue swimming through the small passages until you see the cut-scene.

Lara find the Spear of Destiny but her air supply is running out! Quickly swim back through the small passages to the area outside the wreckage. Quickly swim down the passage that leads back to the Submarine. You can see the outline of the Sub in the distance.

Return to the hatch under the Sub and pull up. If you start running out of air you may need to use a Medipack to stay alive for a few extra seconds. Once you reach the Sub the level will end.

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