Wing Commander 2: Vengeance of the Kilrathi takes place after the events of the first Wing Commander game. The destruction of the TCS Tiger Claw is blamed on our hero, Christopher Blair, and he is sent to the outskirts of the Enigma Sector where he must prove his innocence once again.

There have been a few changes to the way weapons and ships work. For one thing capital ships can only be destroyed with torpedoes. Conventional weapons are nearly useless against them. Most heavy fighters will be carrying torpedoes with them.

Wing Commander 2 uses dynamic artificial intelligence. If you breeze through a mission the next mission will be harder. If you die a few times than the enemies will be easier to kill.

Shields will not recharge in autopilot mode so wait for your shields to recharge before engaging autopilot. When enemies come in two waves you can prevent the second wave from spawning by damaging and chasing away the final fighter in the first wave.

Wing Commander 2 Walkthrough

Gwynedd A (4 Missions)

These missions are more difficult than they need to be because you’ll be flying in a small Ferret with weak shields and armor. Keep moving and stay out of the firing line of enemy ships.

Ship: Ferret

Wingman: Shadow

Win Condition: Destroy Fralthra in Mission 3

Mission 1 – Patrol

Make your way to the Nav points and then head home to Caenavron Station. You’ll find 3 Sarthas at Nav 1, an asteroid field and 3 Drakhri at Nav 2 and Nav 3 is empty.

Mission 2 – Defend

You receive an SOS from the nearby USS Concordia. When you reach it help take out othe 6 Sarthas swarming around. When you’re done land on the Concordia. You’ll get to meet some of your old crewmates from the Tiger’s Claw.

Mission 3 – Escort

You’ll be required to escort 2 Broadswords as they make an attack on a Fralthra (Kilrathi Cruiser). First make your way over to the Broadswords and then autopilot over to the cruiser. It’s defended by 5 Sarthas so you’ll need to take at least a few of them out quickly.

Use the Taunt command to try and lure any Kilrathi away from the Broadswords. Make sure the Fralthra is destoyed and then fly back to land on the Concordia.

Mission 4 – Defend

Launch and had back to the Caenavron Station. On the way you’ll get another SOS that the Concordia is under attack from another Kilrathi Cruiser.

Quickly head back to the Concordia to find it swarming with 5 Sarthas and 4 Drakhris as well as the cruiser. Help take out the small fighters and the Concordia should deal with the Fralthra. When you’re done land on the Concordia.

Shadow always dies in this mission as it’s part of the story. There’s no time now to transfer back to the Caenavron so you’ll be staying on the Concordia.

Niven (4 Missions)

Ship: Ferret/Broadsword

Wingman: None

Win Condition: None

Mission 1 – Patrol

The Broadsword is much beefier than the Ferret. It uses ITTS to help with aiming and has a rear turret. Make sure you switch views if an enemy ship is on your tail. Fly to the waypoints where you’ll find nothing at Nav 1, 3 Jalkehi at Nave 2 and 2 Grikath at Nav 3. When you’re done head back to the Concordia.

Mission 2 – Courier

You’ll be back in the Ferret for this one. Fly towards Niven to make the delivery. Along the way you’ll run into 5 Sarthas. Take them out and complete the mission.

Mission 3 – Escort

Once again you’ll be flying the Ferret as you escort two Free Traders to their jump point. Along the way you’ll find 4 Sarthas. Kill them quickly to protect the traders. Once you reach the jump point you’ll find 3 Drakhris. Try to keep them away from the traders until they jump out. Once the enemy have been killed head back to the Concordia.

Once you get back to the Concordia you’ll find out a murder has taken place and someone is communicating with the Kilrathi. It seems a traitor is onboard but who could it be?

Mission 4 – Patrol

This is a simple patrol mission in your Ferret. Nav 1 is empty but you’ll find 3 cloaked ships called Strakhas at Nav 2. Wait for them to decloak and attack, then quickly target them and fire away. Luckily they are only light fighters. You’ll find 3 more Strakhas on your way back to the Concordia.

Once you land you’ll find your flight recorder has been damaged and no-one will believe your story about the cloaked ships.

Ghorah Khar B (4 Missions)

You’ll be flying in a Rapier with Hobbes as your wingman. Hobbes is a Kilrathi defector a decent fighter pilot. He’s also one of the few people who believe you.

Ship: Rapier

Wingman: Hobbes

Win Condition: Destroy the Kamekh in Mission 3

Mission 1 – Patrol

Patrol the waypoints and scout for any Kilrathi. You’ll find 4 Jalkehi at Nav 1, 4 Grikath at Nav 2 and Nav 3 is empty. Once you’ve flown your patrol head home.

Mission 2 – Escort

Head out to meet the Bonnie Heather piloted by Paladin. Along the way you’ll find 3 Drakhri at Nav 1 and 4 Jalkehi at Nav 2. The Bonnie is also at Nav 2. Don’t worry about protecting her as she’s invulnerable. Just try to stay alive and bring the Bonnie back to the Concordia.

Mission 3 – Escort

This mission is essential to stay on the winning path. When you launch take out the 5 Sarthas attacking the Concordia. Then pick up the Broadswords and take them to the Kamekh.

You might want to fly ahead of the Broadswords and not use autopilot. That way you’ll reach the fighters protecting the Kamekh first and have a chance to take them out. This should take the pressure off the Broadswords and give them a chance to launch torpedoes at the Kamekh. When you’re done head back to the station.

Mission 4 – Defend

Fighters are attacking the Olympus Station. Launch, head over to the Olympus and help fight them off. The first wave consists of 5 Drakhris which will then be followed by 4 Jalkehi. If you route the last Drakhris the wave of Jalkehi won’t appear. When you’re done fly back to the Concordia.

Novaya Kiev B (4 Missions)

Ship: Broadsword

Wingman: Doomsday

Win Condition: None

Mission 1 – Strike

Fly over to the jump point and jump to the new sector. Once you get there you can communicate with the tanker and request refueling.

Make your way to the Dorkathis Supply Depots and take out the fighters protecting them first. You’ll need to get past 4 Drakhri and 3 Jalkehi before you can safely fire away at the supply depots. Use torpedoes if you want but ordinary fire should work as well.

Mission 2 – Rescue

Stingray ejected in the middle of a battle and needs to be rescued. Make your way towards him and take out the 4 Jalkehis along the way. Once you reach Stingray you’ll need to fight off the 4 Drakhris and 2 Kamekhs before you can safely pick him up.

You’ll need to switch to the rear turret and change guns to the tractor beam in order to pick up Stingray. Just fly past him a little and use the tractor beam from behind.

Mission 3 – Strike

Escor the destroyer Hector to take out the Kilrathi Fralthra. Fly to the location of Hector and go with it towards the Fralthra. When you get there take out the 4 Jalkehis fighters first and then torpedo the Fralthra. On the way back you’ll run into another 4 Grikaths. Take them out and then land on the Concordia to finish the mission.

Mission 4 – Escort

A Free Trader has some data that it needs to bring back to the Concordia. Launch and head towards the nav location. When you get there you’ll find out a Ralatha and fighters killed the Free Trader. Instead you’ll need to retrieve the data pod.

At the jump point you’ll find 2 Drakhris. Take them out and jump to the next sector. When you get there you’ll be attacked by 3 Sarthas and the Ralatha. If you’re having difficulty try to fly away from the Ralatha first and then take out the fighters. Remember to use your rear turret. When the area is clear grab the data pod and head home.

Heaven’s Gate (4 Missions)

Ship: Epee/Sabre

Wingman: Spirit

Win Condition: Destroy the Kamekh in mission 1

Mission 1 – Patrol

You get an Epee for the first 3 missions. It’s a light fighter like the Ferret but has torpedoes and ITTS for tracking.

Fly out to the waypoints and you’ll find a Kamekh protected by 4 Drakhri. Take out the fighters first and then go for the Kamekh. At Nav 2 you’ll find 4 Sarthas. Destroy them and then head back home.

Mission 2 – Escort

Escort 2 Clydesdales to the jump point. Make your way to Nav 1 and wait for the Clydesdales to jump. All is clear for the moment. On the way back you’ll find 4 Jalkhi and 4 Drakri. Try to take them out if you can otherwise run away and head back to the Concordia.

Mission 3 – Escort

Make your way to Nav 1 where you’ll find the stealth fighters, 3 Strakhas. There’s another 5 Strakha at Nav 2. Approach the transport and bring it back to the Concordia.

Mission 4 – Strike

For this mission you’ll be upgraded to the Sabre for a strike mission. The Sabre is probably the best fighter in the game.

Head to Nav 1 and take out the 4 Sarthas, the continue on to the enemy base where you’ll find 3 Jalkehi and 5 Drakhri. Once the fighters are gone Spirit will kamikaze into the Kilrathi starbase destroying it and her in the process.

Tesla B (4 Missions)

Ship: Rapier

Wingman: Stingray

Win Condition: None

Mission 1 – Patrol

Just make your usual patrol to the waypoints. At Nav 1 you’ll find 3 Jalkehi in an asteroid field. At Nav 2 you’ll come across the Bonnie Heather under attack. Destroy the 3 Grikath and then head back home.

Mission 2 – Strike

Two transports have been separated from the main Kilrathi fleet so now is the time to strike. Launch and head towards the transports. Along the way you’ll run into 4 Sarthas and then 4 Jalkehis. Once the fighters have been dispensed with go after the transports. One of them will jump in briefly after you arrive.

Mission 3 – Escort

Escor the Bonnie Heather out to the jump point. The Bonnie Heather is invincible.

At Nav 1 you’ll find 4 Drakhri. Escort the Bonnie to the jump point and wait for it to jump. On the way back you’ll find 4 Jalkehi escorting a Fralthra. You can’t destroy it so run away or take out the fighters if you want.

Mission 4 – Strike/Escort

When you launch you’ll be attacked by 4 Grikaths. Take them out and the proceed to the Ralatha destroyer. It’s protected by 4 Jalkehis. Destroy them and then watch your Gilgamesh-class destroyer deal with the Ralatha.

Enigma (3 Missions)

Ship: Broadsword

Wingman: Angel

Win Condition: Destroy the Ralatha in mission 3

Mission 1 – Recon/Strike

For this mission you need to scout out the jump point before the Concordia follows behind. At the Nav point you’ll find 3 Drakhris, then at the jump point you’ll find 4 Sarthas and a Kamekh. Take them out so the Concordia can jump through and then land.

Mission 2 – Strike

There’s a listening post nearby and you need to take it out. Launch and fly through the asteroid fields to Nav 2. Once you get close to the listening post you’ll be attacked by 3 Drakhri and 4 Jalkehi. This is a tough fight so try your best to take out the fighters and torpedo the listening post.

Mission 3 – Recon/Strike

For this mission you’ll need to chase the Ralatha away, follow it through the jump and then destroy it.

Head through the asteroid field to Nav 1 and proceed to the Ralatha. Take out the Jalkehis protecting it and it will jump away. Angel will track it to a new location. Jump to its location and destroy it. The Concordia will follow through and you can land.

K’tithrak Mang (4 Missions)

Ship: Sabre

Wingman: Jazz

Win Condition: Destroy the K’tithrak Mang

Mission 1 – Strike

This is a strike mission on a Ralatha. Head to its location and take out the 4 Jalkehi protecting it. Use torpedoes to destroy the Ralatha if Jazz hasn’t done it already.

When you come back to the Concordia it will be under attack by 3 Grikath. Help the Concorida deal with them.

Mission 2 – Patrol

Patrol the nav points as usual. At Nav 1 you’ll find asteroids and 5 Strakhas at Nav 2. There’s more asteroids at Nav 3 and then 5 more Strakhas at Nav 4. This time your flight recorder is working and you have proof of the Kilrathi stealth fighters.

Mission 3 – Capture

It turns out Jazz is the traitor and he’s escaped in a Sabre. Chase him down and destroy his ship. Angel will come along and rescue Jazz before you shoot him and take him away to be court martialed.

Mission 4 – Strike

It’s time to take out the K’tithrak Mang station. Along the way you’ll find 3 Strakhas in an asteroid field. Take them out and continue to the base where you’ll find 6 Sarthas piloted by Drakhai guards.

Deal with the heavy fighters and then make a run on the K’tithrak station. You can stay out of range while the torpedoe locks on, then rush towards it and fire when you’re within 3000m. Watch the explosion and enjoy the final cutscene.

Congratulations on completing Wing Commander 2: Vengeance of the Kilrathi!