A Short Hike is an exploration game by Canadian developer Adamgryu. After being dropped off on a small island for a camping trip you realize there’s no cell phone reception. You’ll need to find a way up to the top of the mountain to reach the only place where you can receive a phone call from your mum.

There are 20 Gold Feathers to collect, each of them will give you one extra flap of your wings or let you climb a little higher. There are also 2 Silver Feathers. These will give you a big boost to your first couple of wing flaps.

Most of the quests are optional and you can climb the mountain with as little as 7 or 8 Gold Feathers. You may want to explore the island to find all the activities and collectibles. I recommend trying out Beach Stick Ball and the Boat Racing.

Once you’ve reached the top of the mountain you can continue exploring the island. Go back down and enter the cottage where you began to complete the game.

A Short Hike Map (Feather Locations Circled in Red)

A Short Hike All Feather Locations

1) Frog Building Sand Castles – Find the Toy Shovel on the cliffs above and trade it to him for the real shovel. Leave and come back three times until he’s built a sand city. On one of the towers you’ll find the first Gold Feather

2-3) Visitor Center – to the west of the frog you’ll find the visitor center. Speak to the goat ranger and buy 2 feathers for 40 gold coins each.

4) Just northwest of the visitor center you’ll find this feather on a small mound.

5) Forest – From the mound head almost directly east. In the middle of the forest on a small stone you’ll find the fifth feather.

6) Outlook Point – Climb up to Outlook Point to find this feather out in the open.

7) Drop or glide down two cliffs on the southwest side of Outlook Point to find this feather on the side of the cliff.

8) Shadow of Lighthouse. Continue east to the lighthouse and follow the lighthouse shadow to the west of it. Dig a hole at the tip of the shadow to find a chest with the eighth feather.

9) Lighthouse Balcony – On top of the lighthouse you’ll see a balcony with a chest. Inside is a Gold Feather. You may need quite a few feathers to fly up or glide down from a higher location.

10) North of Meteor Lake. Explore Meteor Lake and learn how to fish. To the north is a cliff face. Either fly up or water the bouncy flower and use it to jump up to this feather.

11) Stone Tower – In the middle of the island on the western side you’ll find a stone tower. On the top of it is a chest with a Gold Feather.

12) BeachStickBall – In the very northwest corner you’ll be able to play BeachStickBall. Hit the ball over the net 10 times in the cooperative game to win the Gold Feather. Hit the ball over 20 times to win gold coins and 30 times to win a baseball cap.

13) Just near to the graveyard where you start the race with Avery you can fly up for this gold feather on a ledge by the side of the cliff.

14) Boat Race – Continue following the coast around to the east and you’ll find a bridge leading out to the Orange Islands. Explore these islands and hire the boat for 100 Gold. Agree to take the kid out for a ride and talk to her. She’ll ask you to try the boat race.


The first time you try the race the boat will break as you go over the ramp. Head to the south and talk to the fisherman. He’ll fix the boat. Try the boat race again, this time without the ramp, and if you complete it in under 2 minutes you’ll win a Gold Feather.

15-18) Tough Bird – There’s a tough bird standing by the start of the mountain trek. He sells Gold Feathers for 100 Gold but only buy one at first. You’ll then be able to ask him what his deal is.


He’ll tell you that he really wants 400 gold coins for his tuition fee. Give him 400 Gold Coins and he’ll give you a Watch. He’ll also let you buy the other 3 Gold Feathers for only 40 Gold each.

19) The Painter – You’ll find the painter at various locations around the island trying to find inspiration. Follow him to all the locations and talk to him. He’ll tell you where he’s going next.


You can find him at these locations in this order: Southwest Peninsula, Lighthouse, River Source (Western River – follow it upstream), Graveyard, Outlook Point, Visitor Center. Talk to him at the visitor center and he’ll give you a Gold Feather.

20) Seashells and Necklace – One of the first birds you meet, Jen, will demand that you bring her 15 Seashells. There are 30 shells all over the island so finding 15 shouldn’t be too difficult. Bring her the shells and she’ll ask you to take the Necklace to Ranger May. She’s outside the cabin where you began the game. After giving her the necklace she’ll give you the final Gold Feather.

Silver Feathers

1) High up on the top of the smaller island in the southeast corner of the map you’ll find the first Silver Feather. You’ll need quite a few Gold Feathers to reach it.

2) Once you give the 400 Gold to to the tough bird he’ll give you a watch. Give the watch to the goat camping just to the east of the Visitor Center and he’ll give you the second Silver Feather.

A Short Hike Quests

1) Shells and Necklace – You’ll find a young bird called Jen walking along the beach near the start. She demands that you bring her 15 Shells. Give her the shells and then agree to the next demand to give the Necklace to Ranger May. You can find Ranger May sitting by the fire next to the starting cabin. After giving her the necklace she’ll reward you with a Gold Feather.

2) The Compass – Walk along the beach to the west and you’ll come across a Wolf. Talk to him and he’ll give you a Compass. Open your inventory and equip it to have the compass shown on your screen.

3) Sandcastles – The little frog wants to build sandcastles but only has a real shovel. Find a Toy Shovel to trade with him. Leave him alone and come back 2 times. Each time the sandcastles will get more elaborate and finally a Gold Feather will appear on one of the sandcastles.

4) Climbing Group – On Sid Beach you’ll find a Squirrel and Rhino around the climbing walls. Talk to them to join the Climbers group and try out the walls. You’ll need a couple of feathers to make it up the tallest wall.

5) The Painter – The painter is looking for inspiration around the island. He starts off at Shirley’s Point in the southwest and then moves to the Lighthouse, Source of the west river, Graveyard, Lookout and finally the Visitor Center. Talk to him each time. Once you find him at the Visitor Center he’ll give you a Gold Feather.

6) A Rabbit near the Blackwood Trail entrance is looking for her Red Headband. Follow the trail along to the west until you find a Turtle running along. Talk to him and he’ll give you his headband. Take this back to the Rabbit and she’ll give you a pair of Running Shoes. Talk to her again and she’ll give you the Red Headband back.

7) Camping Goat – Just to the east of the Visitor Center you’ll meet a Goat who’s lost his watch. Talk to the tough bird by the start of the mountain path and give him 400 Gold Coins for his tuition. As a reward he’ll give you his Watch. Take this back to the camping goat for a Silver Feather.

8) Camping Licence – Just to the south of Meteor Lake you’ll find a cat camping by a small blue tent. Talk to him to find out he’s lost his camping licence. Talk to him again to learn it may have been swallowed by a fish. Do some fishing in Meteor Lake until you find the licence. Bring it back to the cat for some Bait as a reward.

9) Learning to Fish – Talk to Bill, the hippopotamus fishing in Meteor Lake and he’ll give you a fishing rod of your own and teach you how to fish.

10) The Fisherman – On the eastern side of the island you’ll see a fisherman sitting on his boat. He’s too lazy to fish but you can sell him some of your own fish or trade it for bait. After giving him 3 unique fish he’ll give you his Fish Journal.

11) Deer on Little Island – To the northeast of the fisherman, across the ocean you’ll find a Deer. Talk to him and he’ll ask you to clean up the island. You can buy a Sunhat from him for 100 Gold Coins.

12) Boat Race – North of the fisherman you’ll find a bridge out to the Orange Islands. Talk to the boatman and hire the boat for 100 Gold. Take out the little girl for a ride and talk to her. She’ll tell you about the racecourse. Agree to race and the boat will break as it goes over the ramp. Talk to the fisherman to fix the boat and race again. Complete the course in under 2 minutes for a Gold Feather.

A Short Hike Buried Treasures

In Her Shadow

Map: In a chest on the fisherman’s boat.

Location: Tip of Lighthouse’s Shadow

The Treasure of Sid Beach

Map: Talk to the Dog once he reaches the top of Outlook Point.

Location: On Sid Beach between the two mossy stones.

The King’s Throne

Map: In a chest on the roof of the abandoned building. Move aside the boxes to find it.

Location: South of the stone tower, over the bridge, on a rock platform shaped like a throne.

A Stormy View

Map: Dig up the dirt in the ruins of a small house on one of the Orange Islands.

Location: on the island just near to the stone arch.