FAR: Lone Sails is a small vehicle adventure game where you travel across a dry seabed in search of a once thriving civilization. You’ll need to repair, maintain and fuel your landship as you sail across the landscape. At certain points you’ll find upgrades for your ship such as the item grabber to suck up items that can be used for fuel automatically.

Keep as many objects available for fuel as you can. You can hang them up on the hooks inside the ship. Smaller objects will only partially fuel your ship. Larger objects, such as the barrels, will completely fuel your ship.

You’ll need to release the steam every so often when the landship is powered. This gives you a speed boost for a few seconds.

FAR: Lone Sails Walkthrough

When the game begins run to the right and go through the house. The game will give you the trigger to zoom in when you find your room at the top of the house.

Continue all the way to the right until you find the landship. You can bring along an object you find along the way, like the letterbox that falls off when you walk past it.

Enter the landship, add the fuel and then press the Start button.

As the landship moves under power steam will build up. Press the release steam button periodically. Add fuel when needed and sail across the dry seabed.

The button to the right of the release steam button is the stop button. Use it to stop when you find objects you can use as fuel. You can also use it to stop yourself rolling backwards if you’re on a slope.

Bring them aboard and then continue on your way. Eventually you’ll roll under a platform and the landship will get stuck on the other side.

Exit out the top, enter the building and press the button to attach the sails to the ship.

Press the button on the top of the ship to raise and lower the sails. You can see which way the wind is blowing by looking at the red flag. When the wind is behind you open the sails to increase your speed.

You can save fuel but just using the sails if the wind is going in the right direction but you’ll move more slowly.

Continue sailing alond the seabed to the right. Soon enough you’ll run into a giant propeller. Exit the landship and walk down the stairs behind it. Walk under the landship and press the button to move the propeller out of the way

Continue to the right until you bump into the start of a bridge. If at this point your landship sets on fire use the firehouse located to the left of the lift to put it out.

Exit out the right side of the landship and run under the bridge to the right. Jump on the red button to open the hatch and insert fuel into the generator.

The bridge will lift up. Run back along the upper section to the landship. Press the red button to lower the bridge section. You can now sail the landship across the bridge.

Drive the landship to the right and pick up any objects you can use as fuel along the way. After a while day will turn to night.

Continue on in the dark until you get stopped by a building.

Climb up to the top and power the generator. The crane will lower. Jump across to the other side and pull the welder out to fix the button.

Once the button is fixed press the button. The welding machine will lower into the landship and you’ll be able to use this to fix your ship in the future. Fix any buttons that may be broken and continue to the right.

Smash through the gates and continue until you get stopped by the thick gates by the large radio tower.

Exit out the top of the landship and ride the lift to the top of the tower. Press the red buttons to turn the top of the tower around until you receive a signal and the radio turns on.

The gates below have also opened so ride the lift down and continue on your way. Soon day will dawn and you’ll see the giant windmills in the background.

The wind will be in your favour so you can raise the sails for extra speed. When you come to the large lift park the landship as far to the right as you can. You’ll trigger a pressure plate the small door to the building will open.

Press the red button on the right and ride the lift up to the building above.

Attach the hook on the back of the landship to the base of the crane. Grab the front of the landship and pull it over to the right. The crane will go with it.

Keep going until the mechanism above can clear the walkway when you press the red button on the base of the crane. The item grabber device will descend and attach to your landship. You may need to push the base of the crane a little more to the right so it can lower onto the ship.

Press the button at the back of your ship to start the vacuum. Items will get sucked in automatically as you drive over them.

Sail to the right and the sky will darken. You’ll sail into a building and the landship will get stuck. Put the brakes on so the landship won’t roll away once the gate is opened. Exit out the top and climb to the top of the building.

Hit the red button on the right to open the gate. Enter the wheel on the left and press the button. Turn it around until there’s a gap in the center gear. Exit the wheel, drop down through the gap and enter your landship, or chase after it if you didn’t use the brakes.

When you catch up with the landship power it up and raise the sails. When the landship gets stuck on a round gate climb up the top and head to the right.

Press the red button to open the gate and continue walking to the right. Push across the square box until the passage above breaks and you land back on your landship.

Get in and continue sailing to the right. Soon you’ll be stuck in mud. You’ll need to get out and attach the winch to the hook on the other side.

Press the red button at the front of the landship to activate the winch and pull the vehicle out of the mud.

The wind will subside so you’ll need to use steam power to move. After breaking through a gate you’ll ascend a small hill. Keep the energy up and you’ll arrive at another gate. Quickly apply the breaks so you don’t slide back down the ramp.

Leave the landship and go through the door in the gate. Run to the right and climb up the pipes. Grab a box of some kind and power the generator up the top.

This activates the monorail mechanism. Jump inside and ride back to the left. Jump down at the end and get back in your landship. The gate is now powered and should be open by the time you get back.

After riding through the broken pipes and another gate you’ll need to put out a fire and do some repairs. Keep sailing until you land on a ferry. Get out up the top and push the red button on the right. The wheel will roll down. Jump down to the wheel and run inside it like a mouse to power the ferry.

Keep turning the wheel to sail the ferry across the river. Once you reach the other side the ramp will lower and you can continue on you way.

Ride onto a circular platform and you’ll be stopped by a metal pillar. Get out up the top and jump over the pillar. Ride the lift up on the other side.

Push the button above to lower the pillar and raise the landship up. Now press the left button to lower the mechanism and the middle button to remove the wheels.

Press the left button to raise the mechanism, the middle button to get new wheels and the left button to bring the wheels down. Finally press the middle button to attach the new wheels.

The landship will be landship will be lowered to the ground with a new set of wheels. Get inside and continue on your way.

After a minute you’ll crash through a gate and land on another ferry. Make any repairs you need and raise the sails.

The ferry and landship will sail across the river. Once again the ramp will lower once you reach the other side.

Sail across the shallow water and you’ll see a gigantic ships in the background.

Eventually you’ll smash into some bits of metal. Power up the landship and hit the steam button. You’ll smash through the metal and continue on your way.

Soon it will start hailing and your ship will take damage. You can take cover under the next platform and make any repairs.

Drive under the next platform and continue on your way until the hail stops. After a little while you’ll run into a gate. Get out, jump across the gate and run to the right until you drop down a shaft.

Ride the lift down to the bottom and use the cart to jump up to the button on the right. This lights the fire.

Jump up to the stairs on the other side and pull the ring. Wait for the molten lave to enter the chamber and press the button. A gear will fall out. Put it on the cart and push it all the way to the right. Place the gear on the mechanism and ride the lift up. Grab a barrel along the way.

Put the barrel in the generator to power it and the lift will rise up. Exit out the top and run back to the left to the landship. Ride across the bridge to the end and wait for it to lift up. Continue on your way.

As you sail across the desert you may want to raise the sails for extra speed, or just to save some fuel.

Make your way across the wooden bridge and you’ll once again get stopped. The entire landship will lower down a shaft. Repair any damage and then power up the ship to push the turned over cart off the platform.

The platform will rise half way up and stop again. This time get out the back and pull the ship to the left with the rope. Use the hose to turn the wheel on the left.

This opens the gate below so you can climb up the stairs and press the red button. The button lifts the platform almost to the top. Power the ship again and drive it to the right.

Attach the winch to the box and pull it closer to the ship. When it gets over the hatch it will fall down and the ship rises to the top.

Now you can continue on your way across the train tracks. Raise the sails as the wind is in your favour.

Eventually you’ll hit another cart on the tracks. Make repairs to your ship and then attach the winch to the back of the cart. Jump over the top of the cart and jump up and down on the pad.

This moves the cart and your vehicle along. Once the cart gets stuck press the red button on the tracks to release it. You can then carry on your way.

Once you hit another block press the red button on the platform to be lifted up into a giant machine.

Pull your ship back to the left and climb on top so you can reach the walkway above.

Press the button on the top walkway to the right to open the gate and then head up the pipe. Head along to the right and drop down into the room with the skylight. Walk back to the left, grab the barrel and use it to climb over the desk.

Press the button on the other side to open the garage door, then jump up to hit the button above to open the next door. Finally press the red button to the right to get the machine moving.

In a few seconds a fire will start near to where you left the landship. Run back and pull the landship closer. Drive the landship towards the wall and hit the steam button to break through. You’ll be closer to the fire.

Use the hose to put out the two fires. Afterwards run under the buttons and attach the winch to the fuel. Pull it closer until it fits into the first slot.

Jump on top of the button where you placed the fuel and it will lower down into the machine.

Walk to the right and press the red button. The machine will start moving again. When the fuel runs out it will stop.

Walk back to the left and drop down to the lower section. Push the second fuel container over to the left.

Use it to jump up to the ramp and climb the stairs to the ship. Grab the winch and attach it to the fuel.

Power the winch to pull the fuel up to the second slot. Press the button to lower it into the mechanism and the great machine will start moving once again.

Drive the landship across to the right and wait for the ramp to open.

Ride the ship down the hill and continue on your journey. Raise your sails as the wind will help build speed.

Pretty soon you’ll notice a big explosion in the distance.

When the explosion catches up with you the landship will break in half! Press the red button up the top to move the sails slightly so you can catch some wind and keep moving.

Eventually you’ll reach the shore and see other landship who have also made it. Climb out and light the fire at the top of the lookout to complete the game.

Congratulations on finishing FAR: Lone Sails! Stay tuned for FAR: Changing Tides.