Hand of Fate is an adventure card game with a dash of combat. You’ll make your way through the 13 quests in order to defeat the game of life and death.

As you progress through the story you’ll find more cards which represent weapons, equipment or new encounters. There are lots of side quests to explore as you make your way along the main path.

The game board is made up of randomized encounters represented by cards. Some of them will send you into battle with enemies, others will offer different challenges or continue a piece of the story. In order to win the game you’ll need to defeat the Jack, King and Queen of each suit of cards. The suits are Dust, Skulls, Plague and Scales.

Hand of Fate Quests

Jack of Dust

The Jack of Dust is a large bandit with twice the health and two attacks. The first attack is blockable if you have a shield and the second attack must be dodged.

Once you get the Jack of Dust down to half health he’ll enter the second phase, moving faster and doing more damage. In later quests you may encounter the Jack of Dust as a regular enemy.

Jack of Skulls

The Jack of Skulls is a large skeleton with about twice the health and a more damaging attack. Often he’ll be accompanied by skeletons with muskets that have an unblockable ranged attack.

The Jack of Skulls can also resurrect nearby skeletons so you may want to focus on defeating him first.

Queen of Dust

For this quest you’ll have the Money Bags curse that reduces your movement speed based on how much gold you carry.

The Queen of Dust is a bandit with a large sword. She has a crossbow turret that shoots every few seconds and must be destroyed like a regular enemy. The Queen has a blockable attack, unblockable attack and a series of 5 attacks that you must dodge.

The Goblet – After defeating the Queen of Dust you’ll be given The Goblet that gives you stronger counter-attacks, increased stun and new starting equipment. It also increases Bandit and Skeleton strength and gives Bandits throwing knives.

Jack of Plague

For this quest you have Twice the Fail curse that takes 5 Gold whenever you Fail a challenge and 10 Gold for a Huge Failure.

The Jack of Plague is a giant ratman with botch blockable and unblockable attacks. When he is injured other enemies around him will attack more quickly.

King of Dust

For this quest you’ll have the Compensation curse that takes 1 Gold per 15 health you have left after each battle. You won’t have much gold for this quest so spend it whenever you get the chance.

The King of Dust is a bandit with two melee attacks and a third cannonball blast. Dodge out of the area of effect when he launches the cannonballs.

Jack of Scales

You’ll have the Heavy Arrows (projectiles are slower but do more damage) and the Mana Drain (cooldown for weapons are doubled) curses.

The Jack of Scales is a large lizardman with a tail swipe and sword strike attack. The sword attack can be countered and the tail swipe can be interrupted if you perform a shield bash before it begins.

The Scepter – Once you defeat the Jack of Scales you’ll be given this artifact. You’ll begin with a random piece of equipment from your deck and more food. Your starting gear has been upgraded. On the negative side Ratmen and Bandits have more health and Lizardmen are stronger.

Queen of Skulls

Queen of Plague

King of Skulls

… – The Pentacle

Queen of Scales

King of Plague

King of Scales

… – The Dagger

The Dealer

If you enjoyed this game make sure to check out the second game by Defiant Development, Hand of Fate 2.