Jack in the Dark is a mini adventure horror game that was released by Infogrames as a teaser for Alone in the Dark 2. You can complete this game in under 10 minutes. The full Jack in the Dark walkthrough is below.

It’s Halloween and a young girl, Grace Saunders, is out looking for candy. She knocks on the door of a Toy Store only to get locked inside. Walk up to the Chest and search it to find a Drum.  Pick up the Coin from in front of the fireplace and the Lamp on the floor behind the counter.

Use the Coin on the Gum Machine to find some Sweets. When you do this the Marionette on the wall will move forwards to attack. Stand close to it and empty the Lamp. The Marionette will slip on the oil and disappear.

Walk back towards the Chest and wait for the Toys to attack. Stand just behind the Chest and use the Drum. The toys will dance towards you and climb into the Chest. When all three Toys are in the Chest the lid will close.

Walk into the storage room just behind the fireplace. Pick up the Vanity Case and Mirror from the floor. Walk towards the cage where Santa Claus is being held prisoner. Place the Vanity Case down on the floor a little in front of the Dolls. When the Dolls move forwards to investigate the one on the left will drop some candy. Walk over and pick up the Candy Stick.

Go back out to the store front and give the Candy Stick to the Jack-in-the-Box. While he’s eating it use the Mirror in front of him. He’ll see himself and scare himself to death.

Enjoy the final cut-scene!