Leisure Suit Larry 1 is a graphic adventure game by Sierra On-Line originally released in 1987. You play the role of Larry Laffer, in search of love, or at least a bit of fun! Larry tends to have incredibly bad luck with women and it’s your job to help him out.

The game consists of five areas, Lefty’s Bar, the Casino, Store, Disco and the Wedding Chapel. There are four women you’ll meet along the way, a Hooker, Fawn, Faith the receptionist and Larry’s ultimate goal, Eve.

You won’t even be able to begin playing the game unless you can answer some questions proving your age. Some of the questions are just common sense but others you won’t understand unless your about 50. To make things easy you can find the full list of the questions and answers here.

Leisure Suit Larry Walkthrough


Walk to the door and open door. Sit at the barstool and talk to bartender. Order the Whiskey. Stand and walk out the northern exit. Take the Rose from the table and give the Whiskey to the drunk. He’ll give you his TV Remote.

Open the door on the right and enter the bathroom. Look in the sink and take Ring. Sit on toilet and wipe. Look at wall until you discover the password “ken sent me”.

Go back to the bar and knock on the door to the right. Say the password “ken sent me” to be let in. Use Remote to turn the TV on. Change channel until the goon gets interested. Walk up the stairs. Look at the girl and then pick up the Candy from the table on the right. Open the window and climb out. Walk to the left to drop down into the garbage bin. Search garbage to find a hammer. Take Hammer and then climb out.

Go back to the front of Lefty’s and hail a cab. Open door to the cab to get in and then talk to cabbie. When he asks where you want to go say “casino”. When you arrive at the casino pay the cabbie and exit.


If there’s a man in a barrel selling apples buy an Apple. If not you’ll have a chance to meet him later. Enter the casino and choose to play either slots or blackjack. Either way save your game and restore every time you lose. Keep playing until you have $250.

Walk to the north and look in the ashtray. Take the Card (Disco Pass Card). Enter the cabaret to the right. If the comic is not there leave and enter the cabaret until he’s there. Sit in the bottom right chair to sit on a whoopie cushion and get an extra point. Stand and leave the casino. Hail a cab and take it to the store.


When you arrive a drunk man may approach you. Just ignore him for now. Look at the phone and use the phone. Dial 555-6969. After the survey enter the store. Pick up the Magazine from the front rack and read the Magazine. Grab the Wine from the shelf at the back left and then talk to the man behind the counter and buy a Condom. After a little embarrassment leave the store.

The phone outside is ringing. Walk up to it and answer the phone. When the drunk comes up to you this time give him the Wine. In return he’ll give you his Knife. While you’re hear use the phone and call Sierra: 209 683-6858 for some extra points. Hail a cab and take it to the bar.


Enter the bar and knock on the door to the right. Once again give the password, ken sent me. Walk up the stairs and take off clothes. Wear Condom and then have sex with girl. After the short scene take off condom and then climb out the window. Walk left to drop down to the garbage bin below. Head back to the front of Lefty’s and hail a cab. This time take it to the disco.


Walk up to the entrance. The doorman won’t let you in so show him your Card and he’ll let you walk up the stairs. Sit down on the chair at the table with the girl and look at her. Look at her again and then talk to her. Her name is Fawn. Continue talking to her until she tells you that she loves presents. Give her the Rose, give her the Candy and finally give her the Ring. Type ‘Dance’ and then stand up. The two of you will get down on the dance floor.

After the awkward dance sit down again with Fawn and look at her. She’ll ask for $100 to get married. Give her the money, stand up and then leave the disco. Hail a cab and take it to the casino.


At this point you may need some more money so play blackjack or the slots until you have around $200. Exit the casino and walk to the right once.

Wedding Chapel

Go up to the flasher and talk to him for an extra point. Enter the chapel and give the preacher the money to start the wedding. After the wedding leave the chapel and walk to the right back to the casino.


Enter the casino and take the lift at the back to the fourth floor. Type ‘push four’. Knock on the door with the heart on it and Fawn will let you in. Talk to her to find out that she wants some wine to get started. Turn on the radio and listen to the commercial. Ajax are offering a wine delivery service. Leave the casino and take a cab back to the store.


Use the phone to dial for alcohol delivery: 555-8039. Tell them you want ‘wine’ and that it should be delivered to the ‘honeymoon suite’. Hail a cab and take it back to the casino.


Enter the casino and take the lift up to the fourth floor. Knock on the door with the heart to enter and talk to Fawn. Pour the wine and watch the short cut-scene.

Unfortunately Fawn leaves Larry a little tied up. Use the Knife to cut the rope and then take the Rope. Fawn’s also taken all of your money except for a hidden $10. Head back down to the main floor of the casino and play games until you have enough money for a couple of cab trips. Leave the casino and take a cab to the bar.


Enter the bar, knock on the door to the right and say the password (ken sent me). Go upstairs and climb out the window. You’ll notice some pills in the window to the right. Tie Rope to rail and then tie Rope to self. Get pills and then use Hammer on window to break it. Now try to get the Pills again. Climb back and then take rope. Drop down the left to the garbage bin below. Climb out of the bin and walk to the left. Hail a cab and take it back to the casino.


Enter the casino and go to the lift. Type ‘push eight’ to go to the eighth floor. Walk closer to the receptionist at the desk and look at her. Talk to her a number of times until a message pops up about needing a medical stimulant’. Type ‘give Faith the pills‘ and she’ll swallow them. Unfortunately she runs off to have sex with her boyfriend.

Now that Faith is gone look at the desk. Push the button to open the golden elevator doors. Enter the elevator and you’ll end up at the penthouse.

Walk to the right and then open the closet door to the right. Enter and look to notice a blow up doll. Take Doll and inflate doll. Try to have sex with doll twice for some extra points. Unfortunately Larry pops the Doll and it flies away.  Larry will chase after it and come to a rooftop garden.

Walk to the girl in the hot tub and look at her. Take off clothes and jump into hot tub. Look at her again and then talk to her. If you want you can turn off the bubbles. Give her the Apple to finish the game.

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