Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out is the fifth title in the series and features vastly improved graphics with voice acting. Once again Larry is sent off on an adventure, this time to a health spa called La Costa Lotta where many beautiful women reside. Passionate Patti is off doing her own thing so Larry is left to explore the island by himself.

LSL 6 is split up into four days. If you get lucky you’ll find yourself back in your hotel room ready for another adventure. When you encounter people make sure you keep speaking to them until they repeat themselves. Sometimes the will only reveal important information during their last lines of dialogue.

Leisure Suit Larry 6 Walkthrough

Day 1

When you enter the lobby of La Costa Lotta speak with the receptionist, Gammie, to get your Room Key. Continue speaking with her until she tells you that she wants a machine fixed. Head up the stairs to the right and use the Key to enter your room. Read the Pink, Blue and Red Cards on the table for the hotel numbers. Call the Turn Down Service (#75) and then the Room Service (#71).

Take the Flowers from the vase and then enter the bathroom to see that you’re low on supplies. Turn on the tap. Only brown water comes out, yuck! Go back to the phone and call House Keeping (#75). Leave your room and look at the Maid’s Cart from both sides. Pick up the Towel, Toilet Seat Cover, Toilet Paper, Washcloth, Dental Floss, Hand Cream and Soap. Enter your room and call Building Maintenance (#76).

Head downstairs to the lobby and search the Deposit Box, just to the left of the reception, to find a Random Key. Go back to your room and take the Condom from the bed. Enter the bathroom and speak with the Plumber. Use the ‘pick up’ icon on the plumber twice to take his Wrench and File. Leave the bathroom. As you try to leave your room the plumber will run out before you. Go back to the bathroom and turn on the tap which is now working.

Use the Soap to wash your hands and then use the Washcloth on the water to wet it and wash your face. Use the toilet and then the Toilet Seat Cover. Use the Toilet Paper on yourself and then leave the bathroom.

Go downstairs to the lobby, right and then through the first door you come across. This leads to the dining room and kitchen. Search the ice in the center table to find an Orange. Go through the swinging doors and search the trash cans to find Lard.

Go back to the lobby, left and then enter the first door to the Health Spa. Talk to Gary and then take a Brochure. Enter the first door on the left and speak to Rosa. Give her the Flowers for a rather interesting experience, after which she’ll give you an Orchid.

Leave this room and go through the second door from the left to the Locker Room. Continue to the north to the shower room. On the right wall one of the tiles is a slightly different color than the rest. Use the ‘hand’ icon on it to remove the tile and see the women’s room.

Go through the door to the north to the mud baths. Use the ‘hand’ icon to remove the plants on the steps under the camera. Use the Wrench on the camera to swivel it around so that it faces the women’s shower. Talk to the Char, the woman in the mud bath. She’ll tell you that she wants some Batteries. When you’re finished walk off the screen to the right to the gym.

Speak with Thunderbird to find out she wants some handcuffs. Head back to the resort lobby and leave to the south. Look in the gatehouse. The officer is a little distracted by the camera. Take the Handcuffs. Return to the gym and give the Handcuffs to Thunderbird. She’ll agree to meet you in a room later but doesn’t tell you what room it is.

Take the Rubber Belt from the machine in the lower right. If it’s being used leave and come back until it’s free. Go back to the Health Spa lobby and go through the door to the far right to the Cellulite Drainage Room. Use the Lard on the piston to the left and then the Wrench on the canister to open it. Take the Filter. Use the Rubber Belt on the broken hose to the right and then leave the room.

Go to the kitchen and wash the Filter in the Sink. While you’re here open the fridge door and put the Wet Washcloth in the fridge. Close the door and return to the Cellulite Drainage Room.

Place the clean Filter in the canister and then close the lid. Pull the Lever on the Suck Off machine to see if it works. Turn it off and then head back to Gammie in the lobby. Speak with her to tell her that the machine is ready to go and then follow her to the Drainage Room.

When Gammie lies down attach the pipes and pull the Lever to start the machine. Speak with her after a while to find out she wants an orange. Give her the Orange. After a while she’ll want a cool cloth. Go back to the kitchen and take the wet Wash Cloth from the fridge. Return to the Drainage Room and give it to Gammie. Lastly she’ll ask for something to drink. Leave the Health Spa and go right 3 screens. You’ll see a plate outside someone’s door. Take the Bottle of Water, return to the Drainage Room and give it to Gammie.

Now that Gammie’s had the treatment she feels far too pretty for Larry. Leave and go left twice. Knock on the middle door to find Thunderbird.

Day 2

Take the Diamond from the Dog Collar in your inventory and then go back to the lobby. Walk to the right until you’re outside the hotel and then north to the beach. Use the ‘hand’ icon on the sand to dig up a Lamp. Return to the Cellulite Drainage Room and use the Lamp on the tap, just to the left of the table.

Head back to the Gym and go through the door to the right to the aerobics class. Use the ‘hand’ icon on the free spot to join the class. After a while Cav will kick everybody out. Speak with her and then click on her Badge three times. Eventually she’ll give it to you.

Exit through the door to the right to the swimming pool. Pick up the Beaver on the ground to the right of the ladder and then look at the floaty in the pool. Take the Glasses Case. Use the Glasses Case twice to find Sunglasses and a Cleaning Cloth.

Head out the exit to the left and then go down the stairs to the Bar. Look at the bowl on the left side of the bar and take a Match. Use the ‘hand’ icon to trip over the microphone cord. You’ll need to do this every time you want to speak to Burgundy. Speak with Burgundy until she tells you she wants a beer.

Leave the bar and walk all the way to the right until you come across a gate. Use the Badge on the gate to be let out to the employees section. Enter the tent and take some Beer from the barrel. Return to the bar and give the Beer to Burgundy. When she’s finished drinking speak with her again to find out she wants more beer. Head back to the employees camp for more Beer and give it to Burgundy. Once she’s finished drinking speak with her and she’ll invite you to the Sauna.

Head to the Locker Room and open the lower right locker. Use the Towel on yourself to get out of your clothes and then go north twice to the mud baths. Open the door to the north to find Burgundy in the Sauna. Soon Cav will come in and the two women will lose interest in Larry. Take the Bracelet that one of them left behind.

Go to the shower room and take a shower. If you haven’t had a mud bath yet go to the mud baths and jump into the one on the left. When you’re finished hop out and have another shower. Go to the locker room, open your locker and use the Towel on yourself to change back into your clothes.

Leave the Health Spa, walk to the left and go down the stairs to the Makeup Room. Take the Cord that’s fallen to the ground and then speak to the woman on the right called Shablee. She wants an evening gown. Head back to the bar, walk onto the stage and go south the changeroom. Take the Gown and return to Shablee. Give her the Gown and this will lead to an evening date by the beach.

You’ll need to talk to Shablee and touch her a few times before she’s ready. Give her the Condom for a surprise and to end the night.

Day 3

When you wake up in the morning head back to the beach and grab the Champagne. Go back to the hotel and wait for the tram to drive past. Jump on it and take a ride to the eastern campsite. Speak with the driver and then give him a Match. He’ll leave for a smoke. Open the hood of the tram and use the Wrench on the power cable to disconnect it. Close the hood and wait for the driver to return.

When the driver tries to fix the tram speak with him to help him by holding the Torch. When the torch is in your inventory open it to take out the Batteries. Give the Torch back to the driver.

Head back to the mud baths and give the Batteries to Char. Use the ‘hand’ icon on the Cord in your inventory and then use it on the power point and use it again on the locked door. This will short-circuit the lock and you can enter. After an electrifying time with Char you’ll be back in your room.

Make your way back to the Shock Room and pick up the Pearl that the lady dropped as she ran out of the room. Go to the kitchen and use the Beaver on the tire to blow it up. Use the Dental Floss on the Cleaning Cloth in your inventory to make Bathers.

Go to the pool and wear your Bathers. Speak to the lifeguard to get the Bungee Tower Key. Use the Key to open the door to the bungee tower and climb up to the top. Use the File on the Random Key to make a Copy of the Bungee Tower Key.

Walk to the edge of the diving board to jump down into the pool. Use the Beaver and float your way over to the floating bar. Talk to the man to find out how to order a drink and then slap your beaver to order a drink for yourself and the pretty girl, Merrily. Talk to Merrily until she tells you about her dream and then give her the Copy of the Bungee Tower Key.

Later that night you’ll climb up the tower with Merrily. Look at her for a closeup as you’re climbing up the ladder. Once you’re at the top of the tower take off your clothes. Merrily will share with you her Words of Wisdom and then Larry will fall off the tower.

Day 4

Leave your room and use the Champagne on the ice machine to fill the bucket up with ice. Head to the bar and get another Match. Go to the kitchen and press the button next to the dumbwaiter. Crawl inside and press the red button to go up to the penthouse. Use the ‘zipper’ icon on the Match to light it and then use the Match on the Lamp in your inventory.

Walk to the left to the balcony and speak with Shamara. Speak with her and then give her the following items in this order, Bracelet, Orchid, Pearl, Diamond, Sculpture, Words of Wisdom, Lamp of Knowledge and lastly the Chilled Champagne.

Congratulations on completing Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out!