Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love for Sail is the 6th instalment of the classic Leisure Suit Larry series. Larry Laffer finds himself on a cruise where he tries to win a week of bliss with Captain Thygh. Larry gets himself into all sorts of silly predicaments as he tries to win each of the competitions

Leisure Suit Larry 7 was designed by Al Lowe and released in 1996 by Sierra On-Line for MS-DOS, Windows and the Mac. This walkthrough includes all 8 Easter Eggs and all 32 Where’s Dildo locations.

Finding Easter Eggs will give you bonus cut-scenes along the way. The final bonus cut-scene can only be seen if you’ve found all 8 Easter Eggs, 32 Dildos, and end the game with 1000 points. To view the your map or inventory right-click and select “Map” or “Inventory”.

Leisure Suit Larry 7 Walkthrough

Penthouse (La Costa Lotta)

When you take control of Larry hover over the top left part of the screen, select “Help” and then “About”. Click on the first Dildo (1/32). Pick up the Vice Grips from the table on the left and the Weave Kit from the table on the right. Open your inventory and then open the Weave Kit to find a Needle. Use the Vice Grips on the Needle to bend it and then use the Bent Needle to pick the lock on the handcuffs.

Try to open the glass door but it’s too hot to touch. Throw the chair against the glass and then try the lamp. Neither of them work. Right-click on the glass door, select “other” and then type in “break”. Larry will break through the glass and then jump off the building to the trampoline below.

The PMS Bounty

After Larry’s difficult time at the resort he decides to go on a cruise. You begin in the Atrium after collecting your Keycard from the man at the desk. Click on the Dildo (2/32) hiding just to the right of the waterfall. In a few seconds you’ll be invited to the lounge. Go to the map and select the Proud Lil’ Seaman Lounge.

During the meeting you’ll be invited to take part in a challenge to spend a week with Captain Thygh. You’ll need to win 6 competitions before you can claim your reward. The TMT Scorecard will be added to your inventory. You can use it to see your scores and to navigate to the competition rooms. Once everyone leaves grab the Dildo (3/33) hiding behind the bottom left barrel.

Walk down a screen and talk to the barman, Johnson. Order a drink and speak with him about everything. Click on the Dildo (4/32) hiding behind the window frame on the left side.

Walk back to the previous screen and go through the passage under the stage. Click on the Dildo (5/32) hiding behind the plant at the back and speak with Peggy, who should be wandering around here somewhere. Speak with her about everything to find out how to make an explosive by combining KZ Jelly and Deodorant Spray.

Walk to the left to find another Dildo (6/32) behind the front right plant. Open the glass cabinet and take the Fire Hose. Walk to the left to find another Dildo (7/32) behind the plant and then take the Kumquats growing on the plant. Talk to Rod for a funny balloon animal and then open your map. Head to your Cabin 0 at the bottom right section of the ship.

After descending down into your room pick up the Dildo (8/32) hiding behind the bucket. Take the Spray Can blocking the pipe underneath the toilet. Try to flush the toilet. The water isn’t connected yet. Use the Fire Hose on the top of the toilet to attach the water pipe to it. Now flush it again. Use the “other” selection to “piss” and “shit” in the toilet. Pick up the Toilet Paper and use the Toilet Paper on yourself. Flush the toilet.

LoveMaster 2000

Open up your map and go to the Library. There’s a Dildo (9/32) near the grandfather clock. Look at and try to take the green book by Drew Baringmore from the right shelf and the blue book on electromagnetism from the left shelf. Walk around the corner to speak to the librarian, Victorian Principles (Vicki)

Ask her about everything and then choose “Other”. Type in anything and she’ll check for it on the computer. While she’s not looking take the Bottle of Mucilage from the desk. Say goodbye, walk south to the atrium and then click on the Dildo (10/32) to the right side of the door. Open up your map and go to the Clothing Optional Pool.

Click on the Dildo (11/32) hiding behind the left plant and then try to walk off the screen to the left. The attendant will make you wear a bathing costume. Speak with Drew Baringmore about everything and she’ll give you her Erotic Book. Click on the plant covering her breasts and “push” it for the first Easter Egg. Leave the conversation and take the Persons Magazine from the small table.

Use the map and return to the Library. Talk to Vicki, select “Other” and ask her about anything. While she’s looking away take the top Book from her pile of books. Open your inventory and remove the Jacket from her Book. Use the Jacket on the Erotic Book and then place the Erotic Book back on the pile of books. Say goodbye and return to your Cabin. There’s a new Dildo (12/32) hiding behind the toilet.

Open your inventory, look at the TMT Scorecard and go to the LoveMaster 2000 room. Click on the Dildo (13/32) in the right cubicle and use the TMT Scorecard on the lips to the left to begin your test. You’ll score 2 points! Push the green button on the right side and then return to your Cabin for another Dildo (14/32) behind the red pipes on the left side.

Head back to the Library and speak with Victorian Principles. It looks like she’s learnt a few things from the book you left her! Click on the Dildo (15/32) hiding behind the pineapple to the right and then speak with Vicki. Click on the computer screen to see she’s playing Leisure Suit Larry 6. Press Ctrl and left-click the left man on the computer screen for the second Easter Egg. This adds a little extra to the next cut-scene. Speak with Vicki about everything and she’ll show you a good time. You’ll end up back at your Cabin.

Return to the Library and speak with Vicki again. This time you’ll convince her to take the LoveMaster 2000 test for you and score maximum points.

Best-Dressed Man

Go to the Best-Dressed Man competition and click on the Dildo (16/32) to the left of the control panel. Unzip the robot’s pants to begin the test. Larry will once again get a score of 2.

Use the map to head over to Captain Queeg’s Ballroom. Go through the double-doors and find the Dildo (17/32) on the stage by the curtain. Talk to Jamie Lee Coitus about everything and then use the “Other” option to ask about “sex”, “fashion” and “leisure suits”.

Once you’ve said goodby click on yourself, select “Other” and type “dream” for another Easter Egg. When you come back there’s another Dildo (18/32) behind the base of the statue to the right.

Use your map to go to the El Replicant Sculpture Garden. Click the Dildo (19/32) behind David’s foot and then look at Venus’ foot. Take 2 Dice from her big toe and the whole statue will come crumbling down. Leave the room and come back so that the artist is gone. Climb up the ladders to the top of the scaffolding and take the Screwdriver.

Open your map and go to the Employees Only area. Walk down the hall, don’t worry about the laser, and “push” open the door. It’s not locked. Inside the employees room you’ll find a Dildo (20/32) behind a chair to the right, KZ Jelly from the counter and a Jackpot Preventer (Jumper Wire) from the bulletin board. Read the notes on the bulletin board until you found out about Peggy’s Prints and shaved dice. While you’re here try to open one of the lockers. You need to do this to open up a dialogue option with someone later.

Use your map and go to The Heaving Ho’. Click on the Dildo (21/32) in the salad in the saucepan and then lick the ice sculpture. Eat the bean dip on the left side of the screen, click on yourself and Fart. This may come in handy later if you want to clear a room.

Speak to the server Wang to the right. Click on the Dildo (22/32) hiding among the sausages and then try to take the knife. He won’t let you so order a serving of S’Pork instead. Order a second serving of S’Pork. This time he’ll leave to get some more. Quickly take the Carving Knife and the Heat Lamp Bulb.

Open your map and go to the Bridge at the top of the ship by the Captain’s Quarters. Climb up the ladder to the top of the mast and try to cut the wound up sail with the Carving Knife. The sail is wound up too tight so climb back down the ladder and go through the door. Click on the Dildo (23/32) and try to use the switches by the door. The dog won’t let you get close. Go back out and use the Screwdriver to open the control box. Use the Jumper Wire to connect the speaker system with the sails.

Climb back up the ladder and wait for an announcement. When the sails unfurl use the Carving Knife on it and Larry will cut a piece out. Unfortunately he gets stuck up there for the night.

When Larry falls down in the morning go back to Captain Queeg’s Ballroom. Click on the Dildo (24/32) behind the chair near the front table and give the Polyester to Jamie Lee Coitus. After the “fun” go back to the Ballroom, read the note on the door and then go through the other double-doors to the backstage area. You’ll end up in the fashion parade. Once that’s over head back to the Best-Dressed Man room and enter the competition again. This time you’ll be the best-dressed man on the ship!

Craps Tournament

Use your map to go to the Pair O’Dice Casino. Click on the Dildo (25/32) on the seat down below. The craps table is crowded so go back to The Heaving Ho’ and eat some of the bean dip. Return to the casino, walk up to the craps table, select yourself and fart. That cleared the room pretty quickly!

Play craps and use the regular dice. You’ll lose. Try to play the dice from the statue but you won’t be allowed. Instead when you have the Dice in your inventory use the Toilet Paper on them to make Shaved Dice. Play again and this time you’ll win. Dewmi Moore will take interest in your winning streak and invite you to her room.

Dewmi will play a game of Strip Liars Dice with you. Click on the “How To Play” button for instructions. You may want to SAVE your game before playing so you can try it out and get the hang of it. When you eventually win Dewmi will give you a drug that makes you pass out. When you wake up back in Cabin 0 you’ll here the announcer saying that you’ve won the Craps Tournament.

Poop Deck Horseshoes

Head back to Cabin 510 where you hung out with Dewmi Moore and pick up the Orgasmic Powder from the table on the left. Use the game and go to the Promenade Deck and speak to Peggy. Ask her about the Cabin Boy and Locker. Then use “Other” and ask her about the “combination”. She’ll tell it to you, 38-24-36.

Go to the Employees Only room and open the locker on the bottom row, second from the left. Use the combination 38-24-36 and the wall will open. Walk inside to speak with Xqwzts. Ask him about everything, including the Dirty Pictures and then buy them. Ask about “Peggy” and “Drew” and look at the air vent on the left wall. Leave and go see Peggy again. Ask her about Xqwzts and what he likes and needs.

Head back to the Atrium and click on the Dildo (26/32) on the balcony to the top left. Talk to Peter the Purser at the desk about everything. To get your passport back you’ll need to show him photo ID. Open your inventory and use the Mucilage on the Dirty Pictures, then use the Dirty Pictures on your Keycard. Use the new Photo ID on Peter to get your Passport.

For a few extra points use the white phone and make 6 prank calls to Peter. You’ll get one point for each prank call.

Return to the Employees Room and speak with Xqwzts. Give him the Passport and he’ll leave in a hurry. Take the Custodial Key hanging up on the left wall. Use the Screwdriver on the air vent to climb through it. In the pitch black room click on yourself and undress. You may need to click on the screen somewhere to walk to that point so you know where you are.

After the cut-scene you’ll be back in your room. Pick up the Handkerchief and “smell” it. Open your map and go to the Poop Deck (third floor from the top at the rear of the ship). Look at the 2 girls in the spa and then talk to them about everything.

Go to the Kitchen and click on the Dildo (27/32) hanging from the sausages on the right. Look at the net of fish and the pink poodle hanging from the ceiling. Look at the fish heads in the basket and take the Wrapped Fish from the wooden table, the large Pot and the Salt Shaker behind it. When you take the wrapped fish Larry will just take the magazine it’s wrapped in. Open your inventory and read the Magazine for a recipe. Use the CaviarMaster 2000 on the counter above the set of drawers.

Go to the Proud Lil’ Seaman Lounge and walk down a screen. If you try to enter through the green door Johnson will stop you. Talk to him and order a Lime Juice and then a Gigantic Erection. He’ll go off to get the ingredients. While he’s gone leave the conversation and go through the green door. Click on the Dildo (28/32) behind the hay to the left. Try out the karaoke machine at the back of the room and then switch the can of deodorant with your can of Silicone Lubricant. Press the red button to move the lighting truss outside and then leave the room.

Look at the lighting truss and then switch the bulb with your Heat Lamp Bulb. Speak with Johnson and order another Gigantic Erection. Go through the green door again and press the red button to move the lighting truss back to its original position. Leave the room. Exit the lounge and come back for a performance.

After the fun is over go to the Library and click on the stuffed beaver on the right shelf and “milk” it for another Easter Egg. Go back to the Proud Lil’ Seaman Lounge and walk up onto the stage. Pick up the Chase Lights, walk to the left and take the Remote Control. Turn the Remote Control on to see that it operates the Chase Lights. For an Easter Egg click on the mixer equipment, select “Other” and type in “Feel”.

Leave the stage, walk down and order another Gigantic Erection from Johnson. Enter through the green door to see the Juggs having fun.

Go to the Poop Deck Horseshoes and click on the Dildo (29/32) on the far court. Use the TMT Scorecard on the centaurs butt to start the competition. Larry will fail. Grab your TMT Scorecard and go to the El Replicant Sculpture Garden. Climb up the scaffolding and use the Chase Lights on the spike. Return to the Poop Deck Horseshoes and use the TMT Scorecard once more. Turn on the Remote Control and then play the game. This time you’ll win. Collect your TMT Scorecard before leaving.

Tail Deck Bowling

Go to the Tail Deck Bowling competition and click on the Dildo (30/32) on the rhino’s rear end. Use your TMT Scorecard on the Walrus’ Teeth to get a Bowling Ball. Pick it up and click on the bowling alley to play the game. You’ll lose so go to The Heaving Ho’ and walk up a screen to the Dessert Room.

Look at the seat to the lower left of the table and take the piece of paper. Look at it in your inventory to find out it’s a Life Insurance Policy. Head back to the Atrium and ask Peter the Purser for Annette’s number. He’ll refuse to tell you so use the white phone and dial the Boning number twice. Talk to Peter again and ask him to check your Account. While he’s away look at his phone and press the red button to see the last dialled number. From that number you’ll be able to work out Annette’s cabin number which is 1009.

Go to the map and head over to the Owner’s Suite which is now showing up on your map. Enter into the bedroom, look at the bed and smell the bed. Climb in for a funny cut-scene. You’ll end up back in Cabin 0.

Head back to the Owner’s Suite. For another Easter Egg click on the bulge of the 3rd male statue from the left, select “Other” and type “unzip”. Press the red button on the door to speak with Annette again. Ask her about everything and then show her the Carving Knife. She’ll freak out and run away. Press the red button to speak with her a second time and this time show her the Life Insurance Policy. You’ll end up very, very, rich.

Open your map and go to the Aft hold. Use the Custodial Key on the lock. Open the bowling pin hopper behind you and spray the pins with Deodorant. Open your inventory and use the KZ Jelly on the Handkerchief. Go back to the Bowling Competition and use the TMT Scorecard to play again. This time when you pick up the Bowling Ball use the Handkerchief on it before playing. This time when the bowling ball hits the pins they’ll explode and you’ll win.

Captain’s Cook Off

Go back to the Proud Lil’ Seaman Lounge and listen to the comedian. If you want the full 1000 points you’ll need to listen to the end of his routine. It takes about 30 minutes but you’ll earn 5 points.

Use your map and go to the Forward Hold. Use the Custodial Key on the lock. Click the Dildo (31/32) to the left and look at the suitcase that fell on your head. Make your way to the Clothing Optional Pool and click the Dildo (32/32) behind the bushes to the right. Walk to the left and speak with Drew. “Push” the branch out of the way and ask her about Fokker. For an Easter Egg use the Orgasmic Powder on Drew’s cocktail, click on it, select “Other” and type “drink”. Let Drew know that you’ve found her suitcase and she’ll go with you to your cabin.

Drew will go to the shower and won’t leave until you flush the toilet. Leave your cabin and return. Mold has grown in the shower. Take the Mold and then use your map to go to the Lower Aft. Use the Custodial Key to enter, click on the beavers and “milk” them. Now you should have everything you need for a “delicious” quiche.

Head over to the Kitchen and use the Beaver Milk on the CyberCheese 2000 on the center table. Put the Kumquats in the cheese and Larry will make the Quiche. Look at the green snake that’s appeared on the floor and then use the TMT Scorecard to go to the Captain’s Cook Off.

Give the Quiche to the first judge on the left. She doesn’t like it. Go back to the competition room and this time open your inventory and use the Orgasmic Powder on the Quiche. Give the Quiche to the judge a second time. All the judges will love it and you’ll win the final competition!

Captain Thygh

All that’s left to do is claim your reward. Use your map and go t othe Captain’s Quarters at the top of the ship. Knock on the door and you’ll enter, after the last “winner” is brought out on a stretcher. Talk to Captain Thygh about everything. She’s not happy with you so convince her by showing her the Stock Options and you’ll win the game.

Congratulations on making it through Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love for Sail!