This is a full walkthrough of Leisure Suit Larry VGA. The VGA version of Leisure Suit Larry follows the same basic storyline but has enhanced graphics and uses a graphical user interface rather then a text parser.

The improved graphics are nice, even by today’s standards but only having a few graphical icons does take away from the feeling of having almost limitless text commands at your disposal.

As Larry Laffer you need to find true love… well, love before the night is done. There are four potential mates you’ll meet along the way, a hooker, a disco girl called Fawn, a receptionist called Faith and Larry’s final prize a girl called Eve.

Leisure Suit Larry VGA Walkthrough

You begin the game with a few inventory items including your Wallet with some cash and some Breath Spray. If you get comments about your breath stinking then use the Breath Spray on yourself. Inventory items are colored in blue. Each time you take the cab to a new destination make sure to pay the cabbie before exiting the cab or you will die.

The Hooker

Open the door to Lefty’s and sit at the empty bar stool. Talk to Lefty, the bartender and order the Whiskey. Larry will keep the glass rather than drinking it. Head north through the door and take the Rose from the table. Talk to the drunk and give him the Whiskey. ┬áIn return he’ll give you a TV Remote. Go through the door to the right which leads to the bathroom.

Look at the sink and take the Ring. Look at the wall four times until you see the password. Use the zipper on the toilet and then use the hand on the toilet to stand up once you’re finished. Leave the bathroom and then go south back to the bar.

Leave the bar and use the hand icon on the taxi sign to hail a cab. Talk to the cabbie and take the cab to the store. Ignore the bum if he’s there and look at the phone. Use the phone and dial: 555-6969 for a survey. Dial Sierra on: 209-683-8989. Enter the store. Pick up the Magazine from the front shelf and read it. Pick up the Wine from the back left shelf and then look at the sign on the counter. Talk to the man and buy the Condom. Pay the man and leave the store. Answer the phone when it starts ringing. Give the bum the Wine in return for a Knife.

Take the cab back to Lefty’s. Enter the bar and knock on the door to the right. Say the password and use the TV Remote on the TV. Use the TV Remote to change the channel until the pimp gets distracted. Walk up the stairs and use the zipper on yourself twice. Use the Condom on yourself and then use the zipper on the girl. After the short cut-scene use the hand on yourself to remove the condom.


Pick up the Candy from the table to the left and then open the window. Climb out the window and then walk to the left to drop down to the dumpster below. Use the hand to search the dumpster and find a Hammer. Walk to the left to the front of Lefty’s and hail a cab.

Talk to the cabbie and go to the casino. Talk to the man in the barrel and buy an Apple from him. Enter the casino and play either blackjack or slots until you have over $200. Save the game and reload if you lose. Walk north and look at the ashtray. Take the Card from the ashtray and then walk east to the cabaret. If the comic is not performing leave and enter again until he’s there. Sit in the seat at the bottom right table to sit on a whoopie cushion and to get an extra point. Leave the casino and hail a cab.

Take the cab to the disco and use the Card on the bouncer. Enter the disco and sit on the seat next to the girl. Look at the girl and then continue talking to her until the dialogue repeats. Give her the Rose. Then give her the Candy. Give her the Ring. This time the two of you will have an awkward dance together.

Sit back down with her and talk to her again. Give her the money ($200) and take the cab back to the casino. Play games until you have at least $100 for the marriage ceremony and a little extra for cab fares. Leave the casino and walk right to the wedding chapel. Walk in front of the flasher and talk to him.

Enter the chapel to get married. Leave the chapel, walk left to the casino, head out the back and take the lift to the fourth floor. Talk to Fawn and turn on the radio. You’ll hear an advert for wine delivery.

Leave the casino, hail a cab and take it to the store. Use the phone and dial 555-8039 and place an order for wine to be delivered to the Honeymoon Suite.

Take a cab back to the casino and go to the honeymoon suite once more. Pour the wine and use the hand icon to touch her and undress. Use the zipper on yourself for a short cut-scene.


After Larry gets tied up use the Knife on the ribbon and then take the Ribbon. Go downstairs and play games until you have around $50 for cab fares. Take a cab back to Lefty’s.

Enter the bar, knock on the door to the right and use the password. Go up the stairs and then out the window. use the Ribbon on the railing. Use the hand icon on the window and then the Hammer on the window. Use the hand icon to pick up the Pills. Use the hand icon on the railing again to untie the ribbon. Drop down to the dumpster and hail a cab at the front of Lefty’s.

Take the cab to the casino and the take the lift to the 8th floor. Talk to the girl, Faith at the counter a few times and then use the Pills on her. True to her name she’ll run off to be with her boyfriend.


Look at the counter and press the button. This will open the golden elevator. Take the elevator to the penthouse suite. Walk around to the right and open the closet door. Look at the Doll and use the mouth icon to inflate the doll. Use the zipper on the Doll twice for some extra points.

The doll will pop and zoom out of the apartment. Follow the doll to the rooftop garden. Look at the girl, Eve, in the spa and talk to her. She’ll invite you in for a dip. Use the zipper icon on yourself to undress and hop into the water. Talk to her and give her the Apple to start some fireworks.

Congratulations on completing Leisure Suit Larry VGA! Make sure you check out Leisure Suit Larry 2.