Deep Dark Sea

“You are now entering the deep ocean…” Check on Stacy by walking close to her. Grab the light on the left hand side and swing it around to point back to where you came from showing the “Difficulties of the Deep” poster. At the bottom of this poster is The Question Tie. Now you know where it is you can go and pick it up.

Octodad The Question TieOctodad Dance Floor

Stacey is waiting for you to get groovy on the dance floor. Complete the dance floor challenge by stepping on the squares that light up.

Take the shake a light and walk on down the stairs. Shake your arms around to turn on the light. If it goes out start shaking again.

Keep walking around the corridors until you spot a biologist with a torch. Stacey will need to distract him so you can get past. Give the shake a light to Stacey and walk behind the biologist up the escalator.

Octodad Get The Lights WorkingOctodad Cords

In the next part the lights appear not to be working. Follow the fluoro sticks on the floor into the maintenance room.

There are four cords that you need to plug into the correct sockets. Have a look at the shape of the pins on each of the cords and match them with the sockets on the wall.

The red cord goes to the front left socket. The green cord to the front right socket, the orange cord to the back left and the blue cord to the back right socket. In this room you can also find another tie. Knock down the crate with pink fluoro sticks in it. Inside is the Disco Floor Tie.

Octodad Pink Plaid TieOnce all the lights are on go back out to the dark statue and match up the three lights with the numbers on the statue. Stacey will head on out but up on the Snuggle Cuddlefish is one more tie. You may have noticed it on top of the dorsal fin.

To get to it climb up the pectoral fin (side fin) then up onto the head to grab the Pink Plaid Tie.

Now it’s time to head out. Both of the elevators are going down and Stacey won’t climb up them until you change the direction. Use long strides to make it to the top of one of the elevators and push the button. Do this with the next set of elevators. This time it’s a little bit harder. Walk on the side rail to make your job a little bit easier.

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