Home, Sweet Home

The wedding is over and Octodad has collapsed on the bed. There are chores to do so get up and turn off the alarm. Open the drawer on the bottom left and take the #1 Dad Tie.

Octadad #1 Dad Tie

Open the door between the pictures and make your way through the lounge room into the kitchen. You can’t start the day without some coffee. To make it:

1) Put the coffee pot in the coffee maker

2) Grab the coffee beans and sprinkle them over the coffee maker

3) Push the red button to start the coffee percolating

While the coffee is being made you’ll need to take the milk to Stacey. Grab the milk bottle out of the fridge, head into the lounge room and fill up Stacey’s mug. Go back into the kitchen and Stacey will have a mug of coffee for you. Take it from her and drink it.

That’s all you need to do inside so go outside and take the cover off the grill. Grab a mince patty and put it on the grill. Once it starts to smoke take it off and put it on one of the buns. Repeat for the other two mince patties.

Octadad Grilling BurgersOctadad Weed the Garden

Your next chore is to weed the garden. Walk to the flower garden, being careful not to tread on any flowers, and pull out the weeds. Pick up the gnome in the corner and grab the Flower Print Tie underneath.

Your next job is to get the mower from the shed. You may notice another tie on top of the shed. This one is difficult to reach and you’ll need to grab something to help you get up there. Head over to the other corner of the garden and grab the green container. Drag it over and place it upside down next to the shed. Climb on it to grab the Sports Print Tie.

Open the shed door and grab the mower. Drag it along the lawn until all of the long grass is cut.

Octadad Chop FirewoodLastly you need to chop the firewood. Place a log on the tree stump and swing the axe at it. Repeat until all of the logs have been chopped.

Hang the bird house on the tree. The chef will break through the fence. You’ll need to kick the gnomes loose with your legs to break his mower.

Next up we’re heading to Gervason’s Grocery.