Silent but Dadly

You begin the level in the storeroom. Head out the door, down the hallway and through another door into the Gift Shop. Hidden under one of the toys or tables is the gift shop key. It’s not in the same location every time you play. Knock over everything until you find it.

Once you’ve found it stick your tentacle with the gift shop key out of the hole in the gate to unlock the gate.

Octodad Silent but Dadly Unlock The GateOctodad Silent but Dadly Hair

You won’t be able to get past the biologists without a disguise. Inside the trolley you’ll find an employee’s uniform. To complete the disguise grab the glasses in the ticket booth then climb up the ladder and grab the ‘crate-opening tool‘. Swing it at the crate to break it open and grab the Mermaid’s hair.

With your costume complete you can head now into the ladies’ room. Use the plunger on the middle toilet to pull out the White Tie. Go through the vent and you’ll drop out into the break room.

In the break room you need to sound the alarm. There are a few ways to do this. You can place something in the microwave and shut the door. You can smash the aquarium, place something in the grill or place something on the stove top and turn it on.

Octodad Silent but Dadly Break RoomOctodad Silent but Dadly Winter Season Tie

When the alarm has sounded leave the break room via the vent above the fridge. You’ll exit into the men’s room this time. Climb the urinal closest to the door and grab the Winter Season Tie.

Head through the turnstile and hide behind one of the cut-outs. The shark costume guy will walk down the stairs and take off his costume. Sneak around the cut-outs and grab the shark costume.

To make it to the cafeteria head up the stairs and go either left, past the Amazon Arcade, or right, past the World of Kelp. Going past the World of Kelp will also take you past the 3rd tie. The Tropical Night Tie. It’s right by the trolley next to the biologist.

Octodad Silent but Dadly Shark CostumeOctodad Silent but Dadly Tropical Night Tie

Make as much mess as you can until the biologist next to the cafeteria tray return comes down the stairs. Head up the stairs and slip into the tray return chute.

That’s it for this level. Continue on to the final level, Hot Concessions!