Aquatic Fun Center

Octodad is really not happy about visiting the Aquatic Fun Center where there are so many biologists who can see through his disguise.

Walk over to Scarlet and grab the coupon. Take it to the ticket booth to redeem your ticket. You can wait in line politely or push your way to the front. You’ll annoy a few people but they won’t do anything about it.

Climb the ladder to the left of the ticket booth. This is a little bit tricky but eventually you’ll make it up. Walk across the ticket booth and stretch your legs as far as you can until you reach the ledge. Walk down the ledge and over the bridge. The Rainbow Dream Tie is in the back left corner.

Octodad Ticket Booth tieOctadad Aquatic Fun Center Tie

Jump down from the ledge and use your ticket on the ticket machine and enter the turnstile. Walk behind the biologist and up the stairs.

Walk either way down the stairs and then find the candy machine just underneath the entrance. A tie is in one of the slots. Use your tentacles to grab the Shark Attack Tie.

Octadad Shark Attack Tie

From here you can either go to the Deep Dark Sea, the World of Kelp or the Amazon Arcade.