The first part of the game is fairly simple and serves as a tutorial for controlling Octodad. The controls for Octodad are quite unique and take some getting used to. You can use a controller for the PC and it may make the game a little bit easier.

Your wife-to-be is waiting for you at the alter. Better get ready quickly! Clear all the junk off the table and remove the cushions. Underneath one of the cushions is a key. Grab the key and unlock the cabinet. The wall will collapse.

Octodad Wedding Cake TieHead out of the door, picking up your first tie, the Classic Red Tie, as you go. Make your way past the tables. You can hit the red button if you want to test out the dance party. Pull over the cake and pick up the Wedding Cake Tie underneath.

Make your way through the door on the left and grab your tux. There’s a key behind it. Pick it up and unlock the door on the other side of the room. Walk down the hall and through the double doors. Pick up the presents and throw them at the stained glass window until the bow tie drops. Pick it up and put it on.

Continue down the hall and lift up the gate with your tentacle. Continue through the doors until you see the top hat. Put it on and head into the wedding room. Walk down the carpet to your bride. People are looking at you now so you need to be extra careful. Try to avoid the bananas

Octodad Bow TieOctodad Wedding

It’s time to find the ring but before you do climb the piano to the left and grab the Piano Tie. Next head over to the right and rummage through the box until you find the ring. Put it on Scarlet’s finger to end this part. Continue to the next part Home, Sweet Home.