Gervason’s Grocery

Octadad Frozen PizzaFind the Frozen Pizza – Head into the grocery store and open the last fridge door. Work your way along the inside of the fridges until you get sucked up the air vent. You’ll pop out right next to the frozen pizza.

Get Tommy’s Cereal – The cereal box is in the center isle in a ladies shopping cart. Grab it when she’s not looking. If you’re having trouble taking it when she’s not looking climb the shelves from the other side and reach over to grab it.

Octadad SodaObtain Mango Soda – Climb the boxes around Soda City until you’re high enough to reach out and grab the mango soda bottle under the plane.

Grab Some Chocolate Milk – This task should be fairly straight forward. Walk over to the dairy section and grab the chocolate milk located on the top shelf behind a few other milk bottles.

Right next to the dairy center is the deli. Walk behind the counter and put the meat cubes onto the saw. Do this with all three of the cubes and you’ll uncover the Tasty Meat Tie.

For the next tie climb on the deli counter than up onto the dairy center. Walk to the end and use your tentacles to grab onto the bell. You should be able to swing up to piping or the vent. Walk along the vent until you find the Hen Tie.

Octadad Gervason's Grocery TieOctadad Gervason's Grocery Tie 2

Go to the fresh produce area and check the banana stand for the Banana Tie.

Locate the Perfect Apple – Look in the apple stand and grab the golden apple.

Get a Sushi Sample in the Back – Get ready for some action! Go back to the deli section and enter the double doors behind the counter. A suspicious looking sushi sample is on a table. After grabbing it the chef will crash through the boxes and start chasing you. You’ll need to run as fast as you can. If you get stuck in the jam pick up a mop and mop the floor to free yourself. Keep running out of the doors

Go to the front counter and pass all of your items over the checkout machine to finish this section. Next you’ll be visiting the Aquatic Fun Center.