Police Quest 2: The Vengeance is the second adventure game in the Police Quest series by Jim Walls. It was released in 1988 by Sierra On-Line and continues the story of police officer Sonny Bonds as he tries to hunt down the fugitive Jessie Bains.

Like the first game, Police Quest 2 uses a text parser to control the character. You’ll need to follow correct police procedures as you patrol the streets and perform your office duties. You have access to a firearm and will need to test it out in the firing range to make sure it’s sighted correctly. Full instructions for how to complete every section of the game are given below.

Depending on the version you’re playing you may need to enter the name of a criminal from a mug shot to play the game. All of the mug shots are shown below. There is no map for Police Quest 2. Simply type in “drive to [location]” and you’ll be taken there automatically.

Police Quest 2 Weapons

F6 – Load Gun

F8 – Draw/Holster Gun

F10 – Shoot

Police Quest 2 Walkthrough

Lytton Police Station

Get keys from the ignition and then open the glovebox. Take card and then close the glovebox. Look at card and then TURN OVER CARD to see the code for your locker. Open door, walk to the entrance to the station and unlock door.

There are a number of doors here. The first on the left is narcotics, then homicide, the locker room, the evidence window and lastly burglary. The screen to the right has the shooting range.

Enter the locker room. Open your locker (first locker on the left) with the code 36-4-12. Take the gun, ammo and cuffs. Leave the locker room and enter the homicide room. Sit at your desk and look in the basket. There’s a subpoena for you to attend court.

Unlock drawer and take the letter and the wallet. Read the letter. It’s a love note from your girlfriend Marie. Search the wallet to find your scuba certificate hidden in the back. Stand, move to the board at the back and look at the notice board. You’ll see the results for the shooting range and find out that you’re not scoring well. You’ll have to go there for some practice in a moment.

Walk to the captain. After he has a word with you look at his desk. Look at the papers to see a list of passwords. Pistachio is the password you need to remember. Go to the computer and use the computer. Turn on computer. Type “dir” to see a list of directories and then “cd personnel” to change to that directory. Enter in the password “pistachio”.

Take a look at both the Pratt Loyd file and the Haines Calvin file. Loyd was reprimanded to taking drugs and Calvin has lost his badge. Exit from the computer and leave the room.

Go to the narcotics office which is next door on the left. Speak with Loyd Pratt who’s sitting at the desk on the left. Ask him about drugs and he’ll tell you about his decision to get help. Leave the room and walk to the right to the target range.

Speak to the officer and give him your gun so that he can check it. Ask him for ear protectors. Walk into one of the booths and wear the ear protectors. Load your gun, draw it and shoot once or twice at the target. Holster your gun and press the view target button.

Look at the target and you’ll get an idea of how the gun is sighted. For example, high and to the right. Type in ‘adjust sight’ and you’ll be shown a screen where you can make adjustments. The top screw is for elevation and the side screw is for windage. Press one of the arrow keys and the screwdriver will appear. Adjust the sight in the opposite direction from the way it’s shooting. For example if it’s high and to the right press the down arrow a few times on the elevation screw and the left arrow a few times on the windage screw. Pressing left or right on the elevation screw or up or down on the windage screw will move the screwdriver to the other screw.

Once you have that sorted change target and press the back button. Take another shot or two, press the view target button and look at the target once more. If it’s still not shooting straight adjust the sight until you have it just right.

Once you’re done shoot the remaining bullets in the clip and leave the booth. Go back to the officer and ask for ammo. Walk back to the homicide office and pretty soon Captain Hall will tell you that Jessie Bains has escaped. He tells you to find a mug shot and then go after him

Open the cabinet on the right and look at the Bains file. Take the mug shot and then close the cabinet. Walk to the back wall and take the keys for the undercover car. Walk back out to the hall and stand behind the counter on the left. Open bin and take the field kit. Close the bin and leave the station.

Out in the car park walk to the back of the blue car. Open the trunk, drop the field kit and close the trunk. Walk to the left side of the car and open door. Keith will run out and hop in the car as well. Inside the car type “drive to jail”.


When you get out of the car Keith will run off to presumably have a smoke. Open one of the lockers next to the door and place your gun in the locker. Press the buzzer on the right side of the door and then show your ID to be let in.

Ask to see the Pate file. He’s the guard who was kidnapped, and then ask to see the Bains file. Take the updated mug shot. Ask about a witness and the jailer will bring someone out. Walk to the window to the left and speak to the witness. Ask about the escape for more information.

Leave the jail, take your gun out of the locker and jump back into the car. Keith will return and get in the other side. Drive back to the station.

Oak Tree Mall

Along the way you’ll get a call to go to the Oak Tree Mall. Drive there and get out of the car. Open the trunk and take the field kit. Close the trunk and go to the blue car. Open the right side door and then open the glove box. Take the holster and take the bullets. Look at the registration to confirm this is the guards car.

Close the door and one of the officer’s will bring a large lady as a witness. Her car was stolen by Bains. Ask her about the car to get some details about it. Go back to your car, and put your field kit away in the trunk. Get in and drive back to the station.

Cotton Cove

On the way back to the station you’ll get a call out to Cotton Cove. Drive to Cotton Cove and talk to the girl by the payphone. Ask her about the blood to get a description of the crime scene.

Load your gun and then draw your gun. Walk to the screen to the left. Bains will run out from the bushes on the left and shoot at you. Quickly shoot back and he’ll run off and drive off in the stolen car. Go back to the car, get in and use the radio to let dispatch know that the suspect has escaped.

Get out of the car, open the trunk of your car, take out the field kit and close the trunk. Walk two screens to the left and look at the garbage can. Move the trash so you can find the clothes. Take the clothes and read the nametag.

At the top left of the screen you’ll see blood on the grass. Walk over to it and look at the blood. Use the eye dropper on the blood to take a sample. Use the plaster on the footprint to take a copy of the print. Lastly take a photograph of the crime scene.

Walk back to the screen to the right and wait around for Officer Moore to arrive. Tell him you want to “dive” for the body. If you’ve found your scuba certificate in the back of your wallet already you’ll show it to him and he’ll let you dive. He runs to the van to get changed and then it’s your turn.

Take the wet suit, weight belt, fins, vest and scuba mask. Take air tank 1 and then “check air”. If the air level is around 200 something then put back the air tank. Do the same with the rest of the air tanks until you find one that has over 2,000 air and keep this one. Leave the van and you’ll dive into the lake with the other officer.

There are three items you need to find. The first is the officer’s badge that was lost. It’s the small gold item in the center of the screen. Swim over it and type “look down” and then “take object”.

Swim to the left. Here you’ll find the knife that Bains used to escape. Location is shown in the image below. Once again swim over it, type “look down” and then “take object”.

Swim two screens to the right and go to the rocks on the right side. Don’t swim to far to the top of the screen or you’ll be sucked away by the current. Type “move rocks”, “look body” and then “remove body”. You’ll drag the body back to the shore.

Walk to the right and you’ll change back into your regular clothes. Go back to your car and place the field kit back in the trunk. Get in the car and drive to the station. Along the way you’ll get called out to the airport.


Drive to the airport and when you get out of your car open the trunk and take out the field kit. The stolen vehicle is the black station wagon.

Walk to the right side of the station wagon and open the door. Look at VIN to get the vehicle number. Use powder on mirror and then take print to get a copy of the fingerprint. Close the door.

Put your field kit back into your car and get in. Use the radio to notify dispatch of the stolen vehicle. Open the door to get out and walk to the north.

Before crossing the road push the button on the pole to the left to change the traffic control light. Once it’s green you’re free to cross to the other side.

Before entering the airport a lady will walk up selling flowers. Buy a rose and then head into the airport.

Walk to the men’s room to the left. Open the stall in the middle and then open the toilet. Search the toilet to find a revolver. Take a revolver. Use the dryer on the back wall and dry the revolver.

Walk to the ticket agent and show ID. Show him the mug shot and he should recognize the man, although this didn’t work for me. It’s possible you need to show the lady the mug shot and not the male ticket agent. Ask for the list and you should see a name you recognize.

Walk to the top left and speak with the agent at Siva Rental. Show ID and then show the mug shot. Once again she should recognize the photo although this didn’t work for me. Ask for a list to find out the suspect has rented out a vehicle.

Leave the airport, push the button on the pole and cross the street. Use the radio to update dispatch and then drive to the station.

Lytton Police Station

Open the door to the station and go inside. Go to Big John at the evidence window and “book evidence”. He’ll go through everything that you found.

Walk into the homicide office and sit down at your desk. Look in the basket to find a note that Marie called you earlier. Use the phone and dial 555-4169 to speak with Marie. You can call 0 for information and say “Lytton” and “Marie Wilkins” to get her number.

When you get Marie on the phone tell her hello and she’ll invite you to Arnie’s later. Say yes and then hang up the phone. Stand up, leave the station, get in your personal car and drive to Arnie’s.


Enter Arnie’s and sit with Marie at the table at the back. Talk to Marie and wait for the waiter to arrive. Order the lobster and then give Marie the rose. Wait for the food to arrive, eat it and then kiss Marie a few times until you go and spend the night with her.

The Next Day at the Lytton Police Station

Take the key, get out of the car and enter the police station. Walk into the homicide office and the captain will tell you about a victim at a warehouse. Take the undercover keys from the back of the room and get in the undercover patrol car. Keith will follow you out.

Drive to the warehouse. Open the trunk and take the field kit. Look at the trunk of the green car and look at the face for a positive identification. Take the envelope corner and look at the envelope corner. It has a name and an address on it.

When the coroner arrives ask him to remove the body. Take another look in the trunk and take the note. It’s a threat from Bains. Put the field kit back in the trunk of your car and drive to 753 Third Street.

753 Third Street

Talk to the man at the window and show him your ID. Show the mug shot and he’ll tell you that he had a room here. Go back to your car and use the ready to ask for a warrant to search his room. In a few seconds an officer will arrive with the warrant.

Show the warrant to the man at the window and ask for the room key. Stand to the right of the bottom door and unlock the door. If you’re standing in front of the door you’ll get blown up so make sure you’re standing just to the right of the door.

Enter the room. Keith will pick up the shotgun and take it away. Open the drawer and take the envelope. Look at the envelope and then open the envelope to read the letter. Go to the back of the bed, look under bed and take the lipstick.

Go behind the wall at the back and look at the sink. Take the card and read the card. This is Bains next victim. Write down the number because you’ll need to call Colby later. Leave the room, walk to the man at the window and give him back the room key. Get back in the car and drive to Marie.

Marie’s House

Walk towards the door and read the note that’s pinned on the door. Open the door and go inside. Towards the right side on the floor you’ll notice an ashtray. Look at the ashtray and take the paper. You’ll read a note with a list of victims. Leave, get in the car and drive to the police station.

Lytton Police Station

Enter the homicide office and when Captain Hall talks to you give him the card. Go back to the evidence window and book evidence. Enter the door to the right to the burglary office. Ask them about the shotgun for some more information about it.

Walk into the narcotics office and go to the cabinet. Open the cabinet and type “look Colby” to view his file. You’ll notice his address is in Steelton. Close the cabinet and go back to sit down at your desk in the homicide office.

Look in the basket to see the test results of the evidence that you presented. Use the phone and call Colby on 407-555-3323. Say hello and then “warn Colby” to let him know that Bains is on the loose.

Stand up and go back to the shooting range. Go through the process of adjusting your gun once more until it’s shooting straight. Leave the station and go to your undercover car. Get in and drive to the airport.


Walk to the north, press the button and cross the street. Enter the airport and try to “buy ticket to Steelton”. You don’t have the cash but Keith will talk to the ticket agent and call the police department to have them pay for it. Ask to use the phone and then dial 0 for information. Type in Steelton and then Police for their number. Dial 407-555-2677 and say hello. Tell the police in Steelton to “warn Colby”. Hang up the phone and buy a ticket to Steelton. This time you’ll be given the ticket.

Walk to the top left and then up the escalator to the left. Before going through the metal detector show ID to the guard and he’ll let you through.

Talk to Larry Laffer for some fun and the girl standing with her back to you as well. Go up the tunnel to the plane.


Find your seat at the front and sit down. Fasten your seatbelt until and order coffee when the stewardess asks you. Take off your seatbelt once the plane has levelled off.

After a little while 2 men will enter from the rear and take over the plane. They’ll take the stewardess as a hostage. Load your gun and when the stewardess faints draw your gun and shoot the terrorist. As soon as the masked man enters from the cockpit shoot him as well.

Walk over to the men and “search masked man turban” for a manual on building a bomb. “Search masked man pockets” for a pair of wire clippers.

Walk to the back of the room to enter the bathroom. Open paper dispenser to find the bomb. “Read bomb instructions” for details on how to make the bomb. To disarm the bomb you need to follow the instructions in reverse order.

Cut yellow wire. Cut blue wire. Cut purple wire. Connect the yellow wire. Cut white wire and lastly cut the yellow wire to disarm the bomb. Walk back into the cabin to announce that you’ve saved the day.

Steelton Police Station

After a chat with Wild Willy take the radios from the desk and leave to the left.

Burt Park

Walk to the north and then the west. Hang around until a man approaches you wanting to mug you. Use the radio to call for Keith and the man will run away. Keith catches him and brings him back.

Read the man the miranda rights and then talk to man. Walk to the east twice and look at the manhole cover. It’s located in the lower left section partially hidden by shadow. Open the cover and climb down.


Follow the path down and around to the east.

Continue to the east. There’s methane gas around the next corner. You’ll need to move quickly to make it past. Walk to the east and then quickly to the south to make it past the pocket of methane gas.

Continue to the south and then to the west. Open the cabinet on the wall and take the mask. From now on if you find a methane pocket you can wear the mask.

Walk to the west and then to the south. Go south again and then to the east. Go through the door in the north wall to find Marie.

“Calm Marie” and then “untie Marie”. When you hear footsteps hide behind the pipe to the left. Load your gun if it doesn’t have bullets in it and draw your gun. When Bains spots you shoot at him a few times until he drops to the ground.

Enjoy the final cut-scene. Congratulations on completing Police Quest 2: The Vengeance!