Quest for Glory 2: Trial by Fire is the second game in this adventure/rpg series. It continues the story of our Hero who arrives in Shapier with his friends, Abdulla and the two Kattas, Shameen and Shema. Shapier is a sprawling Middle Eeastern town with merchants and sellers dotted around the place. The streets and alleys can seem like a maze so you’ll need the map that comes with the game to navigate around the town.

Character creation works much the same way as in the first game although you can import a character from the previous game and your stats will be retained. If you start a new game you can choose to be either a Fighter, Thief or Magic User.

Character Creation

Each of the three classes is quite capable of completing the game although your choice of class will determine what challenges you face along the way.

The Fighter is the easiest class to play and is proficient at using weapons. Starting Strength, Vitality and Weapon Use is high while Intelligence and Dodge is low. The Fighter starts with a Broadsword, Shield and Chainmail Armor.

The Magic User can wield magical forces but is weaker in combat. Starting Intelligence and Magic is high while Strength, Vitality and Weapon Use is low. Magic Users start with a Dagger and Leather Armor.

The Thief can creep about and to avoid confrontation, climb over walls and pick locks. Starting Agility, Lockpicking, Climbing and Stealth is high while Strength and Weapon Use is relatively low. Thieves start with 5 Daggers, Leather Armor, Thieve’s Guild License, Thief’s Tool Kit and Knowledge of the Thief Sign.

Whichever class you choose you’ll have 50 points to add to any skill. You can even give them skills that they don’t have, such as giving a thief the ability to use magic, but the first 5 points for a new skill will cost 15 points.

Keyboard Shortcuts

If you’re playing on the original VGA version all of the controls will be through the keyboard. Here’s a list of keyboard shortcuts you might want to remember while playing.

CTRL+A = “Ask about” (insert topic of conversation here)
CTRL+C = “Cast” (followed by name of spell)
CTRL+D = Time of Day
CTRL+E = “Escape” (flee combat)
CTRL+F = “Fight” (initiate combat with nearby enemy)
CTRL+L = “Look at” (followed with what you want to look at)
CTRL+H = Compass Heading
CTRL+I or Tab = Inventory
CTRL+P = Pause Game
CTRL+R = Read Map
CTRL+Q = Quit Screen
CTRL+S = Character Screen
CTRL+T = “Tell about” (insert topic here)
CTRL+Y = Silly Clowns
F3 = Repeat Last Command
F5 = Save Screen
F7 = Restore Screen
F9 = Restart Screen

Day 1

After the introduction you’ll be in Katta’s Tail Inn sitting at a table with your friend Abdulla Doo. You can ask him about Shapier, Raseir, the Sultan, Emir and any other News. When you’re done Stand. You can question Shameen as well if you like, then leave the Inn.

You’ll have a few days to get your bearing and explore the sights before anything of significance happens. Just outside the Inn you’ll be in the Gate Plaze. This is where you can buy the Map and Compass from Ali Chica but you’ll need to exchange your money first.

To get to the Money Changer leave the Gate Plaza to the north and when you come to an intersection go left, right, right, right and left. Follow the street to the end and you’ll arrive at Dinarzad’s money changer shop. Exchange your gold coins in increments of 50 coins for the best exchange rate.

Thief: Show Dinarzad the thief sign (Make Thief Sign) and she’ll have a job for you tomorrow.

Make your way back to the Gate Plaza and buy the Map and Compass from Ali Chica. “Use Map” and you can fast travel to any of the Plazas and other locations once you find them.

You’ll want to visit the Guild Hall in the Fighter’s Plaza. Sign the Adventurer’s Logbook and read the Notice Board. You’ll find notices from the Apothecary and the Magic Shop. Both are looking for ingredients. If you walk to the room to the right you’ll start a training session with Uhura. This is a good place to increase your skills. Practice with her until you’re tired. Rest at the Inn for an hour and then come back for more training.

Thief: Sometimes you can find Agi the Agile here who will challenge you to a tightrope walk. Press left to step forwards and right to hold your position. If you win you’ll get 5 Dinars.

Make sure you buy a few extra Waterskins from Mirak at his stall in the Fighter’s Plaza. You can fill them up at the Fountain Plaza or at the Oasis in the Desert.

Thief: Buy some extra Throwing Daggers from the Armory.

Fighter: At some point you’ll want to trade in your Old Sword for the Fine Sword. You can also arm wrestle the Armorer if you have high enough strenght.

Use your Map or walk to the Fountain Plaza. This is where you’ll find the Magic Shop and the Apothecary. In one of the stalls outside you can buy more Rations. Enter the Magic Shop and speak to Keapon Laffin. Ask him about his notice about the “whirl” of a Dervish. Ask him about “air” and “air elementals”.

Magic User: Buy all the Spells you don’t have in your inventory.

Thief: Buy the Magic Rope.

Go to the Apothecary and ask Harik about his notice. He wants a Scorpion’s Tail and Ghoul Claws. You can find them by defeating monsters in the Desert. Ask him about “Pills”, “Dispel Potion” the “Earth Elemental” and “Fire Elemental”. Buy or “Bargain” for Vigor Pills, Healing Pills, Cure Poison Pills and if you’re a Magic User buy Mana Pills.

If you have time you may want to visit the Astrologer. Fast travel to the Palace Plaza and walk all the way south until you find his premises. If you’re too late he may have closed his shop for the day. Talk to him and ask him about your “Future”. Tell about yourself and he’ll tell you to come back tomorrow.

Continue looking around but you may want to save a few things for the following days. When you’re done return to the Katta’s Tail Inn. Order your evening meal and then head to your room at the back to sleep for the night.

Day 2

In the morning have your breakfast at the Inn so you don’t have to waste any Rations. Make your way back to the Astrologer and ask him about your “Future”. He’ll have looked into it now and will have a reading for you.

The Enchantress Aziza can be a little bit fickle. You’ll find her house in the north eastern section of the city. From the Palace Plaza go north, take the third left and then the first right.

Knock on the door and she’ll ask a series of questions. “Who is it that seeks to enter?” Your name. “Who is it that sent you here?” You can answer Rakeesh, Keapon or Erasmus.
She’ll ask you a follow up question depending on which name you gave. It will either be one of the followin “How was the leg of Rakeesh injured?” Demon. “What element is most appropriate for the owner of the Magic Shop?” Air. “Who is the companion of Erasmus?” Fenrus.

For the final question that answer is her name, “Aziza”. After that she’ll let you in. Make sure you “greet” her when you enter and then sit down at the table. When she offers to pour tea say “Yes”. Ask her about all of the elementas, Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Ask her about magic, djinn, iblis and once you’ve been out to the desert ask her about the “plant”. Once you’re done talking to her say “farewell”.

If you have time leave the city through the Gate Plaza and buy a Saurus. You can use it to ride around in the desert. If you get into a fight it will run off the screen. Leave the screen and come back and it should be waiting for you. If you lose the Saurus come back to the city. It will arrive later and be back at the stables when you need it next. To get back quickly mount the saurus and type “go home”.

Thief: Return to Dinarzad and she’ll ask you to recover a Silver Tea Service from Abu bin Ma’amar’s house in the south east section of the city. To get to the house start at the Gate Plaza. Head north and take the first right. Take the first left and then the first right. Pick the lock and sneak inside.

Take the Tea Service from a nearby shelf. One of the sons, Kareem, will walk in but he’s too drunk to notice you. Oil the hinges of the wardrobe on the back wall, open it and search it to find an Emerald Bowl. Move the rug from the center of the room to reveal a trapdoor. Open the trapdoor. You’ll hear someone coming so “roll back rug” and “hide”. Once the man has gone open the rug and pick the lock on the chest. Take the Money. Someone else is coming so roll back the rug and hide in the wardrobe. When he’s gone remove the rug and search the chest to find it has a false bottom. Inside you’ll find a Silver Dagger. Roll back the rug and leave the house.

When you are done exploring for the day make sure you return to the Inn in the evening for Shema’s dance.

Day 3

There are no special events planned for today. Just explore the city or the desert and make sure you get back to the Inn at night for Omar’s poetry.

Thief: Take the items you “collected” from the house last night to Dinarzad. She’ll buy them from you and mention another job at the Weapon Shop.

At night pick the lock on the door and enter. Close the door behind you. Either move the anvil if you have a high enough strength or use Oil on the anvil first and then move it. Open the trapdoor and pick the lock on the strongbox. Take the Money and leave.

Magic User: While walking around the streets you can Cast Detect. A large sign will point you in the direction of the Wizard’s Institute of Technocery, or WIT. It’s in the very northern part of the city. Once you find the alley that the arrows points you towards Cast Detect to reveal the door and then Cast Open on the door. Make sure you have lots of magic points available and all the spells from the magic shop.

When you enter the main hallway the Wizards will ask you for your name, what you seek (Magic), and ask you to choose a sponsor. Reply “Erasmus” and he will accept. You’ll go in for a pre-test with him. Simply Cast Detect to find out which bell is magical, Fetch to move the bell onto the stand and then Trigger to ring the bell. With that out of the way you’ll be taken back out to the main hallway.

For the actual test you’ll be walking along a path and have to face the various elements. Here are the spells you need to cast for each element.

Air: Cast Fetch on the staff and the Levitate. Hover over the staff until it passes by underneath.

Earth: Cast Trigger on the rock wall to turn it into an elemental. Cast Calm on the elemental and walk over it. When it wakes up and smashes the ground Cast Calm once more.

Water: Cast Flame Dart on the wall of ice. Cast Force Bolt on the crack in the ice and finally Cast Open to split it open completely.

Fire: Cast Open on the door. Cast Calm on the Fire. Cast Fetch on the door to close it and then Cast Force Bolt on the upper half of the door to knock it over so you can walk over it.

This ends the main part of the test. You’ll be asked if you with to say the oath and join the WIT. Say “No”, otherwise you’ll be stuck in the institute forever. Erasmus is pleased with you when you pass and gives you the Reversal Spell.

Day 4

When you step outside only Ali Chica will be there with his burned shop. When you talk to him he’ll tell you the fire elemental went through and destroyed everything. If you’ve been listening to the story you’ll know you need to draw the fire elemental away and trap it somehow.

Go to the Fountain Plaza and buy a Lamp from Tashtari. Enter the Apothecary and buy Incense from Harik. Make sure your Waterskins are filled with water because you’ll need it for tomorrow.

Day 5

When you step outside the Inn to the Gate Plaza the Fire Elemental will be wandering around. Use Incense and lure the fire elemental into the street to the north. The game will tell you once you have gone far enough. “Drop lamp” and when you are close to the fire elemental “use water”. The Fire Elemental will be reduced in size and hop into the lamp. You now have a Magic Lamp.

Day 6

Nothing to do today. Train to increase your skills, explore the desert or sleep through the day.

Day 7

Go to the Fountain Plaza to listen to Omar’s poetry. He has four verses. Leave and come back. Omar will have left his Purse behind. Pick it up so you can give it back to him later, or keep it for the extra Dinar.

Go to the Guild Hall and Rakeesh will give you a reward for defeating the Fire Elemental. While you’re in the Fighter’s Plaza buy a Pot of Dirt from Lasham. You can also get Fooler’s Earth from the Magic Shop. Both will give the dirt to you for free.

To contain the air elemental you’ll need the Bellows on top of the Weapon Shop door.

Fighter: Beat the armorer at arm wrestling and then “take bellows”. He’ll give it to you.

Magic User: Return at night and Cast Fetch on the Bellows.

Thief: Return at night, use the Magic Rope near the door and climb up to take the Bellows.

Day 8

For the next few days the Air Elemental will be kicking up a storm in the Palace Plaza.

Fighter: Walk into the Air Elemental. “Drop dirt” and then “use bellows”.

Magic User: Cast Levitate and wait until the Air Elemental is under you. Drop dirt onto the elemental. Quickly descend and once you’re on the ground “use bellows”.

Thief: Use the Magic Rope and climb up. Once the Air Elemental is under you drop dirt. Climb down and use the bellows.

Head back to the Inn at night for another performance by Shema.

Day 9 to 11

If you haven’t been out to the desert you may want to explore it now. If you’re a Fighter you’ll get points for killing a Desert Brigand, Jackalman, Scorpion, Terrorsaurus and Ghoul. Make sure you take the Scorpion Tail and Ghoul Claws to sell to Harik.

From the overlook head west 4 times to find the Griffin Nest.

Fighter: Look at the rocks. Move the rock and take the Feather.

Magic User: Cast Levitate when you’re under the nest and take the Feather.

Thief: Use the Magic Rope near to the nest. Climb it and take a Feather.

From the overlook go east 7 times to find a tree/plant that looks like a woman. There’s nothing you can do here now but now that you know about it you can ask Aziza about the tree.

From the overlook go south 5 times to a skull, then east 3 times to an Oasis. This is where you’ll find the Dervish. Take Beard. This is the ingredient Keappon at the Magic Shop wanted.

At the end of Day 11 make sure you return to the Inn to listen to Omar’s poetry. He’ll give you a reward for defeating the Air Elemental.

Day 12

Today is the day the Earth Elemental will be roaming the streets. He can be found in the northern part of the city close to the WIT. Make sure you visit the Fighter’s Plaza and buy a Cloth Bag from Kiram if you haven’t got one already.

Fighter: Go to the Guild Hall and talk to Rakeesh. Ask about his sword, Soulforge and he’ll give it to you. Find the Earth Elemental and fight with it. “Take Earth” once you’ve killed it. Return to the Guild Hall and give back the sword.

Magic User: When you find the Earth Elemental Cast Flame Darts at it until it disintegrates. “Take Earth”.

Thief: Go to the Apothecary and ask about the Fire Elemental. He’ll give you Powder of Burning to use against it. Wander around the northern streets until the Earth Elemental appears and throw the powder at him. “Take Earth”.

If you haven’t been to Aziza to ask her about the plant/tree then do so now. When you step out of the city gates to the south the guard will tell you that the Dervish sent a message that he wants to see you.

From the overlook head east 7 times to see the tree. Give Water to the tree and then “tell about yourself”. Give earth to the tree and you’ll pour the magical dirt over the ground. Tell about Earth Elemental and you’ll tell the tree the story of how you sacrificed yourself for your friends. Finally “hug” the tree and tell the tree its name “Julanar”. The tree will bear the Fruit of Compassion which you’ll take.

Make your way to the Oasis to see the Dervish. Ask him about the Puzzle and then ask him Where and What. Ask him about the Beast.

Return to the Apothecary and give him the Feather and the Fruit. He’ll give you 3 doses of the Dispel Potion.

Follow the directions to get to the beast, 5 screens west of the overlook and 3 screens south. Give water and food to the beast. Take Fur. You’ll automatically combine it with the potion. Give Dispel Potion and the beast will turn into a man.

Day 13

Fighter: Visit the Guild Hall and Uhura will give you a note. It says “They’re watching you.”

Day 14

The Water Elemental will arrive in the city today. You can find it at the Fountain Plaza. This one is quite easy to deal with. Put the Waterskin down and then use the bellows. You’ll blow the water into the Waterskin.

Fighter: Another note on the door of the Guild Hall. “Tomorrow Night…”

Day 15

Nothing to do today. Finish up whatever you want to do before you leave.

Fighter: There’s one last note for you with instructions. Once night falls follow the instructions. From the Fighter’s Plaza go north, take the first left, first right and follow the street all the way to the end. Open the door that’s already half open and go inside.

After a bit of a kerfuffle the lights will come on and you’ll be chained to the wall. “Break chains” and then fight your adversary. You won’t have your weapon so you can only dodge. After a few dodges you’ll grab your sword. Fight the man until he falls down. You can either kill him or spare him. Regardless of your choice you’ll be awarded with the Badge of the Eternal Order of Fighters.

Day 16

This is the last day in Shapier. Talk to all of the merchants and people you’ve spoken with up till now and they’ll wish you well and say their goodbyes. Go to the Palace Plaza and the Katta will give you a Sapphire Pin of friendship.

Fighter: Go to the Guild Hall and talk to Rakeesh. He will train with you if you wish.

Return to the Inn to listen to Omar’s poetry. He’ll give you your reward for defeating the Earth and Water Elementals. After you go to sleep you’ll leave with the caravan before dawn the next day.


You’ll travel with the caravan across the desert to Rasier. Once you arrive the unfreindly guards will give you a VISA so you can leave the city. There’s nothing to do here so enter the Blue Parrot Inn.

You may want to turn the passage of time setting to “Fastest” as there are some points here where you’ll just be waiting around for night.

Talk to Signor Ferrari sitting at the table and accept his offer of a drink. When the drink arrives make sure you “drink” it.

Thief: Make thief sign at Ferrari.

When sunset approaches Ugarte will enter the Inn and sit down with Ferrari. He offers to sell you information for 5 Dinars. Ask him about the Water, Prophecy and Fountain.

Wait until night time and then enter your room behind the bartender.

The next morning leave the Inn and head down the street to the south to Fountain Plaza. This city is the reverse of Shapier. On the south side of the plaza you’ll see Ugarte being arrested and taken away for smuggling water.

Return to Gate Plaza but you’ll be stopped by a woman who asks you to follow her. Follow the woman and enter the beautifully decorated house. The woman is Zayishah, daughter of the Emir. She wants to make her escape so give her clothes and your VISA. In gratitude she’ll give you her Mirror and tell her that the Harem will help you if you need them.

Wander around until night and return to the Inn.

Thief: Ferrari will have a job for you. He wants you to steal a statue of a bird. Tell him “yes”. Go to the Fountain Plaza at night and use the Magic Rope to climb up to the open window. Sneak past the bed but stop if the guy sleeping starts moving. Sneak to the cabinet and oil the hinges. Pick the lock on the cabinet and then take the Blackbird. Sneak back to the window, climb down and go back to the Inn. Give Ferrari the Blackbird.

Enter your room and sleep for the night. In the morning Ferrari will be looking very suspicious. When you leave the Inn you’ll be arrested and sent to the dungeon.


The cell is empty except for a Katta who won’t talk to you. Show him the Sapphire Pin and he’ll know you’re a friend of the Katta. This is Shema’s cousin from Shapeir. He knows a secret passage but can’t get out of the cell.

Fighter: Break the door.

Magic User: Cast Open on the cell door.

Thief: Pick the lock with the pin.

Once outside the cell make sure to take all your Equipment and then crawl through the secret passage. Back out in the streets of Rasier head along in any direction. You’ll soon be stopped by Ad Avis and taken to the Forbidden City.

Forbidden City

Ad Avis can’t seem to open the door to the Forbidden City. “Use mirror” and you’ll deflect the moon’s light to the door and it will open.

The door closes behind you and you’re left in a cave in the dark. “Rub lamp” and the magical lamp with the fire elemental will light up. Follow the path to the left to a fast moving river.

Get close to the river and up on the green moss by the waterfall. When a log is near “jump on log”. Once the log moves downstream a little and is close to the other side “jump off log”. You may want to SAVE your game before attempting these jumps.

On the other side wind is being sucked into a hole. You won’t be able to continue without slowing or stopping the wind.

Fighter: Get near the wind tunnel and “force rock” to make them collapse.

Magic User: Cast Force Bolt on the rocks around the wind tunnel and they’ll collapse.

Thief: Pick the rocks near the wind tunnel and they’ll collapse.

Climb up to the left of the waterfall and follow the path around to the right. You’ll emerge into a room filled with lava.

Make your way along the path while avoiding the lava as much as possible. You can “pour water on yourself” to cool down a little bit. Take the exit to the left and walk to the end of the path.

Fighter: Jump down to the floor below.

Magic User: Cast Levitate to float down.

Thief: Use Magic Rope and climb down.

Walk up close to the door and it will ask you to speak the name of power. Say “Suleiman” and the doors will open. In the next room ignore all the treasure and take the exit to the north.

When you enter the room with the Statue you’ll automatically move towards it. Ad Avis will appear and take the statue and trap you in. Walk down the path and have a look around. You’ll notice a Ring glinting on a stalagmite. Take the Djinn Ring and a Djinn will appear.

The Djinn will grant you three wishes. Wish for “prowess” and then type the skill you want to improve. You can do this twice but for the third wish you’ll need to “wish for teleport” to be taken back to Rasier.

The Katta Sharaf will sneak past you and tell you the underground are almost ready. Walk to the other side of the palace and get ready for the final sequence.

Emir’s Palace

Fighter: If you have a Rock or Dagger you can throw it at the Eunuch patrolling on the ledge above to silence him. If not it doesn’t matter. Fight the Guards and then quickly “break” open the door before more Guards arrive. Once the Guard that Khaveen is talking to leaves drop down and fight Khaveen. If you drop your Sword pick it up again with “get sword”. If Khaveen drops his sword you can either kill him or tell him to pick it up and keep fighting.

Walk up the stairs and “break door” twice to open it. When you enter the room you’ll be in combat with the Stone Statue. There’s no way to harm it so “escape” the fight. Quickly run to one of the unlit candles and either knock it over or pick it up. This will break the summoning spell.

Ad Avis will start sending fireballs towards you. Run around to the left side and he’ll accidentally set the brazier on fire. Run through the flames and you’ll push Ad Avis over the edge to his death.

Magic User: You can cast Flame Dart on the Eunuch above if you want but I never could hit him. Then cast Dazzle and the Guards will be blinded for a few seconds. Quickly cast Open on the door and go through.

Wait for the Guard talking to Khaveen to leave and then cast Calm. Khaveen will forget what he’s doing and leave. Cast Levitate to float down to the floor. Walk up to the steps. Cast Open on the door and then cast Reversal. Enter through the door.

The Stone Statue might knock you off your feet but you’ll get back up. Cast Force Bolt or Fetch on one of the unlit candles to break the summoning spell. Walk to the left so you’re under the bottom candle and cast Force Bolt on the wall to the left between the first and second pillar. The Force Bolt will deflect off the wall and hit the brazier. The brazier will get knocked off and light Ad Avis on fire and he’ll fall out of the tower.

Thief: Either throw a Dagger at the Eunuch walking on the battlements above or wait till he leaves. Use the Magic Rope on the left side where the silk scarf has been left out for you. Climb up and leave the screen to the left. You’ll enter the harem’s room and one of them will tell you to hide behind the curtains until the Eunuch passes.

Head into the next room to the left and sneak behind the statue. The harem will call the Eunuch at the table. Sneak behind the table and hide until another Eunuch walks past and then sneak through the door to the north. You’ll be on a balcony looking out towards the tower with Ad Avis.

Use the Magic Rope and tightrope walk across it to the tower. Throw a Dagger at the unlit candle to stop the summoning ritual. Get ready to “duck” the fireballs Ad Avis throws at you. Make your way over to the next pillar to the right and start throwing Daggers at him. When the second dagger hits he’ll go falling over the edge.

Whichever path you choose you’ll end up in the palace with the true Sultan, Omar the Poet! If you performed enough good deeds along the way you’ll be turned into a Paladin. You’ll have the chance to Export your character for Quest for Glory 3 if you wish.

Congratulations on completing Quest for Glory 2: Trial by Fire!