Run, Jesus Run is a mini game where you have to run and do Jesus things. You only have 10 seconds to complete the game so go quickly! Run, Jesus Run was created in 4 days as a part of the Experimental Gameplay Project by Molleindustria and released in March of 2010. For the full 10 second playthrough watch below.

The Crib:

Press space and the baby Jesus will run out of the crib.

Run Jesus Run Manger


Running from Temptation:

Run past the devil and jump over the canyon.

Run Jesus Run Temptation

Feeding the People

Run past the guys on the ground and press space in front of each one to fill their bowls.

Run Jesus Run Feeding the People

Walking on Water:

Press space continually to hop across the water to the other side.

Run Jesus Run Walking on Water


Jump up to bump your head on the center square to make a heart appear.

Run Jesus Run Teaching

Heal the Sick:

Run past the sick people and press space on all three of them to heal them.

Run Jesus Run Heal the Sick

12 Apostles:

Now if you managed to do all of that fast enough you should have acquired 12 apostles. If not, try again. It only takes 10 seconds!

Run Jesus Run 12 Apostles

If you want to play Run, Jesus Run it’s free to play online at: