The Secret of Monkey Island is a classic point-and-click adventure game by LucasArts. It follows the antics of wannabe pirate Guybrush Threepwood as he tries to complete three trials to prove his worthiness. The original game by LucasArts was so popular that a remake was made in 2009 Since the first game was released in 1990 another four sequels have been made.

If you have the Special Edition you can switch between the original and the remake at any point during the game. If you get stuck you can press ‘H’ for a hint. The available verbs are: Open, Use, Pick-up, Push, Pull, Close, Look-at, Talk To and Give.

The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition Walkthrough

To fill in some of the story speak to the Old Man at the lookout. When you’re ready walk down the cliffside, east along the pier and enter the Scumm Bar (first door you come across). Walk to the right and talk with the important-looking pirates. They will each tell you about a trial you’ll need to complete if you want to become a real pirate.

The trials are to steal the idol (Thievery), defeat the Sword Master (Sword Mastery) and to find the treasure (Treasure Huntery).

If you try to enter the kitchen the cook will kick you out. Wait for the cook to leave the kitchen and walk off the screen. When he’s gone enter the kitchen and take the Pot and the Chunk of Meat. Head out the door to the small pier and a bird will fly down to feed on the fish. Step on the bottom right side of the pier and a plank will lift up, scaring the bird away. Do this a few times until the bird flies high enough and then pick up the Red Herring before it comes back.

Go back into the kitchen and leave the Scumm Bar. Walk west, back up the cliffside and then under the arches. This takes you to the island map. Walk to the clearing near the center of the map and walk west throgh the trees down to a circus tent.

Enter the circus tent and have a chat with the Fettuccini Brothers. They’ll be arguing about who gets to try out the new human cannonball trick. Interrupt the brothers and Guybrush will agree to test out the cannon. They’ll ask for a helmet so Give them the Pot and Guybrush will do the trick.

After Guybrush’s unfortunate accident, I guess it wasn’t such a good idea after all, the brothers will give you 478 Pieces of Eight. Leave the circus and make your way back to the village. Walk east along the pier and then through the arches into town.

Speak with the shifty looking man with a parrot on his shoulder and purchase the Treasure Map from him for 100 Pieces of Eight.

Enter the brown building to the left of the man with the parrot. This is the voodoo store. Take the Rubber Chicken from the table and if you want more backstory and funny stories speak to the Voodoo Lady. Leave the store and walk up the road under the clock to another section of town.

The locations you can visit, from east to west, are the General Store, Alleyway, Church and Prison. If you continue to the west you’ll come to the Governor’s Mansion.

Walk into the Alley to speak with the Sherriff and then head into the Prison. Speak with the prisoner and he’ll ask you for something “minty-fresh” to eat.

Leave and enter the General Store. Pick up both the Sword and the Shovel. Speak to the Storekeeper and ask to buy them. You won’t be able to leave without paying for them. The Sword costs 100 Pieces of Eight and the Shovel 75 Pieces of Eight. Ask for a breath mint and he’ll give you a roll of Breath Mints. If you ask about the Sword Master he’ll run off to ask her if it’s ok to reveal to you her secret location.

Quickly follow the Storekeeper out of the store and he’ll lead you all the way to the Sword Master. When you reach the Island Map the Storekeeper’s icon will be on a fork in the road. Click on him to follow him there and then follow him into the forest. Along the way you’ll pass some Yellow Flowers. Make sure you pick them up as you’ll need them later.

The Storekeeper and the Sword Master will have a brief chat before you regain control. Now that you know the Sword Master’s location you can always come back here by clicking it on the map. Walk back to the west to go to the map.

Trial One: Sword Mastery

You can complete the trials in any order but now that you’ve found the Sword Master we might as well complete this quest. The Sword Master won’t fight with you until you’ve at least developed some skills.

On the Island Map click on the House in the far east corner. Along the way you’ll be stopped by a Troll who demands that you pay the toll. Give him the Red Herring and he’ll let you pass.

Once you reach the house knock on the door to meet the Sword Instructor. Pay him 30 Pieces of Eight to be taught in the art of insults. Now when you return to the map and bump into Pirates you can challenge them to a fight. When you first hear an insult you won’t know the response. Try the insult on another pirate to learn the correct response. The more fights you have the more insults and responses you’ll learn. Here’s the full list of insults with the correct responses.

Insult: People fall at my feet when they see me coming.
Response: Even BEFORE they smell your breath?

Insult: There are no words for how disgusting you are.
Response: Yes there are. You just never learned them.

Insult: I’ve spoken with apes more polite then you.
Response: I’m glad to hear you attended your family reunion.

Insult: You make me want to puke.
Response: You make me think somebody already did.

Insult: I got this scar on my face during a mighty struggle!
Response: I hope now you’ve learned to stop picking your nose.

Insult: Have you stopped wearing diapers yet?
Response: Why, did you want to borrow one?

Insult: I’ve heard you were a contemptible sneak.
Response: Too bad no one’s ever heard of YOU at all.

Insult: You’re no match for my brains, you poor fool.
Response: I’d be in real trouble if you ever used them.

Insult: You have the manners of a beggar.
Response: I wanted to make sure you’d feel comfortable with me.

Insult: I once owned a dog that was smarter then you.
Response: He must have taught you everything you know.

Insult: Nobody’s ever drawn blood from me and nobody ever will.
Response: You run THAT fast?

Insult: You fight like a dairy farmer.
Response: How appropriate. You fight like a cow.

Insult: I’m not going to take your insolence sitting down!
Response: Your hemorrhoids are flaring up again, eh?

Insult: This is the END for you, you gutter-crawling cur!
Response: And I’ve got a little TIP for you, get the POINT?

Insult: Soon you’ll be wearing my sword like a shish kebab!
Response: First you better stop waiving it like a feather-duster.

Insult: My handkerchief will wipe up your blood!
Response: So you got that job as janitor, after all.

When you feel like you’re ready to challenge Carla the Sword Master go and meet her and tell her that you are Guybrush Threepwood and that you are going to kill her.

When the dual begins Carla will give you insults that you’ve never heard before! She’s changed the wording of the insult although the response will be one of the responses that you should have guessed from the regular pirates. Here are Carla’s insults and the appropriate responses.

Insult: There are no clever moves that can help you now.
Response: Yes there are. You just never learned them.

Insult: Only once have I met such a coward!
Response: He must have taught you everything you know.

Insult: If your brother’s like you, better to marry a pig.
Response: You make me think somebody already did.

Insult: I’ve got a long, sharp lesson for you to learn today.
Response: And I’ve got a little TIP for you. Get the POINT?

Insult: My sword is famous all over the Caribbean!
Response: Too bad no one’s ever heard of YOU at all.

Insult: I’ve got the courage and skill of a master swordsman!
Response: I’d be in real trouble if you ever used them.

Insult: My tongue is sharper then any sword.
Response: First you better stop waving it like a feather-duster.

Insult: My wisest enemies run away at the first sight of me!
Response: Even BEFORE they smell your breath?

Insult: No one will ever catch ME fighting as badly as you do.
Response: You run THAT fast?

Insult: Now I know what filth and stupidity really are.
Response: I’m glad to hear you attended your family reunion.

Insult: I usually see people like you passed-out on tavern floors.
Response: Even BEFORE they smell your breath?

Insult: I will milk every drop of blood from your body!
Response: How appropriate. You fight like a cow.

Insult: My last fight ended with my hands covered with blood.
Response: I hope now you’ve learned to stop picking your nose.

Insult: I hope you have a boat ready for a quick escape.
Response: Why, did you want to borrow one?

Insult: Every word you say to me is stupid.
Response: I wanted to make sure you’d feel comfortable with me.

Insult: You are a pain in the backside, sir!
Response: Your hemorrhoids are flaring up again, eh?

Insult: My name is feared in every dirty corner of this island!
Response: So you got that job as janitor, after all.

After defeating the Sword Master you’ll receive a T-Shirt as proof of your victory! If you want head back to the Scumm Bar and show-off your new T-Shirt to the Pirates.

Trial Two: Treasure Huntery

You should already have the Treasure Map from the man in town with a parrot on his soldier. If not got there now and buy it from him. Head to the Island Map and go to the Fork in the road location. From here follow the “Dancing Instructions” to find the treasure. Go North to the Yellow Flowers (pick one if you haven’t already), West, North, West, North, North, East, West, North to a garden of red flowers, and finally East.

X marks the spot. Use your Shovel on the X to dig up the treasure. Another T-Shirt, hurrah! You can either return to the Scumm Bar to brag about your success or jump straight into the next trial.

Trial Three: Thievery

This trial requires entering the Governor’s Mansion and stealing the Idol. Go into the village, if you’re not there already and walk past the church and the prison under the arch to the next screen. A group of killer Piranha Poodles blocks your path. Use the Yellow Flowers in your inventory with the Meat to make Meat with Condiments. Give this to the Poodles and they’ll eat it and fall asleep. Open the mansion door and go inside.

Enter the door just to the right of the entrance. Fester will follow you and a fight will begin. After a struggle Guybrush will find the Idol but it’s locked in a chest. You’ll also find some other items including Gopher Repellent.

Return to the prison and give the prisoner a Breath Mint. Ask him if he has a file. He doesn’t but gives you a Carrot Cake instead. Use the Carrot Cake to reveal a File. Go back to the mansion and enter the hole in the wall. After some more fighting you’ll emerge with the Idol of Many Hands.

As you’re leaving Fester will stop you but Governor Marley will intervene and send him away. Leave the mansion and you’ll be confronted by Fester again. This time he’ll tie the Idol to you and drop you off the pier. Pick up the Idol and you’ll walk up the ladder, grabbing a Sword along the way.

On the pier you’ll see a ship sailing off into the distance. The Old Man will tell you that the Governor’s been kidnapped by Le’Chuck.

Finding a Crew

You’ll need a crew if you want to rescue the Governor. The first choice is the Sword Master. Walk back to her hideout and tell her the Governor’s been kidnapped. She’ll immediately agree to help you.

The next crew member can be found on hook island. On the map screen go to the northeast corner of the map. Use the Rubber Chicken on the flying fox to glide across to the island. Open the door to the house and go inside.

Speak with Meathook and tell him about Governor Marley. He’ll agree to join your crew if you face the terrible beast hidden away at the back of his house. After Meathook opens the other doors open the final wooden door and then touch the parrot. Once you’ve done that Meathook will join your crew.

The final member will be Otis, the prisoner. Make your way to the Scumm Bar and pick up all of the empty Mugs on the table. Go to the right and speak with the sobbing cook to find out what happened to Elaine (Governor Marley). Enter the kitchen and fill up one of the Mugs with Grog.

The Grog will slowly eat away the Mug so you’ll need to move quickly. Before the Mug has been completely eaten through move the Grog to a new Mug. You can see how badly the Mug is damaged by looking at it in your inventory. Make your way to the prison and use the Grog with the Prison Lock to free Otis. Ask him to join your crew. Initially he’ll trick you and run away but later he’ll join you when the ship is ready to leave.

Finding a Ship

What good’s a crew without a ship to sail? Go to the island map and click on the bright lights. Speak with Stan to find out about the available ships. Tell him you want a cheap boat. He’ll take you to a boat at the end of the jetty called the Sea Monkey. When Stan asks you how much you have to spend tell him you want it on credit. He’ll agree to take credit but now you just need someone willing to vouch for you.

Leave the jetty and make your way to the General Store. Ask the storekeeper for credit. He’ll ask if you have a job. Reply with “Of Course”. When he walks up to open the safe watch carefully for the safe’s combination. It’s different every time you play.

The storekeeper will take out a credit note. When he returns to his desk he asks what your job is. No matter what you reply the storekeeper will reject your credit application and put the note back in the safe. When he puts the note back you’ll have another chance to see the safe’s combination.

When the storekeeper returns to his desk ask to see the Sword Master. He’ll run off to speak with her. Walk up to the safe and open it using the combination you observed earlier. You’ll need to use the Push and Pull buttons. Once it’s opened you’ll automatically take the Credit Note.

Return to Stan on the jetty and ask once more about the cheap boat. Tell him you have credit from the storekeeper. You’ll need to negotiate the price down to 5,000 pieces of eight. To get the price down ask Stan about extras and then say that you “don’t need that piece of junk”.

Once you’ve removed all of the extras ask Stan what he thinks the ship is worth. He’ll say around 7,000 pieces of eight. End the conversation and try to walk away. Stan will call you back. Ask about extras again and say you don’t want them. Ask the price and if it’s over 6,000 pieces of eight walk away and start the process again. Once the price gets to below 6,000 you can make your offer of 5,000 pieces of eight and Stan should finally accept the trade.

Make your way to the docks to board the ship. You’ll also meet your crew there, the Sword Master, Meathook and Otis. It’s not much of a crew but it will have to do.

The Journey

Pick up the Quill and Ink Pot. Open the desk drawer, look inside and pick up the Book.  Read the book, it’s the previous Captain’s Journal. There’s a cabinet next to the bed but you’ll need a key to open it. Leave the Captain’s Room and climb up the mast. Pick up the Jolly Roger and climb back down.

Go down the hatch to the lower deck. Continue down to the lowest room and pick up some Gunpowder from the barrel. Take the Rope and then open the chest and take the Wine.

Climb back up to the middle floor pick up the Pot. Open the wall cabinet and take the Cereal. Open the Cereal to eat it and find a Prize. Open the Prize to find a Monkey-Headed key.

Go back to the Captain’s Quarters and use the Key to open the cabinet. Inside is a chest. Open the chest and Guybrush will take the Leaflet and Cinnamon Sticks. Look at the Leaflet to see a recipe for getting to Monkey Island.

Go back to the kitchen and put all the items you can in the cooking pot. If Guybrush refuses to put something in the pot you still need it for later. Once all the correct items have been added to the pot it will explode and Guybrush will be knocked unconscious.

When Guybrush wakes up use the Melee Island Treasure Map on the flames under the cooking pot to make Flames. Climb down to the lower deck and take another handful of Gunpowder. Climb up to the deck to find out you’ve arrived at Monkey Island!

To get onto the island use the Rope on the back of the cannon. Use the Gunpowder on the front of the cannon and then wear the Pot. You’ll be cannonballed over to the island.

Monkey Island

Click somewhere on the screen to pull your head out of the sand. Read the notice pinned to the tree and pick up the Banana. Walk to the jungle to enter the Monkey Island map. Walk west until you find another beach. Go to it and pick up the Note. Speak with Herman if you want more story and then return to the Monkey Island map. Herman will show up wherever you go. You can continue talking to him or just ignore him but he does have a key that you’ll need to get from him later.

Head towards the crater on the western side of the map and follow the path around to a Fort. Once you’re at the fort pick up the Rope and push the cannon. Pick up the TelescopeCannonball and Gunpowder.

Return to the map and head east. Follow the mountain ridge until you come to a fork in the river. Take the Rock and another Note. Walk along the bridge and climb up the footholds in the rock. Pick up the Note and use Push/Pull on the see-saw until the rock is on the right. Pull it back 3 times and then walk up the rock path to the top.

Push the large rock off the top of the plateau. The rock should hit the see-saw and the other rock should go flying over the jungle to hit the banana tree. You’ll know if you’ve done it right because Guybrush will say “Wow, I think I hit the banana tree!”

Head back down the path, picking up the Note along the way. Cross the bridge and use the Gunpowder with the dam. The dam is the small rocky section just to the right of the wooden bridge. Use the Flint Rock with the Cannonball to blow up the dam and release the water. Guybrush will get pushed down the river into the jungle.

Continue along the river to the pond at the end. Pick up the Rope and a Note. Go back to the map and head east to another beach. Pick up the Message in a Bottle and read it.

Return to the map and go to the “crack” just to the north of the beach where you landed. Use a Rope with the strong branch and climb down. Use the other Rope on the tree stump and climb down again. Pick up the Oars and return to the jungle.

Return to the beach you arrived at and pick up 2 more Bananas. Use the Oars with the Boat. You can now row counter-clockwise around the island to the north side. Stop off at the beach on the north-eastern side and pick up the Note.

Enter the jungle and head north-west to the Cannibal Village. Walk to the west and pick up 2 Bananas. Try to leave the village. The cannibals will capture you and put you in a hut. You’ll see Herman’s Banana Pickers here but you can’t pick them up yet. Pick up the Note and the Skull. Use the loose floor board to escape.

Return to the boat and row back to the beach on the southern side. Walk into the jungle a little to the north until you find the monkey. Give the monkey all 5 Bananas and he’ll follow you. Walk to the eastern side of the island to Lechuck’s Lair. Click on the nose of the left totem pole to pull it down and open the gates. When you release it the gate closes but the monkey sees what you did and pulls the nose down for you. Go through the gate and pick up a small Idol.

Make your way back to the Cannibal Village and give them the Idol. Enter the hut where you were imprisoned and take the Banana Pickers. Leave the village and Herman will show up again. Give him the Banana Pickers in exchange for the Key to the Monkey Head.

Return to LeChuck’s Lair and use the Key in the Monkey’s Ear to open its mouth. Walk through the mouth to enter the cave.

LeChuck’s Lair

Enter the monkey head and then leave again. You’ll need a navigator before you can continue. Return to the Cannibal Village and ask for the head of the navigator. They won’t give it to you so give them the “How to Get Ahead in Navigating” Leaflet and they’ll give you the Navigator’s Head.

Return to the Monkey Head and walk inside. Use the Navigator’s Head and follow its nose to the lair. When you eventually find LeChuck’s ship talk to the Navigator’s Head. You can ask nicely for the necklace or threaten it. Either way it’ll give you the Necklace. Use it to become invisible to ghosts.

Walk onto the ship and enter the cabin on the left. Use the Compass in your inventory with the Kky hanging up on the wall to get the Key. Go back to the deck and down the hatch near to the mast. There’s a pirate sleeping with a bottle of grog but we’ll get that later. Go east and pick up the Feather. Go back west and use the Feather on the sleeping pirate’s feet a few times until he drops the grog. Pick up the Grog and return to the hold to the east.

Use the Key on the hatch and climb down. Use the Grog on the rat’s tray to kill the rat, then pick up the Grease. Go back to the main deck and use the Grease on the door to the right. Open the door and go inside. Pick up the Tools.

Go down the hatch to the hold once more and use the Tools with the glowing chest. Take the Root. Leave the lair and return to the Cannibals. Give them the Root and they’ll make a Spritzer that kills ghosts. Return to the lair to find Bob all alone. Either Herman or your crew will arrive to tell you that Le’Chuck’s gone off to marry Elaine!

Guybrush Kicks Butt

You’ll arrive back on the docks of Melee Island. If a ghost appears zap it with the Spritzer. Make your way to the church and go inside. Use any of the dialogue options to stop the wedding.

Elaine will come abseiling down from the roof. Apparently she had things under control all along! The fake Elaine is actually 2 monkeys and they run off with the bottle of Spritzer.

LeChuck will punch Guybrush, sending him flying all the way to the Grog Machine at Stan’s Ships. quickly pick up the Bottle of Grog and use it on LeChuck. If you don’t do it in time LeChuck will punch you all around the island. You’ll eventually come back to Stans where you can pick up the bottle again. Once LeChuck has been sprayed with the grog he’ll explode, leaving Guybrush and Elaine alone to finally get to know each other.

Congratulations on completing The Secret of Monkey Island!