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This contract can be started by reading the notice board in Fyresdal or by speaking to Vagan, Fyresdal’s elder. Either way speak to Vagan to find out he believes there’s a Dragon in the area. He wants you to kill it but points you in the direction of two boys who were killed so you can examine them for clues.

Make your way over to the house in question to find the grieving mother standing over her two sons. Just looking at one body will tell you that this is not a dragon as there are claw and bite marks but no burns.

Make your way to the marker outside the village to find a dead cow. Follow the trail of blood to a dead dog. By this stage Geralt is certain it’s a Forktail but you’ll need to lure it out.

Return to the village elder and tell him you’ll need bait to lure the creature out. He’ll give you a sheep called Mia. Herd her towards the Forktail’s nest until the Forktail appears.

Kill the Forktail and then loot it for the Forktail Trophy and a steel sword called Dancer. Return to Vagan to let him know the job is done. If you lie to him you’ll get the full amount of 204 Crowns but if you tell him it was only a Forktail he’ll give you half the agreed amount instead.

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