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This quest can be started by reading the notice board in Svorlag. Go and speak to Kevan to find out he thinks his sister’s betrothed ran off although his sister, Britt, insists a monster carried him off. Kevan wants you to investigate and asks you to investigate the area across the bay.

Make your way over to the location and you’ll find Britt. Talk to her and she’ll tell you she saw a flying monster grab Nils and fly off to the caves on the southern part of the island.

Follow the map marker to the caves and go inside where you’ll be attacked by a Drowner. Kill it and then search around for some tracks. Examine them to find out they belong to a large Siren. Follow the tracks deeper into the cave where you’ll need to kill off more Drowners.

When you reach the large chamber you’ll find an altar to Melusine. Head down the eastern tunnel to find some scales in the water. Geralt will conclude the monster is a powerful Ekhidna. It’s a larger and more powerful breed of Siren.

Continue down the tunnel and then climb up the ledge where you’ll find the body of Nils. After the cutscene the Ekhidna Melusine will arrive.

Use the Crossbow, Aard or Igni to drop her out of the sky where you can more easily deal with her. Once she’s been killed examine the body for the Ekhidna Trophy. Make your way back to Kevan and let him know what happened. He’ll ask if you can tell Britt the bad news. You can agree or tell him that he should be the one to tell her. Either way the quest will be complete.

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