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This quest takes place over multiple areas. It begins by talking to the Armorers, Fergus and Yoanna, in Crow’s Perch in Velen. Yoana will tell you about some fine tools which could be used to craft armor which is both light and strong. The tools are to be found on Undvik Island in Skellige.

You will most likely come across the forge during The Lord of Undvik quest when you help Hjalmar slay the Ice Giant. Once you’ve killed the giant take the High-Quality Smithing Tools back to Fergus in Crow’s Perch.

A commander of the Nilfgaard army will approach and ask for some armor. While they’re negotiating a price Yoana will say that she’s the true master armorer and is fed up with being called a helper. She’ll ask you to retrieve the acid of an Archgriffin so she can craft the armor. This unlocks the Contract: The Griffin from the Highlands.

Once you’ve completed the contract bring the Acid Gland from the Archgriffin back to Yoana so she can craft her armor.

When the commander comes back he demands to know what’s going on. After learning that Yaonna claims to be the true master armorer he’ll want to put both armors to the test by shooting them with bolts. If you refuse to wear Yoana’s armor the quest will fail. If you agree Yoana’s armor will protect you and the commander will declare the forge to be Yoana’s from now on.

Come back to the forge after a day and Yoana will have crafted you some new armor. You can go back to her whenever you want to craft the upgraded witcher gear.

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