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An Unpaid Debt is only available if you accepted help from Simun Brambling while completing Stranger in a Strange Land and have completed The Cave of Dreams.

A few days after completing the previous quests you’ll find Simun Brambling outside the New Port Inn at Kaer Trolde. He’ll ask you to help him settle a score as a favor to him as he helped you out earlier.

If you agree he’ll ask you to meet him by a hut near Blandare. Follow the map marker to the location and you’ll find out the Simun wants to kill a man named Volund. Volund tells you that Simun killed his brother and he’s sworn revenge against him.

You can side with Simun or Volund. Whichever side you choose the other party will help with the attack. After the fight Geralt will vow to never get involved with issues of pride or bonds of kinship.

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