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After speaking with Crach an Craite during the main quest The King is Dead – Long Live the King, you’ll learn that his daughter, Cerys, is trying to rid Jarl Udalryk of a curse. Crach an Craite hopes you’ll convince her to come back home.

Make your way to the island of Spikeroog and and go to the main village called Svorlag. Talk to Udalryk, who when you find him will be talking to Hjort about a strange dream.

When Udalryk leaves you can talk to Hjort alone. Ask him about Cerys and he’ll point the way to a couple of villagers that may have seen her and tell you about the Jarl’s Old Family Home.

Cerys has gone to the Old Family Home but you can ask the villagers for clues that will eventually take you to the haunted house.

Cerys and the Haunted House

Make your way to the abandoned house and go inside. Use your Witcher senses to follow the footsteps until you find Cerys passed out on the floor. Geralt will take her out of the house.

Outside you’ll have a chance to talk to her. She refuses to go home until she can help Udalryk who she believes is under a curse. She wants to find the family sword, Brokvar, which she believes will lift the curse.

The sword was given to Udalryk’s younger brother, Aki, instead of the firstborn. Udalryk was enraged and argued with his father over the decision. Afterwards while Udalryk and Aki were out fishing a storm hit and Aki fell overboard and was never seen again. Some think it wasn’t an accident and Udalryk killed his brother on purpose.

Cerys thinks Arki’s ghost is haunting Udalryk and she wants to return the family sword to him.

Geralt isn’t so convinced about the source of the curse but decides to find the sword anyway. Go back inside the house and search the oven where you’ll find the Cellar Key. Enter the cellar and find Brokvar lying on the table.

Aki’s Grave

Sail out to the location where Aki fell overboard and dive down to find Aki’s remains. Place Brokvar with the skeleton and then return to shore. Make your way back to the village to let Udalryk know the sword has been returned.

When you approach you’ll see Udalryk screaming and as it turns out he poked one of his eyes out as the voices in his head commanded. It seems the curse has not been broken.

Geralt figures out that it’s not a curse at all but a creature called a Hym, that attaches to people over thier guilt and causes them to harm themselves.

Geralt tells Cerys that there are two ways to remove the Hym, trick it into latching onto someone else or fighting it in it’s lair. Cerys wants to trick the Hym and apparently has a plan.

Tricking the Hym

Cerys asks you to trust her no matter what happens and runs off to get prepared. When you start the fire for the oven a small cutscene will begin.

Cerys rushes in with the Jarl’s Baby and hands him to you. She’s followed by a very angry Udalryk and guards. Cerys tells you to throw the baby in the hot oven. You’ll have a limited time to decide to do as she says or to hand the baby over to the Jarl.

If you do as Cerys instructs then the guards will attack and you’ll need to kill them. Geralt feelling guilty about the baby will lure the Hym out. At this point Hjort will appear with the baby. He was on the other side of the oven to grab it.

If you gave the baby back to the Jarl then you’ll need to follow the second path.

Fighting the Hym

Talk to Udalryk and tell him that he needs to visit the Old Family Home. Hjort will follow along with the torches that you need to start the fight.

Place the torches and light them to lure the Hym out. You’ll need to cast Axii on Udalryk from time to time to calm him down. Eventually the Hym will retreat to it’s lair in the cellar. Follow the Hym down to the cellar and kill it. Head back out and talk to Udalryk to let him know that he’s free of the Hym.

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