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A man named Timmon, in the village of Harviken on Faroe Isle, will call out to you as you approach. Talk to him to find out that his two brothers, Mikkel and Ulf, went to fetch his bride but have not returned. He asks you to find out what’s happened to them.

Follow the map marker to the east of the island and kil lthe Sirens. Search near the shore for the body of a woman. Use Keira’s Magic Lamp to find out what happened. The ghosts of the two brothers will be crying over her and asking Freya for forgiveness.

Use your Witcher senses to follow the footprints up the hill to a tree where you’ll find the dead brothers. They decided to kill themselves rather than give their brother the bad news. Search the bodies for a Key and the Letter from Agda’s Father to Timmon.

Walk back down the hill and dive into the water where the ship wrecked off the coast and search the chest for a Gold Diamond Necklace.

Return to Timmon and let him know what happened. You have the opportunity to give him the Necklace if you wish and then the quest will be complete.

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