Alone in the Dark 2 is the second in the trilogy in which you’ll be playing private eye Edward Carnby. He’s investigating the kidnapping of a young girl, Grace Saunders, who you also get to play later in the game. After following the clues through an old mansion and dealing with the pirates you’ll need to rescue Grace and discover the secrets of the Pirate’s immortality.

Alone in the Dark 2 has a similar game style to the first game although it feels a bit smoother to play. You begin with a Revolver and will pick up other weapons along the way such as Tommy Guns, Flintlocks and Swords. Grace isn’t able to attack and will need to sneak past enemies or set up booby traps to kill them.

Alone in the Dark 2 Walkthrough

The Hedge Maze

You begin outside the house. Quickly punch and kick the Guard next to you before he readies his weapon. Pick up the Thompson, Clip and Flask that he drops. Drink from the Flask for some extra HP.

Run down the path and push the Anchor Statue out of the way of the front of the Hedge Maze and run inside. If you’re quick you’ll avoid being shot by the next Guard. Stop just before the first corner of the Hedge Maze. Walk forwards until you hear the guard and then walk backwards behind the hedge. Wait for the Guard to approach and shoot him with your Gun. He drops a Photo.

Continue forwards down the screen and take Carnby’s next right. Kill the next Guard and take his Clip and Flask. Continue to the end of the passage and pick up the Rope. Take note of the Ace of Diamonds card on the ground.

Head back to the main path and go right, towards the bottom of the screen. Continue down the path to a 4-way intersection. First follow the path towards the top of the screen. You’ll be attacked by another Guard from behind you to the right. Continue along the path towards the top of the screen and shoot another Guard. Run all the way to the end of the passage for a Clip.

Return to the 4-way intersection and run down the lower passage. You’ll be attacked by a Guard from Carnby’s left. He drops a Book. Read the Book and continue down the passage that turns off to the left.

Pick up the Hook and then step on the Ace of Diamonds on the ground to the right. This takes you to the underground tunnels.

Underground Tunnels

Run down the screen and then up the next screen to pick up the Flask just under another trapdoor. You’ll be attacked by a Fat Guard from behind. Leave the screen to the left and go left again to the Chest. Push the Chest to reveal a Metallic Jack of Diamonds. This raises the Altar.

Head towards the Altar and pick up the Torn Notebook from the ground. Turn around and shoot the Ghost that attacks. Pick up the Pirate Sword that it drops. Go to the right and then climb back up the ladder to the Hedge Maze.

Hedge Maze

Run off the screen to the left.

Follow the path and take the first left.  Kill the Guard with green trousers and continue along the path. Ignore the path to Carnby’s right with the strange face in the hedges and take the next path on Carnby’s left.

Kill the Fat Guard and he’ll drop a Flask. Continue along the path until you come to some Branches that lash out at you. Use the Pirate Sword to kill them and continue along the path.

Quickly run around the corner and past the Fat Guy. This is the first boss called Shorty Leg. Hide around the left side of the statue and shoot him as he gets close.

Once he’s dead he drops a Page from the Newspaper. Use the Hook and you’ll attach it to your Rope. Walk close to the front of the statue and use the Hook and Rope to reveal a secret entrance. Go inside and climb down the ladder.

The Basement

When you fall down onto a wooden bridge you’ll lose all of your stuff. Walk up the screen and pick up the Nickel. Walk back over the bridge to find a Crank. Continue to the other side and pick up the Paper Bag.

Approach the dead man to find a Torn Notebook. You should have both halves on the Notebook which means you can read it now. Also near the dead man you’ll find a Pipe Cleaner.

Approach the locked door and use the Page from a Newspaper. Carnby will slide it under the door. Now use the Pipe Cleaner to push the key from the keyhole onto the paper. Carby will pull the paper back and grab the Key. Use the Key to unlock the door and go inside.

Walk down the storage room to a lever with a Guard sitting in a chair. SAVE your game here. Use the Paper Bag to blow it up and the use the Paper Bag again to pop it and make a noise. As the Guard begins to stand up Push the Lever. If you time it right the barrel will swing down and knock the man out of the room. He drops a Manuscript, Flask and Riot Gun.

Walk to the side of the Grandfather Clock until you see a hole. Use the Crank to reveal a secret passage. Go into the passage and pick up the Book. Continue down the passage to find Cartridges for the Riot Gun. Go up the lift to the ground floor.

A Music Man is here. Open your inventory and Tear the Music Man’s Pact to get rid of him. He drops a Hook. Go through the white door opposite the lift.

In the opposite corner of the chequered room you’ll find a Battledore. This can be used as a weapon. Open the next white door and go through. Quickly kill the two Guards firing at a practice range.

Pick up the Cartridges for the Riot Gun on a small table by the door then run to the other end of the room. You’ll see four targets with card suites on them. You need to turn them all to Diamonds. If you punch them they will rotate twice and if you shoot them they’ll rotate once.

Once all the targets are turned to Diamonds the door to the right will open and a Man will come out. Whack him with the Battledore and then go inside. Use the Nickel on the Slot Machine to win 2 Tokens. Walk next to the shelves to find a Flask.

Near the back of the room, by the barrels on the right and left sides you’ll find 2 Books. Leave the room and go back to the range. Run to the other side and run behind the Fat Man. Kill him with the Battledore and then pick up the Sack.

Open the sack to find a Santa Claus Suit and then wear it. Leave the room the way you came and then run up the stairs.

Ground Floor

This next part is tricky so SAVE your game before you continue.

Around the corner to the right is a Statue holding a trident. If you run past it and then run off the screen the statue will throw the trident. Run up to the statue and take the Crown. There’s a Little Chef who runs back and forth from the kitchen to somewhere up the stairs. Follow him up the stairs and then come straight back down again.

Wait at the base of the stairs for the Little Chef to return. As he’s making his way back to the kitchen run past him into the kitchen. The trident will follow you into the kitchen but kill the Little Chef instead.

In the kitchen pick up the Frying Pan and then hit the Fat Chef with it. If you use the backswing the frying pan will block some of the darts that the Fat Chef shoots at you. Once he’s dead pick up the Wine from the back of the kitchen, the Poison from the right side and the Plate of Fried Eggs from the front counter. Eat the Fried Eggs for some extra health.

Use the Poison to pour it into the Wine. Step out of the kitchen and place the Poisoned Wine in front of the closed door opposite the statue. Wait a little while for two guys to stumble out and die.

Enter the room they came from and use the Token on the Jukebox. Use the second Token on the Jukebox to open the door at the end of the room. Go through the door and pick up the Bullet-Proof Vest from the bed. Search the floor between the beds to find a Thompson and a Loading Clip. Try to fire the Thompson to find out it’s jammed. Drop the Thompson on the floor. You’ll find another one later.

Leave the room and go back through the kitchen. Run past the statue and go up the stairs to the next level.

First Floor

Kill the Guard at the top of the stairs. The Frying Pan works well against him, and then go through the door. Enter the door in the middle of the hallway to the Pool Room. A Guy throws a Derringer at you. Pick it up and either shoot him or whack him with the Frying Pan. He drops a Sword-Stick.

Run to the bookshelves at the other end of the room and pick up the Book and Piece of Parchment from the bookshelf at the end on the left. Leave the room the way you came and go through the door at the end of the hallway on Carnby’s left.

In the corner of the room you’ll come across 2 Ghostly Arms with swords. Use the Sword-Stick to kill them but keep your distance.

When they’ve been killed you’ll be able to pick up the second Piece of Parchment from the pedestal. Open your inventory and use the Piece of Parchement to put the two pieces together. You can now read the full Parchment.

Walk to the white statue and use the Crown to place it on the statue’s head. Now run to the open door on the other side of the room and go through to the magic room. Inside you’ll find an Amulet on the floor. Pick it up to be teleported to another location.


Pick up the Message from the corner and then the Flask from the opposite corner. Open the door and run around the corner to the left and pick up the Tommy-Gun and Loading Clip from the small chest. If you still have the Jammed Tommy-Gun you’ll need to drop it before you can pick up the one from the chest.

Run back into the small room where you teleported and kill the Acrobat and Guard in a Green Trenchcoat as they come through the door. The Acrobat drops a Flask and the Guard in a Green Trenchcoat drops a Grenade and a Key.

Go through the open double doors and use the Doubloon on the Jack-in-the-Box. It will drop a Pompon. Leave the room and then open the closed door at the top of the screen. There’s a doorway to an open courtyard. Don’t go through but stand just inside of it and throw the Pompon. The Clown will chase it into the courtyard and get killed by the Snakes.

Stand a few steps back from the open chimney chute and use the Grenade. This should kill one of the Guards in the room below. Enter the chute to go down the chimney.

Ground Floor

Quickly run out of the room before the Guards start firing. Run through the kitchen and out the door. Stand just around the corner and kill the Guards with your Tommy-Gun as they try to come through.

Run back through the kitchen and into the room with the fireplace. Take the red Billiard Ball from the Christmas Tree. Run back out, through the kitchen, and up the stairs.

First Floor

Go through the door into the hallway and then through the door in the middle to the Pool Room. Place the Billiard Ball into the mechanism with holes in it.

This will reveal a secret door. Go up to the door, use the Key to unlock it and then go through. Carnby will be captured.

After the cutscene Grace will escape and the Guard will run after her. Use the Hook on the cage door to escape. Run downstairs and head to the front door. While you’re in that area Elizabeth will enter and capture you once more.

Grace Saunders

Run towards the mansion and then hide behind the car to the right of the front porch. Open the boot of the car. As a man comes out to get in the car Grace will hide in the back and find a Billiard Ball. Once the cars out of the gates Grace will climb out.

Run towards the gazebo and take the Hook. Run away behind the car before anyway spots you. Run off the screen to the left and then run up the screen. Run to the right until you see a golf flag and use the Billiard Ball. Grace will drop in in the hole and a secret statue will be revealed.

Run back to the statue and use the Hook on the statue. A man will come out of the tree and capture you.

Pirate Ship

Push the wooden board in the way of the small exit and go through. Pick up the Bag of Seeds, Sandwich and Pepper. Use the Bag of Seeds and Grace will feed them to the Parrot. The Parrot will then give you some clues.

Take the other exit out of the room into the main hallway of the lower deck. Quickly run to the left and hide in a small alcove. When the Pirate passes by run behind him and straight ahead to the ladder at the other end of the deck. Climb up the ladder and then climb up the second ladder to the top deck.

There’s a group of Pirates listening and dancing to music. You’ll need to sneak around them to the hatch. Make sure you pick up the Tinder-Box along the way. Climb down the hatch.

Walk close to the chest to search it and find a Small Cannon. Also take the Vase from the shelf and the Staff from a closet on the far side of the bed.

Use the Small Cannon and Grace will place it down in front of the door. Use the Pepper on the Small Cannon and then throw the Vase to break it and make a noise. When the Pirate opens the door use the … on the Small Cannon to shoot the Pirate and kill him. Pick up the Bell that the Pirate dropped and leave the room.

Go through the door straight ahead and pick up the Chicken’s Foot from the table. Stand near the blue dumbwaiter and ring the Bell. Grace will get in and be taken back up to the mansion.

Ground Floor

Pick up the Key from the floor in front of the cupboard and then use the Key to unlock the cupboard. Inside you’ll find an Icebox and a Pot of Molasses.

Leave the kitchen towards the large area with the statue but run back in when you hear a voice. Use the Icebox to place the ice on the floor and stand back. A Guard will slip on the ice and die. Leave the kitchen and run upstairs.

First Floor

Run towards the open door. As you’re about to go through you’ll hear another voice. Use the Molasses and you’ll place it on the floor, preventing the Guard from reaching you. Go through to the pool room and pick up the Token from the end of the pool table.

Head into the main bedroom with the cell and stand behind the old desk in the corner. Use the Staff to find a Key and a Book.

Leave the pool room and make your way through the lounge area to the magic room. Stand on the circle and use the Staff. The Staff will change form and Grace will be teleported back to the ground floor.

Ground Floor

Go into the kitchen and run back out again. Another Guard will trip on the ice. Go into the kitchen and use the Bell to open the dumbwaiter. Crawl in and Grace will be captured again.

Pirate Ship


You can use the left and right arrows to move Carnby’s arms. Move his right arm to pick up the Key from the floor. You’ll succeed on the third attempt. Use the Key to unlock the handcuffs and then kill the Pirate who’s holding Grace. When he dies he drops a Pirate Sword.

Go through the door and use the Pirate Sword to kill the next Pirate. He drops a Thompson Gun which doesn’t seem to do any damage to the pirates and a Flask. Leave the room and face yet another Pirate in the hall. He drops a Pirate Pistol and a Short Fuse.

Open the door opposite into a smelting room. Run back out and kill the two Pirates as they come through the door. Go back inside and pick up the Poker on the floor in front of the smeltery, the Pliers from the table and the Useful Key from the floor in the far corner.

Leave the room and head up the room to where Grace hid in the alcove. Go through the door next to the alcove and kill the Fat Pirate. Pick up the Coat of Mail. Apparently if you push the barrel in the corner out of the way you can pick up a second Coat of Mail but I could never push the barrel far enough. Wear the Coat of Mail to protect against the next few attacks. You’ll also find a Pirate Pistol, Ammunition for the Pirate Pistol and a Flask.

Leave the room and open the door at the end of the hallway. Go inside and kill the Pirate with two guns. He drops more Ammunition for the Pirate Pistol and a Flask.

Leave the room and walk back down the hallway. You’ll be attacked by another Pirate. Continue to the other end of the hallway and use the Useful Key to open the locked door and go through. Kill the Swordmaster Pirate with a Sword. There are explosive barrels in this room. This Pirate drops a Keg of Powder and an Opuscule. Leave the room and climb up the ladder.

Run down the hall and open the second door on Carnby’s left to the Pirate sleeping quarters. Use the Keg of Powder and Carnby will place it down in front of the door.

Leave the room and go through the door opposite. Kill the sleeping Pirate next to the cannon. You’ll need to use a downward strike to wake him up first. He drops Ammunition for the Pirate Pistol.

Use the Pliers on the cannon and then Push it. Carnby will turn it around so that it faces the Keg of Powder. Use the Short Fuse on the Cannon and then use the Poker. The sleeping quarters will blow up and all the Pirates inside will be killed. Run into the sleeping quarters and pick up the Pouch of Gold Coins and the Flask.

Leave the room. Run to the other side of the deck and use the Pouch of Gold Coins near one of the two locked doors. The Pirate Dwarves will come running out from the door on the right. Kill them and then enter through the door they came from.

Take the Flask from the shelf, walk to the other side of the kitchen and open the door. Go through and kill the Chef. The Pirate Pistol works well against his darts. He drops a Metallic Jack of Diamonds.

Leave the kitchen and use the Metallic Jack of Diamonds to open the other locked door. Once you step inside you’ll be captured again.

Grace Saunders

Run further into the room and use the Staff on the statue of Captain Nichols to open the door next to it. Go inside and use the Chicken’s Foot. Grace will kill the Voodoo Witch.


Quickly run out of the room before the ghost reaches you and climb up the ladder to Carnby’s right. On the top deck you’ll be attacked by a number of Pirates. If you don’t move too far out onto the deck you can kill the Music Man before the other Pirates attack. The Music Man drops a Hook.

Kill the other two large Pirates and then climb up the central mast to the top. Kill the Pirate up here and then stand below the rope and use the Hook to slide across to another platform.

Use the Pirate Pistol or the Pirate Sword with long jabs to kill the Acrobat. Drop down from the platform and pick up Captain Nichol’s Sword. Grace has been tied to the mast. Quickly run to her and use the Pliers to free her. Next run to the Cannons to stop them from firing. Once that’s done you’re ready to face Captain Nichol himself.

The Captain isn’t difficult to defeat as long as you’re using the right weapon. He can only be hurt by Captain Nichol’s Sword. So ready your weapon and start swinging away until he’s been killed.

Congratulations on completing Alone in the Dark 2! If you enjoyed this game make sure you check out the other games in the series, Alone in the Dark and Alone in the Dark 3.