Cat Quest 2 is an open world adventure by The Gentlebros. You’ll explore the world as either a cat or dog or both as you try to unite the feline and canine empires. There are lots of quests to complete and loot to find.

The cat and dog have new unique abilities and spells. New weapons include master swords and staves. There are tons of dungeons with new traps and obstacles. Complete all the side quests for extra experience or just go straight for the main story line.

Cat Quest 2 Main Quests

Quest 1: Intro

Two kings, Cat and Dog, fell to corruption. Only their prophesied return can restore peace to the two empires.

You’ll arrive on Mewment Shores with your guide, Kirry, nearby. Follow Kirry into Brave Cave and out the other side. You’ll find the Kingsmarker stone that allows fast travel. I never used it too much as it’s usually easier to quick roll across the world.

Take the path up to South Pawt and Kirry will give you your first quest to find the Blacksmith Kit Cat.

Quest 2: Blacksmith Kit

Run north to the Blacksmith and Kirry will be waiting outside to tell you that Kit Cat is missing. She’s been gone for 2 days. Follow the white trail to the east and you’ll find a mysterious voice coming from Seaside Cove.

Inside the dungeon Kit Cat will ask you to get some Ores for her. Grab them and return to her. She’ll ask you to visit her at her shop. Once you enter you’ll learn about upgrading equipment. When you leave Kirry will tell you that the Mages want your help in the fight against Lioner.

Quest 3: Arcane Kitties

Head over to the Arcane Headpawters to the southwest and speak to the two mages. Follow the mage into the tower to learn about upgrading spells.

As you leave the Headpawters and step over the bridge you’ll be stopped and attacked by a couple of Soldiers and their Rock Creature. Take them out and head back to the mages to complete the quest.

Make your way north to the Catpital and speak with Kirry again. She’ll ask you if you’re ready to reclaim your throne and start the next quest.

Quest 4: The Purrsecutor

You’ll see Lioner outside the Catpital. Kirry will give you two paths to follow, one east and one south. Follow the path to the east to find Lioner. Take out his two jesters but Lioner himself will be resistant to everything.

Stay alive until he teleports away, then you’ll need to find a way back to the Mainland. Investigate the stone to the north of the island to learn Healpaw, then travel through the King Sigil Ruins.

Defeat the boss at the end of it to find the King’s Sigil. You’ll then be told to forge the Kingsblade.

Back on the Mainland you’ll meet Kirry and the quest will be complete.

Quest 5: The Kingsblade

Visit Kirry outside of Kit Cat’s Blacksmith to begin the quest. Follow her north and defeat the monsters. She’ll take you to a dungeon and tell you that if you defeat her she’ll help.

Kit Cat has quite a bit of health and she likes to use Healpaw making this a long fight. After the fight she’ll give you Lionardo’s Key to unlock King Lionardo’s Ruins.

Quest 6: The Trial of Lionardo

Head to the east and enter the ruins. You’ll be given the clue to follow the light so take the teleporters along the paths where the lamps are lit up. Eventually you’ll have a battle with a Red Dragon and his minions. Defeat him and grab the Kingshard.

Outside the ruins Kirry will tell you to head back to Kit Cat’s Blaskmith.

Quest 7: The First Kings

Kit Cat is amazed that you have a Kingshard but tells you that you need more to make the King’s Blade. Follow her all the way north to the Lupus Empire.

Kit Cat will unlock the door to Felingard’s Statue. Go into the dungeon and make your way along the First Bridge. You’ll be stopped by Lioner along the way. Fight off his minions and survive until Kit Cat traps him. Run across the bridge to the other side and you’ll be in the Lupus Empire.

Quest 8: Weaponsmith Doggo

Head to the north to the Wall of Lupus and speak with Kirry outside Hotto Doggo’s shop. There’s a note on the door saying that the weaponsmith has travelled north to look for supplies.

The Soldiers will stop you from going through the gate. Kirri will taell you to ask around the town for ideas. One of the peasants will tell you that the Soldiers really like doggy biscuits.

Go to Pound Town just south of the wall and talk to the biscuit seller. He’ll give them to you if you get his dog bone from the Ruff Cove cave. Search around the dungeon for the Dog Bone and bring it back to the biscuit seller in exchange for the box of biscuits.

Return to the Soldiers at the wall and this time they’ll let you pass. Visit Kirry just to the north to complete the quest. Talk to the peasant and defeat the Soldiers.

Quest 9: The Labrathor

Head to the north and talk to Kirry just outside of Doge Town. You’ll overhear Wolfen talking to a Soldier. Hotto has been surrounded. Talk to the Soldier and defeat him and his friends until he wants to talk. He tells you to go to the Far-Fetched Sands to the west.

When you approach Hotto Doggo will think you’re an enemy and attack. Defeat him and head back to his shop just south of the gate.

Hotto gives you the Woofhauser Key and tells you to find the next Shard in the Woofhauser Ruins.

Quest 10: The Trial of Woofhauser

The Woofhauser Ruins can be found all the way to north of the continent but you won’t be able to get past the military camp. Talk to a nearby peasant and he’ll tell you about the secret entrance through the Far-Fetched Cave.

Make your way through the cave and take the exit to the blocked off area. Approach the tower in the lake to begin the trial.

Make your way through the dungeon and defeat Wolfen. You’ll find out that it’s all an illusion and he already has the Kingshard. Leave the dungeon and you’ll be back with Hotto Doggo.

Quest 11: The Kei-Nein

When you are ready visit Kirry outside the Weaponsmith’s shop to begin this quest. Go inside to talk to Hotto. He’ll tell you about the Kei-Nein unit.

Take out the Mage and either go through the Barkara Desert or fight past the Mages to get to the Throne of Lupus.

One there take out the Soldier guarding the entrance and enter the castle. You’ll be in the Zero Dimension. Take out the Wolfen clones. During the battle Kirry will appear and you’ll have a chance to grab the Kingshard.

Quest 12: The Final Shard

Return to Felingard and enter Kit Cat’s place. Hotto Doggo and Kit Cat will be inside. When they place their halves of the emblem together you’ll be given a clue.

“Travel north of the Catpital, till your feet near the ocean, next to the trees of black, the Final Shard lies…”

Head north from the Catpital and enter Purrn Cave. Make your way through the dungeon and past the spike puzzle until you find the pillar that teleports you to a small island with another pillar and a chest. Interact with this pillar.

You’ll be given a map showing you the location of the final Shard. When you leave Kirry will show you how to get to the islands. Run all the way to the west of Felingard and talk to Kirry. She shows you the island but you’ll need to find some way to get across the ocean.

Quest 13: Book of Water Walking

Visit the Governor outside the lighthouse at Pawt Bay. He has a journal that might provide some answers but some of the pages are missing. Follow the trail to find the missing pages.

Return to the Governor and he’ll tell you that one final page is still missing. Gp back to the lighthouse to continue the quest.

Quest 15: Artefact of Water Walking

Follow the final page as it teleports away and enter Bay Cave. Clear out the enemies and pick up the final page. You’ll also be given the Artefact.

Give the Artefact and Final Page to the Governor, then return to the lighthouse to continue the quest.

Quest 16: Gift of Water Walking

The Governor will start the ritual. Just walk into the portal once it’s ready. Defeat the boss that the First Governor spawns in, and then the First Governor himself. Once you’ve proven yourself in battle you’ll be given the Royal Art of Water Walking.

You’ll exit out onto an island far away from the mainland. Luckily you can walk across water now so run over to the islands to the west and speak with Kirry.

Quest 17: Trial of the First Kings

Enter into the unknown dungeon to start the Trial of the First Kings. Read the table for the question and then select the blue or orange buttons to provide the answer. The answers are pretty obvious.

Once you make it through you’ll be attacked by some kind of Ice Dragon and his minions. Defeat them to find the Final Shard.

Run back over the water to the mainland and show the Shards to the waiting Kit and Doggo. During the conversation you’ll be teleported to the Zero Dimension.

Quest 18: Kings of Old

The true identity of Wolfen and Lioner will be revealed. They are you from another dimension. Head towards Kirry and Dark Kirry and attack Dark Kirry.

Follow Kirry and she’ll take you to a dungeon. Make your way through the dungeon to the center where you’ll find Dark Kit Cat and Dark Hotto Doggo. Take them both out and an exit will be revealed.

You’ll appear on the Island of Felingard’s Tomb. Enter the three dungeons, Cave Valor, Cave Merc and Cave Virtue to gain those qualities. Only then can you enter Felingard’s Tomb.

Make your way along the passage, reading the tablets along the way if you want. Leave the dungeon and return to the mainland.

Quest 19: Lioner and Wolfen

Speak with Kirry to begin the quest and then enter Kit Cat’s forge. Head to the north and meet Kirry just outside the Catpital to spy on Lioner.

You’ll also need to spy on Wolfen so meet Kirry by the Lupus Throne. After finding out what Wolfen has planned return to Hotto Doggo.

Quest 20: King Lupus I

Hotto will give you the Key of Lupus and tell you to enter the Tomb of Lupus. Follow the quest marker to the location and speak with Kirry. It seems there’s no way inside.

You’ll need to find a secret way inside. Enter the Unknown tomb to the south or the one to the north. Take the exit in the center of the dungeon and you’ll be near the tomb.

Enter King Lupus’ Tomb and make your way along the path to the stone statue at the end. You’ll awaken a power and all critical hits will now summon a royal blast.

Return the way you came and leave the tomb. Kirry will tell you that we have a war to stop and to meet back at Hotto’s. You’ll need to go back through the secret path to the Unknown Cave. Then make your way to Hotto’s smithy.

Quest 21: Final Purreperations

Speak with Kit and Hotto to come up with a plan. Upgrade you gear if you want and then head to the Catpital.

Quest 22: Reclaim Felingard

Meet Kirry just outisde the Catpital Castle to begin the quest. Once inside you’ll be teleported to the Zero Dimension. Take out the Soldiers and go through the exit to the north.

You’ll have a battle with Lioner and his Jesters. Once Lioner has been defeated once he’ll take off his mask and try again. Defeat him a second time to complete the quest.

Quest 23: Reclaim the Empire

Head north to the Lupus Empire and speak with Kirry outside the castle in the center of the Throne of Lupus. When you enter the castle you’ll be inside Wolfen’s Domain.

Make your way past the spikes and to the exit. Defeat Wolfen and his minions. Wolfen will take off his mask and you’ll battle again. Ignore the clones and defeat the real Wolfen, the one who takes damage. Once he’s defeated and you’re back outside the castle the quest will be complete.

Quest 24: The Eye of Eternity

A portal has opened up in the middle of the ocean. Head over there for the final quest to defeat Aelius. This is a tough boss fight.

You’ll be attacked by both the two hands and the eye. The eye will continue shooting out fireballs while you deal with the hands.

Once Aelius has been defeated once you’ll get the Kingsblade. Equip it and finish off the eye.

Quest 25: Epilogue

Return to the island where you started the game on the Mewment Shores. Speak with Kirry there and she’ll take you back to your original timeline.

Congratulations on completing Cat Quest 2! If you haven’t already make sure you check out the original Cat Quest.