Cat Quest is an open world RPG filled with super cute cats, combat and magic. Combat takes place in real time in the overworld and you’ll find new items such as chainmail armor and arcane hoods to make your journey easier.

The game takes place on the world of Felingard where your quest is to defeat the evil dragon Drakoth. Aside from the main quest there are many side quests to keep you entertained and numerous dungeons and towns to explore.

Cat Quest Walkthrough

A Whole New World (50 XP) – After the cutscene you’ll meet your little spirit guardian, Spirry. Make your way up to Mewtown and defeat the monsters. You can catnap in any of the towns to heal up and save your game.

The first few quests are more of a tutorial and you won’t have access to the entire continent. Head over to the east to the Arcane Temple and learn the Flamepurr spell.

The Catpital (150 XP, 50 Gold) – Make your way to the Catpital and you’ll be attacked by a Fire Dragon. Once you defeat it the cat folk will be grateful. The king seems grumpy and you’ll need to go on a few side quests to figure out what’s wrong with him.

The Catpital (300 XP) – Just outside of the Catpital you’ll meet Drakoth. Follow him and he’ll reveal his dastardly plan.

The Dragon and the Cat (1500 XP) – After talking to Drakoth you’ll realize you need better equipment. Meet Kit Cat at Kit Cat’s and you can enter the Blacksmith’s shop to buy random loot chests. Kit Cat has a few side quests for you if you check the noticeboard.

The Old Ruins (3000 XP) – Enter the Old Ruins just south of the Furbidden Fields and clear out all the monsters. Your sister isn’t here so leave the ruins. You’ll be taken to different realm where you’ll see the masters who created the Dragonblood. Talk to Drakoth to complete the quest. The next Dragon is on the water so you’ll need to figure out how to walk on water to find him.

Path to Water Walking (3000 XP) – To get the water walking ability you’ll need to head to Pawt City in the west. The map marker will point to the center of the lake but you can’t reach it yet. Read the noticeboard and take up The Fusion quest.

The Fusion (4000 XP, 200 Gold) –┬áThe Governor has the ingredients for water walking but needs a mage to mix them. Make your way over to the Arcane Temple to the north. As you approach you’ll be attacked by bandits. Take them out and then approach the temple.

The mage will mix the ingredients and give you a potion to take to the governor. Go back to Pawt City and speak to Puss.

Rogue Mages (4500 XP, 250 Gold) – The mages are not happy that Puss is using science instead of magic. Check the noticeboard to start the quest. Head north and speak to the mage. He’ll summon monsters to attack. Once he’s out of magic he’ll run away. Follow him until you chase him away. Go back to Pawt City and speak to Puss.

The Miracle (5000 XP, 300 Gold) – Pick up the quest and talk to the Governor. Stand in the clear field outside the city to take the potion. Walk across the water and follow the marker to the sea monster. Kill and head back to the Governor for your reward.

Of Sea and Rock (10000 XP) – Now that you can walk on water go to the center of Felingard Lake and face the Ice Dragon. It will spawn a group Ice Wyverns that you’ll need to defeat as well.

The Flying Bush (6000 XP) – Head to one of the watchtowers to the south and the guard will tell you about the dragon behind the mountains. You won’t be able to reach it unless you can fly. Make your way up to Windmew City for the next quest.

Just to the west of the city you’ll find the “flying bush”. Talk to it and he’ll send you off to search for something. Enter the Spiral Cave to the north. Clear out the monsters to find a Strange Gem.

When you leave the cave you’ll find the path to the south is blocked off by mountains. You’ll need to run around them to get back to the flying bush. When you find him give him the Strange Gem to complete the quest.

The Magic Tree (7000 XP) – Pick up this quest from the noticeboard and speak to the flying bush. He’ll tell you to power up the gem from the great tree.

Approach the tree and you’ll go inside where you’ll see a memory of the masters. After the memory the gem will be powered up. As you leave the city a Rogue Mage will steal the gem. Follow him around the mountains and kill the 2 Rogue Mages. Follow one of the trails but the mage will get away. Head back to Windmew City for the next quest.

The Cult (9000 XP) – The gem must be returned. Talk to the flying bush and he’ll send you into a nearby cave, Tiny Hole. Walk over the water to the south and clear out the monsters and Mage. The gem isn’t here so head back outside.

Luckily the mage left a trail. Follow it through Death Isle to another cave called End of the Road. Kill the Mage to get the gem and complete the quest.

Dragonflight (10500 XP, 600 Gold) – Talk to the flying bush and return the gem. The bush will have a memory of flying. Follow it up to the north and talk to it again. Run back to the south when you figure out what it is and fight the Fire Dragon. You’ll gain the ability of Flight.

Of Sea and Rock (15000 XP) – Fly towards the dragon to the south of Death Isle and fly over the brambles. Take out the dragon to complete the quest.

The Old Friend – Return to the shore just to the south of Mewtown where you began the game. You’ll see your sister but it’s a trap and Drakoth will appear. When you kill his illusions he’ll tell you that your sister is waiting for you at the Frozen Paw.

Follow the map marker to the east and enter the Dragon’s Rest cave on Key Island. Kill all the monsters and leave the cave. Speak to Grandpaw and he’ll tell you to meet the Old Masters.

The Dragonblood (17000 XP) – Follow the marker to another cave and clear out all the monsters. When you come out Grandpaw will give you glowing fragments (Dragon Shards) that you can give to Kit Cat to craft a special weapon.

The Dragonsbane – Head over to Kit Cat’s and give her the Dragon Shards. After a short talk with Spirry the weapon will be ready and Kit Cat will give you Dragonsbane. It’s not very powerful at the moment but you can pick up Kit Cat’s side quest for The Ultimate Dragonsbane to level it up to Level 99.

The Dragons Void (20000 XP) – Fly over the brambles into the Frozen Paw and you’ll meet Drakoth. He’ll lure you to a battle with 3 Dragons. Take them all out and then enter the Dragon’s Void.

You’ll need to fight 4 different versions of Drakoth. Then follow the markers and you’ll be cast back outside of the Dragon’s Void.

Epilogue – Enter into the magic circle in front of the brambles and you’ll find Drakoth’s Lair. Inside you’ll be able to find out who Drakoth really was.

Congratulations on completing Cat Quest! If you enjoyed this game continue the adventures in Cat Quest 2.