Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel (VGA) is the remake of the original adventure game by Sierra On-Line and was released in 1992. It features enhanced VGA graphics with 256 colors and mouse controls instead of the need for a text parser.

In Police Quest you play the role of police officer Sonny Bonds who is sent out on patrol to deal with crime in the streets. Eventually you’ll be promoted to the narcotics office and sent out on an undercover operation to catch the notorious Death Angel.

Police Quest 1 Map

Click on the map to see a larger image. In the VGA version of Police Quest you can use the Eye Icon on any of the streets or buildings to find out what it is. You’ll also have a short driving tutorial the first time you get in the car. The VGA version of the map is slightly different. Cotton Cove is still in the bottom right corner but Bert’s Park where the drug bust takes place is just above it.

Police Quest 1 (VGA) Walkthrough

You begin in the main hall of the Lytton Police Station. Take a closer look at the bottom right notice on the noticeboard. There’s a position open for an officer in the narcotics unit. Walk to the right and enter the locker room (top right door). You only have a short amount of time before your briefing begins so get ready quickly.

The Briefing

Open your locker which is in the middle row and use the combination 269 to unlock it. Pick up the Towel, close the locker and stand under the shower. After the shower return to your locker and wear your Police Uniform. Also make sure you have the Gun, Nightstick and Ticket Book. Close the locker and leave the room.

Enter the briefing room which is the top door on the left. Read the Newspaper on one of the tables for an update on the local news. Take a look in your pigeon hole for a Note from Steve about wanting to catch up at Carol’s later in the shift. Soon the briefing will begin and you’ll be given your call sign.

After the briefing leave the room and walk to the left. Just to the left of the lift are application forms that you can use to request a promotion to the narcotics division. You may as well do this now. Just click on the wall to the left of the lift to take an application. Once it’s been filled out walk to the left to leave the building. Do one full lap around the patrol car to complete the vehicle inspection and then click on the car door to get in.

Car Crash

As this is  your first time driving the car you’ll be given a little tutorial on how to navigate your way around the map. Drive around the streets for a minute or two until you’re given a notification of a traffic accident on Fig St. between Third and Fourth St.

Drive over to the location. You’ll automatically stop at the site when you are on the right street. Get out of the car and look at the man in the crashed car until you see a close up of his head. Speak with the crowd of spectators and one of them will come forwards. Talk to him again and he’ll give you some clues as to who the perpetrator is. Use your Radio to call dispatch and they’ll send out the detective.

Once the detective arrives he’ll tell you that he has it covered and that you should get back out on the streets.

Caffeine Carol’s

After a minute or two of driving Steve will call and tell you that he’s ready to catch up at Caffeine Carol’s. This cafe is located on Oak St. between Sixth and Seventh St. Make your way there and go inside.

Sit down at one of the stools and have a chat with Steve. Pretty soon the phone will ring. Carol will answer it and tell you that that the detective wants to speak with you. Stand up and use the phone. After the chat speak with Steve again and then leave the cafe. Hop back into your car and start patrolling the streets once more.

Speeding Driver

Drive around the streets until you see a red car speeding through an intersection. Put on your Sirens and then follow the car. You’ll pull her over. Use your Radio to inquire about the number plate of the car. Get out of your car and look at the lady. Speak to the lady and she’ll show you her ID.

Open  your inventory and use the Pen on the Ticket Book to write her a Ticket. Give the lady the Ticket. You’ll have the option to issue a warning or to give her the ticket. I think you’ll get the most points by giving her the ticket. She screams her head off at you but just ignore her and go back to the patrol car. Start driving around the streets until you receive the next notification.

Carol’s Complaint

After a while the station will radio in saying that Carol has a complaint. Head over to Caffeine Carol’s and enter the cafe. Speak with Carol. Apparently the customers at Wino Willy’s have been using her parking spots to park their bikes.

Leave the cafe, go down the alley and enter Wino Willy’s. As you approach the bikers they’ll come at you in a threatening manner. Use the Nightstick on the nearest biker to scare them off.

Talk to the lady, Marie, standing by the jukebox. She’ll give you some information about a new drug dealers in the area including Hoffman, with a tattoo on his chest and Baine, the drug lord. Leave Willy’s and enter Carol’s cafe. Talk to her again to let her know the problem has been sorted out.

Leave the cafe, get back into your patrol car and start patrolling the streets yet again.

Drunk Driver

When you see a white car drive through an intersection put your siren on and follow it. When the car stops look at the license plate and use the Radio to call dispatch. Get out of the car and talk to the man three or four times. Use the Cuffs on the man. He’ll ask to be handcuffed on the front but don’t agree with him or there’ll be trouble.

Talk to him to tell him to get into the patrol car. Get in the car and drive over to the jail. Hop out of the car, put your Gun in the locker and enter the jail. Talk to Paul at the window and tell you you’re booking the man for the following code violations: 21603, 13301, 21490, 26504, 29211 and 44729. Press on Enter to finish typing in the codes and talk to the man again. Remove the cuffs and escort him to his cell.

Leave the building, grab your gun from the locker and get back into your patrol car. Drive back to the police station.

Jack’s Party

The shifts officially over now so put the Radio and Patrol Car Keys back where you found them and head into the locker room. Grab your towel and take a shower. When you finish, put on your civilian clothes and grab the keys to your car. Leave the locker room and head outside.

Jump into your Blue Car and drive to the Blue Room which is located on Peach St between 9th and 10th St. Enter the Blue Room, sit down at the table with Jack and talk to him twice. During the party one of the officer’s will remind you that you agreed to take on his shift tonight. Leave the bar, get back into your car and drive to the police station.

Go to the locker room, grab the towel and take a shower. Get back into your police uniform, taking your Ticket Book and Nightstick. Leave the locker room and grab the Keys and Radio from the hall. Enter the briefing room and sit through the meeting. Leave the building, do a vehicle check by walking around the patrol car and then get in.

Stolen Car

Start driving around the streets once more. This time you want to head to the souther end of 2nd St. once you receive a notification about a stolen Mercedes turn your siren on and head north on 2nd St. You should pull the Mercedes over. Take a look at the back of the Mercedes and then Radio dispatch twice. They’ll send backup for you.

Wait in the car until backup arrives. When he’s in place get out of your car, draw your gun by clicking yourself with it and without moving talk to the suspect three times. Now that he’s on the ground you can walk over to him, put your gun away and cuff the suspect.

Talk to the man to put him in your patrol car and then look in the suspect’s car. Use the Hand icon on the door frame to scratch away the paint and get the serial number of the car. Look in the glove box and take a look at the Black Book and the Licenses. Press the small button in the glove box to unlock the trunk. Open the trunk and look at the bags of drugs. That’s all the information you need. Get in your patrol car and drive to jail.

Get out of the car, put your gun in the locker and press the buzzer to be let in. Talk to Paul and tell him you’re booking the suspect for code violations: 19221, 12509, 12876 and 21068. Press Enter when you are finished. Talk to the suspect and use the Hand icon to remove his cuffs.

Leave the jail, grab your gun from the locker and get back into your car. Drive back to the police station.

Narcotics Division

Enter the building and head into Dooley’s Office. He has a Memo for you but he can’t read it because someone’s laced it with mace. Pick it up and read it yourself. You’ve been promoted to the Narcotics Division. Leave the office and enter the locker room. Open the locker, grab your towel and take a shower.

When you’ve finished showering get changed into your street clothes. Leave the locker room and return the Patrol Car Keys to the board. Narcotics have their own undercover car. Walk to the left and press the elevator button.

Enter the office on the left and speak with Lt. Morgan. Once he’s welcome you to the department leave the office and walk to the right. Enter through the door to your new office and Laura will show you around the office. Open the middle lower cabinet to the right of her desk and look at the files. You’ll automatically read and take the Hoffman File.

Close the cabinet and take one of the Keys from the board on the wall to the left. Leave the office and take the lift to the ground floor. Exit the building to the left and get in the white undercover car. Drive to the Courthouse on River Road.

Get out of the car and enter the Courthouse. Talk to the Clerk three times until he says you can go in and speak to the Judge. Give the Hoffman File to the Bailiff and the Judge will give you a No Bail Warrant. Leave the Courthouse and drive to the Jail.

Leave the car, place your gun in the locker and press the buzzer to be let into the jail. Give Paul the No Bail Warrant and Hoffman will be required to stay in prison. Leave the building, take your gun from the locker and get in the car.

The Drug Bust

After arriving at the police station Laura will come out and tell you that there’s a drug deal going down at Bert’s Park and you need to be there to stop it. She’ll hop into the car with you. Drive to Bert’s Park which is above Cotton Cove. The entrance is on Rose St.

When you arrive speak with Laura and walk through the entrance to the park. Hide behind the bushes towards the back and click your Gun on yourself to draw it out. Use the Radio to let Laura know you’re in position.

Wait for the two guys to arrive and once they’ve exchanged items talk to the teenager. They’ll both try to run away. Talk to the teenager again to get him to halt. Talk to the teenager to find out his name is Simms. Put your Gun away, then Cuff him and search him. Talk to him and you’ll both walk back to the car.

Laura has captured the dealer. Talk to Simms again for more information and then get in the car. Drive to the jail, get out of the car and put the Gun in the Locker. Use the buzzer to be let in and talk to Paul at the window. Tell him you’ve brought these two in for a violation of code: 12755. Talk to them and then remove their Cuffs. Laura will put them in a cell.

Leave the Jail, grab your Gun, get in the car and then head off to the Blue Room. When you arrive get out, enter the bar, sit down and talk to Jack a couple of times. After he takes a cab home get back in your car and head back to the police station.

Undercover Operation

Go into the police station and take the elevator up to the narcotics division. Enter Morgan’s office and talk to him. He’ll tell you to go and investigate the evidence. Leave the office, take the elevator down and go through the door to the left.

Talk to the cop managing the evidence and give him the Hoffman file. He’ll bring out the gun and the black book. Click on one of them to look at it. Look at the Gun, then look at the side of it to find the Serial Number which is: 97649. Next look at the Black Book and then leave the room. Go back up the lift and walk right. Enter your office and use the Computer.

Click on the Weapons tab and enter the Serial Number: 97649. This will reveal the owner of the gun and give you the FBI File Number: 60321. Switch over to the FBI File tab and enter the File Number: 60321 which will display the Tasseli File. Print out the file and go and pick it up from the printer on Laura’s desk.

Leave your office, walk left and enter Morgan’s office to have a chat with him. Leave and go down the elevator. Leave the building and get in the white undercover car. Drive to the Jail and speak with Marie. She was caught in a recent operation but is prepared to help you track down the Death Angel.

Leave the jail and start heading back towards the police station. Along the way you’ll get a call to investigate a dead body in Cotton Cove on Lilly Street. Drive over there and talk to the officer’s on duty. Remove the blanket from the body and take a closer look. You’ll see the body has the rose tattoo on his chest. It’s Hoffman/Tasseli. Speak to the Officers to let them know who he is and they’ll inform central command.

Drive back to the police station and go to Morgan’s office. You’ll have a meeting about how to discover the mastermind. Laura will give you some peroxide to dye your hair and a white suite.

Go to the locker room and grab your towel. Take a shower and you’ll automatically dye your hair. Put on the White Suit and go back to talk to Morgan. Leave the office, head back down the elevator and put your Radio away, you won’t need it. Leave the building and take the undercover car to Hotel Delphoria on Oak St.

Catching the Death Angel

Get out of the car, enter the hotel and ring the bell on the desk. Speak with the hotel clerk to register a room and then enter the bar to the right. Talk to the bartender to order a drink. Talk to Marie and then order another drink from the bartender. Marie will go off to the bathroom so that you can talk with the bartender. Speak with the bartender again and then speak with Marie. As you’re leaving the bartender will tell you to come back later for a game of poker.

The two of you will head up to your room. Talk to Marie and use the phone and dial 411 for information. You’ll receive the number for the local taxi service. Call 555-6887 to order a taxi and then call 555-3784 to speak with Lt. Morgan. Leave the room and take the elevator down to the ground floor. Walk to the right and speak to the bartender. Open your inventory and use your Wallet on the bartender. She’ll take you out through the storage room to a back room where people are playing poker.

Sit down and talk to the men. You’ll want to SAVE the game here just in case you lose. SAVE after every game if you win and RESTORE if you lose. Once you win enough money you’ll be invited back to come back and play a game later.

Return to your room. Use the Key to open the door and use the phone to notify Morgan on 555-3784. When your backup arrives leave the room and go back down to the bar. Speak with the bartender and she’ll take you to the back for a secret game of poker. Talk to the men and then speak with Frank. SAVE the game once more and play poker for a second time. After you’ve won enough rounds Frank will invite you up to his room.

Talk with Frank who is actually the Death Angel, Bains. Speak with him again and when he leaves the room look at the phone on the bar to find the room number and then use the  Pen Transmitter to call for your backup. Your backup will come in and set up position to save the day when Baines returns.

Congratulations on completing Police Quest 1 (VGA)! If you enjoyed this make sure you check out Police Quest 2: The Vengeance.