Walk a little to the right until you speak to a Youkol man about a sick ostrich. When you finish that conversation Madam Ayawaska will approach and tell you to find a way to clean the drinking water.

Continue up the path to the right, past the sick ostrich, and continue towards the dam. Take a look at the gauge by the waterwheel. It measures the amount of water coming from the dam. There are also 4 wheels by the ladder. Take a closer look at the sign by the gauge and you’ll see instructions for filtering out the water.

Syberia 3 Dam

The first flap should be closed, the second half open, the third fully open and the fourth closed. I don’t think it matters what order you do this in. To open or close a flap click on the wheel and move the mouse around in a circle. Once you have them in the right position the gauge will be pointing up towards the green area.

Run back to the Youkol village and walk towards the large tent at the back. A Youkol man will talk to you an tell you that they won’t leave without Kurk. Click on the entrance to the tent to go inside.

Follow the path around to the left and speak to the souvenir merchant if you want. Then enter the Shaman’s room behind you. Talk with Ayawaska and she’ll tell you that not only do they need Kurk back but the Youkols and ostriches need to find a way to cross the lake.

Leave her Shaman’s hut and walk around to the right. Climb up the ladder at the back of the market area.

Syberia 3 Yurt

Take a look inside the open box to the right and move items aside until you find the Candles. Leave the yurt. Walk to the right and take the rear exit out of the marketplace through the large curtains.

Run down the path to the left and when you get to the cabin a policeman will stop you and tell you that you must have a pass. When he finishes talking walk into the cabin. Take a closer look at the stamp machine on the table.

Click on the left and right lever and push them aside to free the leather Stamp Pad. Take it and then take the Sponge which is behind the left lever in the picture above.

Open your inventory and look closely at the Stamp Pad. Click on the black stamp imprint and you’ll see it looks like the Valsembor stamp. Leave the hut.

Walk back up and go into the Youkol market tent once more. Head around to the fruit and veggie seller. He can be hard to spot behind the ostriches. Speak to the man holding some of the fruit.

Syberia 3 Vegetable Stall

He owns a tavern in Valsembor. Tell him that you need to get a pass and he’ll give you his wife’s Unofficial Pass but it needs to be stamped.

Head back to the center of the market and speak with the Youkol at the forge. He’ll agree to get you the stamp but needs a model. Open your inventory and give him the Stamp Pad. He asks for wax next so open your inventory again and give him the Candles. When he’s done he’ll give you the newly crafted Valsembor Stamp.

Leave via the back exit and take the path down to the water to the right. You’ll notice a squid in a small pool of water. Place the Sponge in the water to turn it into a Sponge Soaked in Ink.

Run back to the wooden hut at the police checkpoint and look at the stamp machine. Put the Valsembor Stamp in the center of the machine and pull the little lever to the right of it to hold the stamp in place. Place the Sponge Soaked in Ink back on the spoon.

Place the Stamp Pad back on the flat surface of the machine and the Unofficial Pass on top of it. Now close both the left and right levers to hold them in place.

Click on the sponge to move it under the stamp. Pull the large lever at the top to ink the stamp. Move the spoon out of the way and pull the large lever again to stamp the Unofficial Pass. Move the left and right levers out of the way and take the Valsembor City Pass.

Before you can leave Mr. Cantin, the detective, will enter and restrain you. When you get the option try to ‘trick’ him. Kate will pretend to faint and Mr. Cantin will run off looking for some water.

Click on the bottle on the shelf and when Kate walks over click on the shelf again. She’ll push the shelf over but the bottle won’t break. Click on the lamp on the table to push it over onto the bottle to break it. Click on the broken glass and Kate will free herself.

Exit the hut. Talk to the policeman and show him your Official Pass. He’ll let you leave just as Mr. Cantin comes running back. Luckily some of the Youkol step in to make sure he doesn’t catch you.

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