After the cut-scene you’ll be in a room with a Youkol called Kurk. Have a chat with him and he’ll fill you in on how you arrived at the hospital. Kurk is hoping for an artifical leg to replace the one he lost. He’ll also tell you about the sacred migrations. You’ll learn more about them later.

Try to open the White Door to the left. It’s locked and no-one will answer. Press the Red Call Button next to the door. Still nothing.

Take a look at the right side of the call box. There’s a diagram showing you how to turn the call button on. Before you can do that you’ll need something to open the call button box to get at the mechanism inside.

Take a look at the table and pick up the Knife. Look at the Red Call Button again. Open your Inventory and select the Knife. Use the Knife on the screw to open up the call button box. You’ll need to left-click and move the mouse around in a circle to remove the screw.

Plug the green wire into the connection above the red wire. The top light will turn green. Click on the cylinder the wires are attached to and push it down into the call button. Now press the Red Call Button once more to exit the room.

Take a walk to the right, past two patients in distress, to another white door. This room is a big square so going to the left will take you around to the same door.

Syberia 3 Doctor's Office

Open the door and go inside. Kate will notice the call button mechanism has been disabled. That’s why there was no answer. Talk to the doctor. It seems he’s intends to keep you captive at the hospital.

You’ll be subjected to an interrogation. I haven’t tried all the pathways here but this seemed to work. Tell the truth about your age and family and a half-truth about Hans Voralberg and Oscar. When asked about the Youkols say that they should be left alone and don’t answer the next question.

The doctor will give you a Key to the Exit. If you can find a way to leave then you are free to go. Open the cabinet in the corner and grab your Clothes.

Leave the doctor’s office and go through the open gate just to the left. Talk to the two guys playing chess about everything and they’ll tell you about the exit.

Head out to the left. Use the Key to the Exit on the lift. This is another puzzle. You’ll need to match up each of the 8 tentacles with the lock mechanism. Select each of the small circular buttons to select a particular tentacle and then move them left and right. Once complete the key will look like this.

Syberia 3 Key to Exit Puzzle

Even after figuring out the Key to the Exit puzzle the lift door won’t open and the doctor refuses to let you leave.

Open your inventory and take a closer look at the Key to the Exit. Rotate it around and examine the hole in the side. Something has been removed.

Syberia 3 Key to the Exit

Walk to the left. You’ll pass a number of patients and staff. Enter into the doctor’s office again. Open the desk drawer and move the items until you find the red Brochure.

Syberia 3 Pamphlet

Open the Brochure and flick through the pages until you see the Key to the Exit. Open your inventory and use the Key to the Exit on the picture of the key in the Brochure. Kate will figure out that the key is missing a pin.

Leave the office and walk to the right. Open the door back into your room, which is the fifth door to the right and has the door number 5 on it. Speak with Kurk and try to convince him to leave. When he asks open your inventory and show him the Brochure with the picture of the key in it.

Walk out to the balcony and take a look at the bird on the other building. Kate will try to call it over but it won’t move. Return to Kurk and talk to him again. You’ll need to find something to interest the bird.

Leave the room and head across to the left. Enter into the chess playing room and look at the guy sleeping on the seat. Take Anton’s Key which is hanging from his neck.

Exit and walk to the left. Enter into the little alcove to the left of the lift. Look at the door and Use Anoton’s Key on the bird cage door. Take the Mechanical Bird.

Return to your room. Go out onto the balcony and use the Mechanical Bird. Click on the Mechanical Bird to activate it and call over the owl. When you walk back into the room Kurk will fall into a trance and Madam Olga will enter the room.

Talk with Olga but you won’t be able to stop Kurk’s treatment. Leave the room and when Olga comes out enter the room again. Go to the balcony and take the Repaired Key to the Exit from the owl.

Head back into your room and speak with Kurk. He wants you to find his prosthesis so he can leave the sick ward. Leave the room and go back to the lift. Use the Repaired Key to the Exit on the lock. Enter the lift and click on the lift controls.

After getting out of the lift walk up to the front desk and speak with the lady. She’ll let you know how to find Dr. Zamiatine. Head around to the back and go through the open door to find Dr Zamiatine.

Syberia 3 Dr Zamiatine's Office

Speak with him and he’ll tell you about where to find the prosthesis for Kurk. Unfortunately, he tells you that you won’t be able to leave the hospital until Olga gives you the all-clear.

When Dr. Zamiatine is finished speaking open your documents (J) and take a look at the “Anthology on the Youkols”. Have a read through it if you like and then leave the office.

Enter into the door on the other side of the hallway. This is Olga’s office. You’ll catch her having a conversation about you and then she’ll suddenly depart. Take a closer look at her computer.

Have a read of the 4 emails and when you’re done Nic Cantin will make a video call to the computer and ask you to come back.

When the call has ended take a look at the handle hanging down to the left of the knight. Pull it down to open the curtain next to it, revealing a jewelled shield.

Take a closer look at the hilt of the sword. Open the three small locks to the left so that you can spin the handle. Spin the three parts until they make the figure of a squid.

You’ll then be shown the arrangement of the jewels at the bottom of the sword. Look at the shield and arrange the jewels in the same pattern as on the sword. Click on each jewel to change its color.

When you have it right a secret door will open up. Follow the passage down to a lift and press the button.

You’l arrive somewhere down below the hospital. When Olga and the other doctor leave head to the left and pick up the Empty Gas Can. Walk to the right and then cross over the bridge to the other side of the canal.

Take a look at the small barrel to the left, it contains hydrochloric acid!

Use the Empty Gas Can on the barrel. Now walk to the right and look at the chain attached to the boat. Use the now Full Gas Can on the chain to break it. Kate will hop into the boat and float away.

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