The Youkols have set up camp for the night. Walk to the right and you’ll be given a Yurt of your won. Walk towards the bonfire and speak with Kurk and the Shaman. Speak with them about everything.

Walk up towards the stadium but don’t go in. Instead open the gates to the right of the stadium and run around the side. Walk up the steps to the north and follow the path around to the top. Continue through the graveyard. You can read some of the inscriptions on the gravestones as you walk along.

Continue towards the log cabin and head inside the lit cave to the left. Look at the gravestone and then grab the Youkol Lens 01 from the stone above the gravestone.

Leave the small cave and knock on the log cabin door. A lady will interrupt you reading an ancient Youkol manuscript. Tell her “The Youkols are my people”. She’s a daughter of one of the leaders of the Youkols. After the conversation she’ll give you the Youkol Journal.

Run back to the bonfire and speak with Kurk. Open your inventory and read the now Translated Youkol Manuscript. Take note of the shape of the Glyphs.

Head towards the stadium and enter through the open gate. Walk up the escalator and then along the red carpet to the left. When the red carpet veers off to the left follow it and enter through the doors.

Look at the trophy cabinet to the right of the door and use the Scarf on the glass to smash through. Click on the trophy cabinet again and Kate will grab the Youkol Lens 03. Leave through the same doors you entered.

Continue walking down the red carpet to the right and go down the escalator at the end. Take a look at the base of the red chair and open the panel at the front.

Look at the Translated Youkol Manuscript again and have a look at the Glyphs. It says that the joining of Mourning, Pain, Sacrifice and Death gave rise to another spirit, that of Madness.

Now this chair glyph puzzle is very confusing because there are 5 glyph symbols but 6 parts on the chair puzzle and I’m still not sure why they’re in the order that they’re in.

Anyway, here’s the solution: Sacrifice, Pain, Death, Sacrifice, Mourning and Madness.

Once you have it right the seat of the chair will lift up and you can grab the Youkol Lens 02.

Walk down the stairs behind you and go through the gate at the end. Open another set of gates to your right. Follow the stadium all the way around to the left and take a left between the trees, shown in the picture below.

Enter through the large doors to the indoor pool. Climb up the steps and walk out to the end of the diving board. Look at the three holes at the end and place the Youkol Lens 02 to the left, the Youkol Lens 01 in the center and the Youkol Lens 03 to the right.

Click on the spot at the end of the diving board and you’ll be given a top down view of the entire pool area. You’ll need to reflect the beams off the mirrors and direct them towards the temple entrance. It’s a pretty tricky puzzle and you’ll need to direct the colored beams to match the colored gems on the temple entrance. Here’s a closeup of the temple entrance.

Turn the mirrors until the beams are directed to the next mirror along and finally to the gemstone on the temple door. The final placement should look like the picture below. Start with one color and then proceed to the next. Some mirrors will split the beams in two so you’ll need to direct both beams towards the door.

The last mirror with the red beam (circled in red) has not yet been directed towards the temple door in the center as a cut-scene plays as soon as it is completed (click on the picture for a larger version).

Climb down the diving platform and then climb into the pool using the ladder on the left side. Enter the temple and enjoy the ritual with the Youkols.

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