Take a look at the white post near to the front of the ship. This measures the amount of radiation and also dispenses radiation goggles. Look at the bottom of it and open the compartment for the goggles to come out. Look to the left side of the dispenser and pull the handle. The device is stuck.

Walk down the stairs and enter into the door to the interior of the Krystal. Walk up to the bridge and take the Key of the Krystal out of the ignition. Open your inventory and inspect the Key of the Krystal. It fits most locks on board the Krystal.

Head back out to the front of the ship. Look at the dispenser again and turn it around to look at the lever. Use the Key of the Krystal at the base of the lever.

Turn the key to the right and then pull the lever. Pick up the Radiation Goggles from the chute. Kate will take a look at the Amusement Park and see that everything looks safe.

Leave the Krystal. Walk down the pier and then down the broken plank onto the sand. Take a look at the front and side of the Krystal.

Run up the beach towards the lifesavers lookout. Climb the ladder and take the Telescopic Hook from the front of the building. Go back down the ladder.

Walk up the steps to the Amusement Park and Kate will see an automaton just like Oscar. Watch the cut-scene and then try to open the front panel. It’s locked.

Walk up the steps into the Amusement Park. Enter through the front gates and then walk up the steps to the right.

Take a look at the Crumpled Up Note lying on the ground. Open your inventory and read the note.

Take a look at the red piece of an amusement park ride and then walk back down the stairs. Run over to the left and enter into the green building (garage) with the single grey door.

Take a look at the small silver chest on the counter to the right. It’s a Voralberg chest. You can also take a closer look at the Baranour Park map on the wall.

Search through the box on the counter until you find a Cog. You’ll need this to repair the Ferris Wheel later. Exit out the other side of the room, through the double doors by the roller door. Make your way to the right and follow the train track along to the second tractor.

Take a look at it and then look at the winch on the back. Look at the automaton and Kate will figure out how to start it. Look at the automaton that Kate removed from the tractor and grab the Small Key from its hand.

Run back along the track to the first set of carts. Click on the connection between them and Kate will disconnect them. They’ll fall over the edge, clearing the tracks.

Enter through the double doors back into the garage and take a look at the silver chest on the counter. Use the Small Key to unlock it. Turn the key until it opens and then grab the Voralberg No.10 Wrench, second from the left along the top, and the Voralberg Wrench from the bottom of the chest.

When you leave the garage out the single door Kurk and the Shaman will be there. Ask them what they’re doing here. They want to show you the path they want to take for the Ostriches.

Walk over to the left and enter the single door between the two green pillars. Have a look at the rubble. The path is blocked. Exit and run all the way to the right. This leads back to the entrance of the Park.

Head out through the gates and take a look at the automaton sitting on the bench. It’s time for some heart surgery. Use the Voralberg No.10 Wrench to open the front panel. Click on the ‘heart’ and remove it. Open your inventory and use the Souvenir of Oscar in its place.

Open the two caps at the top of the heart and insert the wires on the left and right side into each one. Take a look at the bronze cap to take an even closer look at the heart.

Use the Voralberg Wrench to undo the bolt and open the bronze cap. Inside is another lock but you don’t have the right key at the moment.

Walk back up the steps and enter through the gate to Baranour Park. A cut-scene will play of someone arriving on a rail car.

Walk down into the Park and take a left between the large sitting statue and the two green pillars. Continue around to the left of the rocket and you’ll find a Metal Shank underneath a bench.

Take a look at the signs in the hole in the fence.

Run back to the entrance and then walk up the stairs to the right. Take a look at the red roller coaster car and Kate will hop in. Look at the seat to the right and pick up another Metal Shank. Look at the controls.

Use the crank to turn the speed all the way to the maximum. Do you remember the map in the garage? It has the numbers 15 + 25. Use one Metal Shank on 25 and the other Metal Shank on 15. This will stop the roller coaster at these locations.

Pull the lever at the top right to start the ride. When the roller coaster stops pull out the Metal Shank at 25 to start moving again. The next time it stops take a look at the passage under the sign and Kate will get out.

Climb down the hole in the ground. At the bottom walk down the stairs and then follow the platform along. There is another strange diagram in an alcove to the left.

Continue towards the end of the platform and enter into the train to the right. Take a look around. In the corner you’ll find a recording device.

Play it to listen to an old recording. Walk to the other side of the train carriage and look at the Photo Album on top of the dresser. Open your inventory and have a look at the Photo Album. As you try to leave the train you’ll be confronted by Katerina.

Be polite to her and introduce yourself. When she doesn’t want to give you the key, mention the Photo Album. After a lengthy chat she’ll agree to lend you the Voralberg Activation Key.

Now head back, climb up the ladder and hop in the roller coaster. Remove the Metal Shank so you can continue your journey back to the Park.

Kurk and the Shaman will be there. Have a chat to them about everything and then leave the Park and take a look at the automaton sitting on the bench by the beach.

Take a look at the the automaton and open the front piece. Look closely at the heart and use the Voralberg Activation Key. ‘Oscar’ will be brought back to life in a new automaton’s body. Oscar needs to catch up on the news and get used to his new body.

Oscar’s Clothes

Oscar a bit shy and needs clothing before he will help! Walk back up the stairs and enter into the Baranour Park. Walk up the steps to the right and hop back into the roller coaster.

Look at the speed gauge and set it to maximum. Place the Metal Shanks at the same place as last time, 25 and 15. When the coaster stops pull out the Shank at 25. Get out of the Roller Coaster and climb back down the secret passage.

Walk down the stairs to the train platform and enter into the carriage at the end. Once the Youkols leave talk to Katerina and give her back the Voralberg Activation Key. She’ll also let you take some clothes for Oscar.

Look at the cabinet. Use the Key to Andrei’s Cabinet. Oscar will have a look and pick some clothes for himself. Run back to the roller coaster, remove the Metal Shank to travel back to the Park.

Freeing the Krystal

Meet Oscar on the Pier by the tractor and have a chat with him. The Krystal must be connected to the tractor and it has to be powered.

Walk out to the end of the pier and take a look at the power cords. Use the Telescopic Hook to reach them and Kate will pull them down.

When the Youkol asks if you want help tell him “Yes”.

Board the Krystal and go down to the machine room. Turn the motors on by pulling the lever on the right side of the platform and power will be delivered to the Park.

Leave the Krystal and talk to the little Youkol by the boat. He got charred by the electricity but he’s ok! Talk to the other two Youkol. They’ll attach the cable to the tractor.

Run back to Oscar and let him know everything’s ready to go. When he asks for slack take a look at the Winch and use the Voralberg Wrench to unlock it. Then you can turn the handle to loosen the cable.

Speak to Oscar again and tell him to ‘Advance’.

Follow Oscar and speak with him again. You need to find some way to lift the Krystal up. Speak with the two Youkol to the right.

Kate will ask them to attach the cable to the Ferris wheel. If you don’t yet have the Cog run in through the white door to the garage and take a look at the boxes on the table.

Grab the Cog from the box.  Go back out the the white door. Walk to the right and follow the cable to the Ferris wheel. Climb up the ladder on the right side to the top.

Look at the gears. Place the Cog as shown in the picture below and then pull the lever to the right.

Go back and look at the controls to the left of the ladder. Kate will start the Ferris wheel and the Krystal will be pulled forwards.

Climb down the ladder, walk out of the ferris wheel area and go back into the garage. Head out the single door on the other side and exit out through the Park gates to the beach. Walk down the steps and meet with the Youkol.

Run to the right and go around to the side of the ship. Take a closer look at the side and pull the lever to open the cargo ramp and let the Ostriches out.

Enjoy the cut-scene as the Ostriches and Youkol make their way through the underground tunnel.

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