Upon reaching the Outskirts of Vizima in search of the Salamandra, Geralt sees a woman and child hurrying to enter the palisades but unfortuntely the woman, Caroline, is killed. The child, Alvin, escapes and he features throughout this chapter.┬áHe’ll be taken in for a while by Geralt’s friend Shani.

Your main objective is to get into the town of Vizima but there are many quests to complete along the way, including two trophy quests. A trophy is gained by defeating a powerful enemy. There are two trophy quests in each chapter.

Story Quests

Of Monsters and Men
The Salamander’s Tail
The Secret Garden
Strangers in the Night
Buried Memories

Side Quests

A Game of Dice
Dead Hand of the Past
Dice Poker: The Novice
Hot Potato
King of the Crypt (Trophy Quest)
She’s No Early Bird
The Monster of the Lake (Trophy Quest)

Map Locations

1) Eastern Gate
2) Country Inn
3) Abigail’s House
4) Odo’s House
5) Traveller
6) Royal Huntsman
7) Corpse with Tulips
8) Cave
9) Peasant House
10) Vesna’s Grandmother’s House
11) Reverend’s House and Chapel
12) Stall Keeper
13) Mikul at Southern or Eastern Gate to Vizima
14) Cave
15) Old Mill and the Mill Gate to Vizima
16) Haren Brogg’s House and Encounter with Zoltan Chivay

S) Eternal Fire Shrine

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