This quest is necessary to complete The Salamder’s Tail quest.┬áVisit Odo at his house (#1). He will refuse to talk to you unless you can show him the Eternal Fire Signet Ring that you can get from the Reverend (#2), or beat him at the drinking game using Temerian Rye.

Either way, Odo will let you know about a little “gardening problem” he has. Tell him you’ll deal with it and negotiate a price. When the negotiations are over you’ll be outside the house and drunk. Pull out your sword, as you can still run while attacking, and use the Strong style to deal with the two Echinopsae.

Go back to Odo for your reward and let him know you’ve cleared up his gardening problem. Odo is one of the 3 characters that you need to do a quest for before gaining the Reverends trust.

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