Speak with the Royal Huntsman (#1) and he’ll tell you about a nasty creature inhabiting the Crypt (#3). The Crypt is closed until you speak with Mikul (#2) and agree to take on his quest, Buried Memories.

Once the quest is complete head back to and he’ll let you know that a group of guards are going to check out the Crypt. Now when you head back to the Crypt the eastern section will be open for you to explore.

The nasty creature is an Alghoul named Ozzrel. The best way to dispatch of him quickly is to use the Aard sign to stun him and then take him out with a single swipe. Search the body and you’ll get the Alghoul head as a trophy.

Take the trophy back to the Royal Huntsman for a reward of 200 orens and 1,000 XP.

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