For the sake of brevity I will list all of the contracts for each chapter together. There are three contracts in chapter 1 and you can begin the quests by reading the notices on the noticeboard outside the inn (#3). Each chapter will have at least one noticeboard in its major area.

The Barghest Contract

Abigail (#1) wants you to collect 10 Barghest skulls. You won’t need any information on Barghests to collect their skulls so this is an easy quest to complete. The Barghest will appear around the village at night. You’re bound to run into many of them. Use the Quick or Group attack style to defeat them easily. Bring the skulls to Abigail for a reward of 100 orens and some Mandrake Root.

The Drowner Contract

This contract requires you to collect 3 samples of Drowner Brain Tissue for the Reverend (#2). You’ll need information on Drowners before you can collect the samples. The information can be found in the book Swamp Monsters which you can purchase from either Abigail (#1) or the Antiquary in the inn (#3), or find it for free inside the peasant house (#4)

Drowners can be found by the riverbank at night and tend to attack in groups. They are susceptible to knockdown so use the Aard sign with the Quick or Group attack style. Take the Drowner Brain Tissue to the Reverend for your reward of 100 orens.

The Ghoul Contract

Ghouls are a little harder to kill and a little harder to find. This contract requires you to collect 3 samples of Ghoul Blood and give it to Kalkstein who can be found in the inn (#3). Before you can collect the blood you’ll need information on the anatomy of ghouls which can be found by purchasing the book The Tome of Fear and Loathing, Volume 1 from the Antiquary at the inn or by beating a Drunkard at a drinking game.

Ghouls can be found in the Crypt and occasionally walking around the Outskirts at night. To get access to the Crypt you’ll need the Crypt Key from Mikul by taking up the Buried Memories quest. Once you have the Ghoul Blood take it back to Kalkstein for your reward of 100 orens and the Basics of Alchemy book.

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