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Omicron Lab

Once you’ve cleared out the swarm of spitters you’ll get access to the Omicron Laboratory with 700 research points up for grabs. With your hero upgrades hopefully these missions will be getting a bit easier. In this lab you’ll find Runners, Harpies and Spitters in glass jars. They’ll break open if you get close to them so you might as well shoot them from a distance.

Go slow and take out the Harpies and Spitters one by one. At the top of the lab is a large room of spitters. Get ready to move out of the way if they do get off one of their attacks. Clear the rest of the map, grab the Artifact and get out of there.

The Wasteland of the Giants


Colony Population: 2000
Destroy all the Infected
Destroy all Villages of Doom
Resist all Swarms

For this mission you’ll begin in the north. Try to save the fertile land not covered in snow for your farms. The tents can go on the south side of the rail. Clear out the infected and build up your colony. The first swarm will arrive at day 16.

Once the northern side has been cleared you’ll want a ball of soldiers or titans to take out the giants to the south. Try to lure them out one-by-one. Deal with the final swarm at day 72 to complete the mission.

Swarms VI

Pheonix Project (Giant) Swarm

The good news is there’s only 20 infected in this swarm, the bad news is they’re all giants! Use Titans and Snipers. Move them to the side where the 2 giants are coming from and take them out quickly before the next couple arrive. Luckily you’ll only have to deal with 2 giants at a time.

Move a titan out to the front to take the damage, then run away before he’s killed. Titans heal back health really fast so put him at the back of the back. Rinse and repeat until you’ve defeated the swarm.

The Highlands Swarm

This swarm consists of 20,000 or so infected with 1,000 infected venom (spitters). Use rows of titans at the access points with snipers or soldiers behind them. Have them target the most dangerous infected first so they’ll take out the spitters.

Pheonix Project

This is the final hero mission so get ready for a little bit of everything. Some rooms have harpies but hopefully your hero has upgraded to the point of being able to deal with them. If you’re struggling use pause and manual aim.

There are three soldiers in bunkers to rescue. Use the minimap to find their location. The central corridor is filled with infected but you can wipe them out by using the control panel on the eastern side.

Finally rescue the Mutant and use him to wipe out the infected in the room with the Artifact. If he takes too much damage use a medipak to heal him back up to full health.

The Highlands


Colony Population: 5000
Resist all Swarms

This is another peaceful mission until the end. There are no infected so you can build up your colony in peace until the swarm at day 72. The 5000 population objective shouldn’t be too hard if you build your housing around a market and bank. Then upgrade them all to stone houses.

About half way through you’ll want to start building your army. Build 6 to 10 Soldiers Centers and group them all together so you can train 6 to 10 soldiers with the click of a button. For the final wave use stone towers around the outskirts of your colony with shock towers behind them.

Swarms VII

Final Swarm

Place Titans and Snipers at the entrances to the outpost. You’ll get various swarms coming from different directions at different times so you may need to move your units around a bit to deal with them.

The Goddess of Destiny


Colony Population: 3000
Destroy all the Infected
Destroy all Villages of Doom
Resist all Swarms

A difficult mission with a map full of infected. You’ll need to fight for every bit of space. I unlocked the delivery of Wasps before this mission and they really help to clear out the infected as you push out.

There are lots of small paths for the infected or waves to travel down. Use the area immediately to the south for farming. and bring your soldiers home before every wave hits. There’s a wave of harpies and a wave of giants before the final wave of “billions”. Use stone towers with soldiers and snipers, titans, shock towers and ballistae to hold them back.

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