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Mission 13: Cape Storm


Colony Population: 1500
Resist all Swarms

Cape Storm has a unique map that only allows swarms to arrive from across the bridge. You’ll only have one side to worry about but the infected will walk across the bridge in increasing numbers as the days tick over.

While you’re defending the bridge you’ll want to clear out all the infected on the island. Slowly send out your Rangers and Infected to deal with them. You may want to put some walls to the south just in case infected wander up to your colony.

For the final wave you’ll want multiple layers of walls and Shock Towers. Place your Soldiers on the front line and then fall back to the next row as the infected break through.

Mission 14: The Lonely Forest


Colony Population: 1600
Resist all Swarms

The entire map is clear of infected, you’ll only need to resist the final swarm of infected at the end. I recommend unlocked Gold and Wood Transportation by now so you can get the extra resources.

You don’t need to worry about infected wandering in from off the map for this mission. Just relax and build up your colony. Focus on economy first, then build the walls and train soldiers towards the end of the 40 days. I went for a double layer of wood walls with Shock Towers all around. Place soldiers in between for extra defense.

Mission 15: The Frozen Lake


Colony Population: 1500
Destroy all the Infected
Destroy all Villages of Doom

Resist all Swarms

Continue unlock the Transportation research tree. I had Stone Transportation by now to help with the economy in the beginning of missions.

The ice lake will sit in the center of the map. You can use this to get quite a bit of food from fishing. Clear out the infected and block off the four access points one by one. The final swarm will appear around day 61. Not a difficult mission. Use Shock Towers behind wood or stone walls for the final wave.

Mission 16: Hydra Power Plant

The new mechanic in this mission is the electric wires with the control panels. Use the control panels to turn the electricity on and off. Obviously you’ll want it on when the infected are underneath and off when you need to walk past.

Clear out the rooms, turning the electricity on and off when the infected are nearby. When you get to the artifact room you’ll need to use the southern access. If you try to go through the door on the north side of the room you’ll be electrified. Grab the artifact and all the research and empire points you can find and get out.

Mission 17: The Oasis


Colony Population: 2600
Resist all Swarms

Another easy mission with no infected to worry about until the final wave. Focus on your economy first and then find a good spot to wall off your colony. Build stone walls and shock towers, with Soldiers in between to fend off the wave at day 60. If you haven’t reached the population goal you’ll have another 15 days to reach it.

Mission 18: The Lowlands


Colony Population: 1200

For this mission you only need to reach the population goal of 1200. If you have Iron Transportation unlocked it will help you get to Soldiers quicker so you can clear out the surrounding area for space. You’ll find a small patch of stone to the west and iron to the east.

Along with the hordes of infected around the colony you’ll have a swarm at day 18. Try to clear enough space to set up defences before they arrive. Try to keep your colony compact. You don’t need to clear out the whole map, just reach the population objective of 1200 to win.

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