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Mission 7: Swarms I

Before taking on the swarms make sure you research the Assault Rifle so you can train soldiers. The number of Empire points you’ve accumulated so far will determine how many units you can purchase.

There are 3 swarms, one blocking The Mines of the Raven, one blocking The Narrow Pass and one blocking The Coast of Bones.

The Mines of the Raven Swarm

600 Infected will come at you from all sides. Just purchase Soldiers and place them around the central tower. You should have more then enough to fight off the horde of Zombies.

The Narrow Pass Swarm

The same tactic won’t work for this swarm. Instead place a line of Soldiers to the north and a line of Soldiers to the south. You’ll be able to pick off the Infected as they make their way towards the tower.

The Coast of Bones Swarm

For this mission use the same tactic as the Mines of the Raven. Place all your Soldiers in a circle around the central tower. You can use a Ranger to kite some of the Infected around if you want.

Mission 8: The Mines of the Raven


Colony Population: 700
Gold Production: 2000

Start clearing out the infected around the town center immediately, then place a sawmill and quarry to the south to get wood and stone. The first wave will come around Day 18 so you have plenty of time to build up and secure your colony.

Clear the area to the southeast first and you’ll find your first gold deposit. Your army should be big enough now to clear the way to the rest of the gold deposits. You don’t need to clear the map or resist all the waves. Just get to the 2000 gold and 700 population to complete the mission.

Mission 9: The Coast of Bones


Colony Population: 800
Destroy All Infected
Resist All Swarms

This map has a large lake to the south and mountains to the north. This means the waves of infected can only approach from the west or east. The first swarm will arrive around day 18, giving you plenty of time to build up. There’s not a lot of good farming land so you’ll want to use the lake to the south for fishing.

Spread your colony out east and west and then build up defences for the first swarm. Once your army is bigger send them out to clear the map. This one isn’t too tricky. You’ll just need to wait for the final swarm to arrive around day 48 to complete the mission.

Mission 10: The Narrow Pass


Colony Population: 1000
Destroy All Infected
Resist All Swarms

The Narrow Pass has tons of infected all along the river running north/south. Pick one side of the river and clear it out before moving to the next side. I went south first and then north. Day 15 is when the first swarm will arrive.

Space will be a bit tight until you clear out more of the infected on all sides. Make sure you keep some Soldiers behind gates on all four sides as the infected will get drawn towards the colony sooner or later and you’ll want to be prepared. Resist the final swarm at day 45 to complete the mission.

Mission 11: The Lands of the Giant


Colony Population: 1000
Destroy All Infected

For this mission you’ll need to have a colony population of at least 1000 and destroy all the infected. Unfortunatly one of those infected is a Giant with 10,000 health!

The Giant will be roaming around in the northeastern corner of the map and won’t get attracted to your colony unless you get too close. Try to clear out the rest of the map first, then build a series of walls and gates to slow the Giant down when you finally do attack.

Giants have an area of effect swipe attack that can take out dozens of Rangers or Soldiers in a single swipe. For this reason you’ll want to move one Soldier in front to take the damage while the rest keep firing away from behind. If you have Snipers unlocked now is a good time to use them.

Mission 12: Swarms II

Cape Storm Swarm

A fairly easy swarm to deal with, just surround the Outpost with Soldiers and sit back and enjoy the show.

The Frozen Lake Swarm

Place Soldiers on all the passes leading towards the Outpost. You should have more than enough Soldiers to deal with all the infected. If one side is having trouble move your Soldiers around to give support.

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