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Swarms IV

The Resistance Swarm

This one is pretty easy. Use Soldiers or Titans in a ball around the command post. Once you’ve dealt with the Chubbies in the first half you can sit back and relax.

The Wasteland of the Giants Swarm

Once again use Titans and Soldiers in a ball around the Command Post. Once you’ve killed off the Chubbies in the first half of the wave you can sit back and enjoy the show.

The Steel Fortress

Another hero mission with 330 Empire and 600 Research points up for grabs. The location of items and points is randomized.

You begin in the southwest corner. Make your way into the facility and start clearing out the infected in this big open room. Use the sandbags to slow them down. The final room is filled with Executives. Use a grenade to thin out their numbers. Grab the Artifact and get out of there.

The Resistance


Colony Population: 2000
Resist all Swarms

You begin the mission with a view of the entire map. As the days progress infected will start wandering in from the outskirts so you will need Rangers and Soldiers on the edges of your colony.

Use the lake in the center for fishing and mostly focus on building up your economy first. Just be aware that after the first day Infected will begin to slowly meander towards your colony.

The wave at Day 16 is very small. Set up walls and have your Soldiers and Ballistae take them down. You’ll then get waves at Day 28, 40, 52 and 64. For the final wave I used double stone walls, shock towers, soldiers in towers and ballistae.

The Broken Land


Colony Population: 1600
Destroy All Infected
Destroy Villages of Doom
Resist all Swarms

You begin on the southern edge of the map near a forest. Move your troops to the north and begin clearing the land. This map features a land with many lakes. Finding space to place your buildings will be difficult.

The first swarm is day 22 so you’ll have quite a bit of time to build up. Spread out east and west and then north. While the thin bits of land make it hard to build it will be easy to defend as the swarms can be held off at various choke points.

Once you’ve cleared the land build your army and hold off the final swarm at day 64 to complete the mission.

El Dorado


Colony Population: 1800
Gold Production: 8000

I highly recommend unlocking Banks and Advanced Quarries before this mission as gold production will be your main focus. There is a large gold mine to the north but you’ll need to clear make it past the Village of Doom to reach it.

start by clearing out the infected to the south of the command post. This will give you a little bit of room to build up. Watch out for the swarm at day 16 and 32 as well. If you’ve unlocked Titans build a few before make a push into the gold mine.

Once you have the gold mine place a warehouse in the center to boost production. Then convert the quarries to advanced quarries to double their output. Use banks around the housing areas to increase income. Hopefully that will be enough to get you to 8000 gold income.

The Forbidden Forest


Colony Population: 2000
Destroy All Infected
Destroy Villages of Doom
Resist all Swarms

You begin in the southeast with a little bit of land to build up. The ground is fertile so your farms will do well. Send out your rangers and soldiers to clear out more land. The stone can be found to the northwest of your starting position and iron to the northeast.

The first swarm will arrive at day 16 and you’ll notice markers on your minimap showing you the location of the Mutants. You’ll want to have a decent army before you face them. I had about 50 soldiers before a pair of mutants were attracted to the colony.

The center of the map is a forested area that’s difficult to explore. Clear out all the infected and then finsish off the norther section of the map. The last swarm is a swarm of mutants at day 62. Soldiers in towers, snipers and titans will work well.

Swarms V

Mutant Swarm

This swarm blocks the path from the south to the Wasteland of the Giants. There are four paths leading to the command post. I surrounded it with Snipers, Soldiers and then Titans on the outskirts to tank the damage from the mutants.

Omicron Laboratory Swarm

This is a swarm of spitters and is one of the most difficult swarms to deal with. There are many different paths leading to the outpost and the spitters can take out your units from range.

I used a ball of Snipers in the center, Soldiers and Titans. They took a lot of damage but managed to survive the attack.

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